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Council decides ……….not to decide

         Frustratingly the Planning Committee of Bromley Council has, for the second time of
asking, decided to defer our planning application to erect cricket Nets on the land we recently
purchased from Ex-Blues and to provide a playground on our current ground. Since the
original, similar, decision was made on April 29 we have met with both local residents, and
members of the Council, in an attempt to resolve this issue, but, and despite our
disappointment, at least we now seem to be in a position where we can say that it is a
question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if.’ (Think I should make it clear here that this is my personal
opinion , as there are some who do not agree – ed)
         At the Planning Committee meeting, held on July 1 st, the Chair of the Committee, who
has visited Hayes twice, including the Saturday before the hearing, said she was conscious
of the concerns of the local residents but concluded that she could see no reason why the
scheme should not go ahead.
         One member of the Committee felt it was important to promote sporting facilities within
the Borough, which our proposals were intent on doing, and the application should be
approved, provided noise levels were restricted, whilst the Planning Officer pointed out the
difficulties of hitting a cricket ball without making a noise, and another Council member
thought we were being reasonable by agreeing that the Nets would not be used after 8-30
p.m. in view of the light summer evenings.
         The principle objections of the residents continue to be the noise levels, the privacy
element and, something they mentioned for the first time on July 1 st, the fear that there might
be hazardous waste on the land concerned.
         Although the residents claimed they wanted to compromise, they still want us to move
the Nets nearer to our ground - at least they have dropped the ludicrous suggestion that we
should move the 1st XI football pitch – and eventually a resolution was put asking for another
deferral to discuss the possibility of moving the Nets ‘three metres nearer to our boundary.’
The motion was carried, but by no means unanimously, and we will now address this matter
and hope to come to a speedy conclusion.
         This decision, and by implication, also means that planning permission for the
Children’s playground has also been deferred. We need all the support we can summon on
this matter, so please offer to help if you are asked, even if it simply means signing a petition.

Momentous achievements

         Two of our ‘young adults’ recorded mementous mile-stones in their careers during the
last month as Tom Davis hit 101 in the 4th XI’s win at Bickley Park, whilst Joe Winspear hit
110 not out in the Sunday side’s drawn game against Crofton. Congratulations to both on
their first ‘tons’, with Tom being eligible for a special award from the English Cricket Board for
scoring a century in senior cricket whilst being under 18.

School’s Out Disco - July 10th

        A couple of successful fund raising events were held in June, with a special thanks to
the ‘curry team’ for organising that event and Ian Forbes for Race Night.
        The next such event takes place on Saturday July 10th when we will be having a
School’s Out Summer Disco in aid of the memorial terrace,, which is now starting to take
shape following the recently installed new windows. The cost is just £10, which includes an
authentic school dinner, and you are invited to attend in your school uniform.
        The Disco will no doubt include the likes of Chuck Berry (Good morning little school-
girl), Eddie Cochrane (Been doing my homework all week long) Jerry Keller (Here comes
summer – school is out, oh happy day) , the Boomtown Rats (Mary of the fourth form) and
Carol King (It might as well rain until September) , the archetypal school summer song.
        But perhaps the question everyone is asking at the moment is which Cool Dude will
turn up with Alice Cooper, the hot chic in the sixth form, who had something to say herself
(sic) about the fact that school was out.

School cricket successes

       This edition contains results of the school games – with my thanks to Jamie Parkinson
– and they look set to give us a good game for an annual fixture for the Eric Massey
memorial trophy on July 6th.

President’s Day and Cricket week

       July is a big month for the Club, with President’s Day on July 18 th, followed by cricket
week, with games every day. President Ian Pilgrim hopes to field a side containing 11 former
pupils of the School, whilst Aaron Steel will lead the Club side. Hopefully as many of you as
possible will attend to enjoy the game and support our esteemed President, whilst the
highlight of cricket week promises to be our game against a top Sri Lankan side on the
Wednesday (July 21st)

1st XI continue to set the pace

        I cannot end this part of the newsletter without mentioning the continued success of
the 1 XI, who have won every game this season. Last Saturday (July 3rd) they beat

second placed Sidcup – full report in the next edition – to open up a 24 point lead at the top
of the table. Too early to count chickens, of course, but a second successive promotion looks
very much on the cards.

Who to contact and how

Chairman:          Doug Forbes 020 8395 0346 (H) 07768 713795 (Mobile)
                   Email: Doug.forbes95@googlemail.com
Colts Chairperson: Caroline Maxwell 020 8777 3475 (H)  07881 843629 (Mobile)
                   Email: CMM67@btopenworld.com
Club Captain:      Andy Steel     0208 8462 5895(H)          07595 423894 (M)
Secretary:         Mike Pike                           020 8659 6443 (H)
                   Email: owmikepike@yahoo.co.uk

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Secretary:             Caroline Maxwell - as above
1 XI                   Jay Yewale 0208 249 0842 (H) 07738 182664 (Mobile)
                       Email: Jayant.Yewale@plan-net.co.uk
2   XI                 Jasper Gundry-White 020 8249 0842 (H) 07789 934867 (Mobile)
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3 XI                   Laki Kasturiratne                 07957 421337 (M)
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4 XI                   Alex Forbes 020 8254 9509 (H) 07855 272218 (Mobile)
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5 XI                   Stuart Forbes                     07834 764375 (Mobile)
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Sunday X1s             Aaron Steel 020 8462 5895(H)
                       Email: AS489@Kent.ac.uk
                       Steve Millward 020 8466 1911 (H) 07854 490477 (Mobile)
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                                    June Results

1st XI        261 for 5         Rodmersham               155               Won by 106 runs

2nd XI       194                Downham & Bellingham     196 for 6         Lost by 4 wickets

3rd XI       109                Blackheath               201               Lost by 92 runs

4th XI       112                Shooters Hill            104               Won by 8 runs

5th XI       107                Orpington                252 for 9         Lost by 145 runs

Sunday League
side      205 for 9             RACS                     194 for 8         Won by 11 runs

Sunday XI 202 for 3             Dartfordians             172 for 7         Draw

Under 15b                       HSBC                                       No play possible

Under 13b 85 for 9              Cudham Wyse              61 for 7          Won by 24 runs

Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                           Page 3 of 14

Under 13a 57                   Blackheath               98 for 6          Lost by 41 runs

Under 11     100 for 3         OD Cuaco                 98 for 4          Won by 7 wickets

1st XI       152               Betteshanger             111               Won by 41 runs

2nd XI       148 for 3         Broadstairs              145 for 9         Won by 7 wickets

3rd XI       56                Sidcup                   60 for 2          Lost by 8 wickets

4th XI      141 for 9          Belvedere                142 for 7         Lost by 3 wickets

Sunday League
side      197                  Shootershillians         198 for 4         Lost by 6 wickets

Sunday XI          150         Dulwich Wanderers        105               Won by 45 runs

Under 16                       Bromley                  122 for 2         Game abandoned

Under 15a          90 for 7     Leeds & Brommfield      188 for 3         Lost by 98 runs

Under 15b          71            Sidcup                 135               Lost by 64 runs

Under 13a          77 for 6      Old Colfeians          78 for 4          Lost by 6 wickets

Under 13b          105 for 9     Horton Kirby           106 for 6         Lost by 4 wickets

Under 11           152 for 5     Chislehurst & West Kent 71 for 6         Won by 81 runs

1st XI             253 for 7      Walmer                154               Won by 99 runs

2nd XI            264            High Halstow           282 for 9         Lost by 18 runs

3rd XI             118           Roebucks               319 for 2         Lost by 201 runs

4th XI             148 for 4     Farningham             146 for 7         Won by 6 wickets

5th XI             89            Dulwich                159 for 3         Lost by 70 runs

Sunday League side              Croystair               OW’s Failed to raise side

Sunday XI          218 for 8     Crofron                144 for 9         Draw

Under 16           159 for 2     Bickley Park           100               Won by 59 runs

Under 15a          70 for 8     Blackheath              125 for 3         Lost by 55 runs

Under 15b          129 for 8    Chislehurst & West Kent 187 for 4         Lost by 58 runs

Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                         Page 4 of 14
Under 13a         101 for 8    Bromley Common           185 for 6          Lost by 84 runs

Under 13b         63           Bromley Common           132 for 6          Lost by 69 runs

Under 11          119 for 4    Hayes                    77                 Won by 42 runs

1st XI           241          Gravesend RFC             186                Won by 55 runs

2nd XI           110          Addington                 96                 Won by 14 runs

3rd XI           178 for 5    Catford & Cyphers         176                Won by 5 wickets

4th XI            241 for 4   Bickley Park              96                 Won by 145 runs

5th XI                         Streatham & Marlborough                     OW’s conceded

Sunday League
side        233 for 9          Sabina                   323 for 3          Lost by 90 runs

Under 15a         98           Orpington                183 for 8          Lost by 85 runs

Under 15b         50           Shooters Hill            192 for 4          Lost by 142 runs

Under 13b         90           HSBC                     91 for 3           Lost by 7 wickets

Under 11          86           Dartfordians             90                 Lost by 4 runs

Email(s) to the Editor

Dear Mike,
       We enjoyed the game and the surface is still excellent. It was a lovely day and to see
some talented youngsters is always a delight. Yes, thank you, we would love to return and
bring a complete team. I was pleased to see you so well and clearly loving every moment of
the scoring profession. I do remember writing a number of reports, for the Football Club
newsletter, under the name of Jeremy Hardwinter for the OW 4ths soccer team. Does take
me back to a lovely four years I played soccer and cricket for the OW’s
       I played cricket for Dorset House, who owned the ground opposite you from the
scoreboard. We had to move to New Eltham, a lovely ground, and played the OW’s there. I
bowled the last over before tea. Two balls dismissed Paul Kendrick and the next one Mike
George. I scored a few runs and Mike Kendrick asked me to play for the Sunday team. So I
left Dorset House, and joined the OW’s. I had no idea that the ground was next to where I
had played cricket for two years!
       Own goals; yes, that was a bad, bad day. The first one was from 20yards. I was
running towards goal, tackled the winger and the ball, in my tackling move, got toe punted
over the goalie. Was it Peter .He is my brother you know.
Best Wishes and thank you.
Regards, John Clarke – who brought his Ovingdean team down to play our Sunday side on
May 30th.

Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                         Page 5 of 14

        As a scorer I find, most of the time, my afternoons are spent alone. The majority of
sides we play at the weekend never supply their own scorer, although the league handbook
states “the opposition should provide a playing member to sit with the scorer while their side
are batting”, but they rarely do. (It is also part of the laws of the game that every side should
provide a (non-playing) scorer – ed)
        They seem content in waiting to write up the book at the end of the game. Yet the first
I see of the fielding side when coming in for tea, are the bowlers, catchers, and stumpers, all
eager to see their relevant figures. Then it’s the batsman’s turn, who comment on their totals,
swearing that the leg bye in the second over, fourth ball, was really a run and the umpire was
        After the tea interval, and if we are batting, I can honestly state that one cricketer for
the opposition looks very much like any other. Of course, it is at this time that all scorers take
their magic crystal ball from their bag and look into it searching for the first bowler’s name. My
crystal ball never seems to be working. It is then you hear the scorers chant “BOWLERS
NAME”? I remember the first time I used the ‘chant.’ I wasn’t really looking at the state of play
and called out just as the opening bowler was delivering his first ball. The batsman stood up
and the bail flew four feet into the air. Thankfully the umpire called ‘dead ball’, the batsman
remained at the wicket and I got the bowler’s name; John Thomas – which made me smile!!
        During the cold, wet winter months I have been tempted to try different brands of
deodorant, aftershaves etc. to see if it is my personal hygiene that is stopping visitors staying
next to me during the match. But, and on thinking about it, this cannot be the reason,
because, during the match, both teams all cluster outside the score box, or next to the
scorer, while their side are batting, not to assist in scoring but to block the scorer’s view, so
all they see is the umpire ‘jigging about’ , trying to get a response from the scorer for his
        They look amazed when told to vacate the area. They still seem amazed when
stronger language is used later in the afternoon when they repeat the offence. It doesn’t
seem to matter if the ground has a designated area for batsmen to warm up, or for a bowler
to ‘throw a couple down’. Or players waiting their turn to bat later suddenly find a football!!
“Let’s kick it at the score box or, better still, let’s aim that practice cricket ball at the scorer’s
table and then ask why the scorer is so moody? “ , they exclaim
        Last Sunday (June 27th) just topped all the above. It was a really hot day. I was
scoring from ‘ Pikey’s Box’ with a beautiful view, just high enough for players and spectators
to walk freely in front of the box. It was a great game of cricket – then it happened! Let’s
have a barbeque – great; where shall we place it on the ground? Perhaps it could be placed
on the veranda? No, don’t be silly. Perhaps on the boundary away from the pavilion? No,
don’t be silly.
        It was placed about four feet to the left of the score box. It was that close that I could
be served if I leant out of the viewing window. I was then subjected to twenty overs of our
innings with smoke either coming into the score box or causing a foggy mist, making viewing
quite difficult. The setting sun didn’t help matters. “Graham, don’t be such a moaner “, I was
told. The Saturday skipper even bought me a present last week - a Mr Happy key ring!!
        Gentlemen; I will make a deal with you. If you don’t want me to moan, shout or be
moody, if you cannot assist me constructively, then please stay away from the scoring area.
Bang your balls on other walls, or give me a 500volt cattle prod to poke offending bodies..
        It amazes me why I look forward to each weekend and enjoy scoring for the club. But,
please remember, I am a scorer not a magnet. Graham Watts (Grumpy 2nd XI scorer)
Editor’s footnote: (Or the views of another grumpy scorer)

Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                               Page 6 of 14
There is a (very) polite notice in the away dressing room welcoming all visitors to the Club
and asking them, if they do not have a scorer, will they please provide details of their side so
that our scorer has some means of identification. It’s not an unreasonable request, but is
rarely adhered to it before the game starts.
 Sides who do not score when they are batting are just rude and bad mannered and do not
deserve to play us again. The laws of the game – those again – state that a scorer does not
need to record individual batting scores, nor individual bowling analysis. Perhaps we should
adopt that method in future, although that would be an affront to the professionalism of our

BACK TO BACK 100’S FOR PASAN              1st XI 261 for 5     Rodmersham 155

        The last time we played at Rodmersham coincided with the Championship play-off
final between Palace and West Ham and, upon alighting from the car, your correspondent
was somewhat disappointed to learn that he had not arrived at Cardiff, where such events
took place in those days. (Nothing against Rodmersham, you understand.) A Neil Shipperley
goal saw Palace promoted to the Premier Division, and we all know what happens when that
        If memory serves me correctly, the 1st XI lost that game, but things are a lot different
now. Top of the table, unbeaten and, as Jay would put it, “We now believe we can win from
any position.”
        Due to an unfortunate incident, two of our cars, and one of theirs, were delayed so
Doug was in charge of tossing duties – oh please; do behave!!! – won that particular part of
the afternoon’s entertainment, and elected to bat. Some emergency plans were put into
operation and Jonathan ‘A Man for all seasons’ Rodda (Robert Bolt please note) opened with
Rakesh Joshi until the latter was bowled for 24 by Nazoomi Azhar, who formerly played for
the OW’s.
        Jonathan followed soon after, trapped lbw for 16, the skipper was soon bowled for 8,
as was ‘Mitch’ for 15 and when Kenny Maxwell was run out for 5, half the side had departed
with only 125 on the board and only 15 overs remaining.
                In those 15 overs Pasan completed his second successive unbeaten ton and
Suminda raced to 40 in an excellent display of batting that saw us finish on 261 for 5 at tea.
Rodmersham are known for their teas, and have won awards for them, the arbiter being Mike
Gatting, who knows a thing or two about such things! . Simon Wilson, our own expert, had
made his own inspection earlier, but this was tempered somewhat by the knowledge that,
when we bowl second, which we invariably do every week, he does not eat, such is his
dedication to opening the bowling. Instead he does his limbering up exercises and prepares
for the battles ahead. On this occasion, ‘Mitch’ seemed to be the beneficiary, as his plate
looked like a volcanic eruption.
        A fast outfield and some small boundaries meant that 262 was not beyond
Rodmersham, and a combination of an attacking field and those short boundaries – one shot
over the slips went for 6 – saw Suminda’s first over concede 17 runs. Normal service was
soon resumed, however, and the self-less ‘Polar Bear’ took a wicket with the last ball of his
first over, as Jay took his fifth catch of the season.
        The runs kept coming and when Suminda took the second wicket, in only the seventh
over, there were 50 of them on the board. Two became three as Prabu took a catch behind
off Suminda, the first three Rodmersham dismissals having made 20, 21 and 23, although
not necessarily in that order. And that became the pattern of the afternoon. There was
another 23 and a 31, but that was their top score, and when Mikhail Smith trapped their
number 10 lbw for 2, it was all over, an unfortunate injury in the afternoon meaning they only
had ten men who could bat.
Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                            Page 7 of 14
       ‘Mitch’ was by far the best bowler, finishing with 3 for 25, whilst Suminda’s 2 for 54
was a bit harsh in the runs conceded column, primarily due to those 17 in his first over. So
three wins out of three became four wins out of four, and thoughts immediately turned to next
week’s opponents, Betteshanger, promoted with us last year and also unbeaten this term.
Team: Joshi Rodda Yewale Weeraratne Mitchell Maxwell.K Balage Don Prabhu Smith.M
Wilson Forbes.D
MOM: Pasan – no denying him this week with another 100. He even chipped in with two
wickets; what a player

DARTFORDIANS HOLD OUR FOR A DRAW Sunday Xi 202 for 3 Dartfordians 161 for 7

        Oakhill, our original opponents, were not able to raise a side but they did the decent
thing and let us know early in the week, thereby enabling us to find an alternative and we
welcomed Old Dartfordians to Hayes Hill.
        They won the toss and invited us to bat, and may have regretted it, as Clinton and Raj
put on 123 for the first wicket. Raj raced to 50 in 60 minutes whilst Clinton was more than
happy to play the supporting role as they punished everything the visitors could throw at them
– not literally, you understand. Raj eventually holed out for an excellent 82, hitting thirteen 4’s
in the process, an innings which, hopefully, will improve his confidence and enable him to be
more prolific on Saturdays.
        Kenny Maxwell then joined Clinton and they put on 73 for the second wicket before
Kenny was caught for 23, Clinton remaining 73 not out at the end.
        Dartfordians lost an early wicket and, at 58 for 4, were sinking fast, but they managed
to find a batsman who could score 57, and another who was 35 not out at the end, to rescue
the game.
Team: Hibbert Subramanian Maxwell.K Steel.C Steel (Aaron) Gibney Shama.S Steel (Andy)
Steel (Andrew) Sharma..A Warboys
MOM: Clinton Hibbert – carried his bat and nursed his younger partners through the innings

THE MAKINGS OF AN ALL-ROUND TEAM 1st XI 152                   Betteshanger 111

        There was no-one more delighted than your reporter when Betteshanger pipped
Blackheath for promotion last year and they, like us, have taken to Division Four and they,
like us, were undefeated going into this game. We beat them twice last year, and are
determined to do so again, but would be more than content if they finished runners-up.
        If you look at Betteshanger’s results, you will see that they rarely post a large total but
they have a good bowling side, and they were allowed first use of a wicket which was miss-
behaving itself, as the ball started to ‘pop’ from the very first over and they bowled admirably
to have us in a great deal of trouble at 39 for 5 to remind us of days gone by – see later.
        Suminda and Jonathan then dug in, but when Jonathan was bowled for 13, it was 74
for 7, which soon became 78 for 8.
         Suminda was joined by Mikhail and they put together what turned out to be the
partnership of the game to put on 73 for the ninth wicket before Mikhail was bowled for an
invaluable 11. Suminda remained 80 not out at the end. We had got out of jail, and 152
looked to be a winning total.
        And so it proved, as Suminda and Doug also found the wicket to their liking and
finished with 5 for 47 and 4 for 32 respectively. We are all aware that the square is in urgent
need of renovation and that work, which has been outstanding for the last two or three years,
will take place during the winter. In the meantime contingency plans are in hand to improve
the surface so that the square is safe and playable.

Old Wilsonians Cricket Club                                                             Page 8 of 14
         To return to the relative merits of these two sides, it is certainly true to say that both
are stronger in the bowling department than batting, and both are liable to bowl sides out.
However, the 1st XI are now fast becoming a good batting side as well – this was the only
game where we have failed to pass 200 – and if one of the ‘top’ batsmen fails, then there is
always someone to pick up the pieces. This time it was Mikhail but, looking at the line-up,
there are others who can do the same.
         You can see a video of the highlights of this game on Jim Lloyd’s splendid OWA
website, as well as many other goodies, at www.oldwilsonians.com
Team: Joshi Steel.C Yewale Weeraratne Mitchell Balage Don Rodda Maxwell.K Prabhu
Smith Forbes.D
MOM: Suminda - 80 not out and 5 for 47 speaks for itself
NB: In the 2000 and 2001 seasons, we played Dover in the Kent League, a side which,
sadly, folded as a consequence of a multitude of difficulties. In the 2001 season we were, at
one stage, 38 for 5 – in the game reported above we were 39 for 5. Our eventual total nine
years ago was 226 for 8, thanks mainly to a seventh wicket partnership of 116 between Andy
Gould, who made 80, and a certain Doug Forbes, who hit 61. The game was drawn, as
Dover finished on 189 for 7, but the most interesting thing about their team-sheet is the fact
that it contained the names, C.Towe, J,Towe and A. McNicholas, all of whom now play for
Btteshanger. There is a prize for anyone who can name the OW side on that day!!

STUCK IN THE SIXTIES Sunday XI 150 for 8 Dulwich Wanderers 105

         The Sixties were a golden era, mainly because of the music – and don’t get me
started on that – but when it comes to cricket, they are simply part of your progress from the
fifties to the seventies and, ultimately, into the highest possible three figure score. (I think it’s
true to say that no side has ever ventured into four figures and, if they have, it was certainly
not on a Sunday afternoon at Hayes.)
         This was the weekend that saw many of the University lads return – welcome back to
each and every one of them – and three of said number, Tom Morley, Chris Tyler and David
Pilgrim played in this game, Tom having the greatest of honours in that he opened the
batting with Clive Peckover. Not having picked up a bat so far this season – Tom, that is, not
Clive - the former got off the mark with a four and raced to 41 in the 19 th over before offering
a catch, which was gratefully taken by an appreciative fielder with the score on 61.
         It was another 12 overs before the figure 70 appeared on the score-board, however,
by which time we had lost another three wickets as Dulwich Wanderers began to take a grip
on the game. Dan Cudmore, Chris Tyler, Matthew Gundry-White, David Pilgrim and Tyrell
Duberry then put their minds to posting a reasonable total and, when time necessitated a
declaration, the score had only reached 150 for 8. It was now down to the bowlers.
         And they were more than up to the task as, apart from a sixth wicket stand of 46, the
Dulwich Wanderers’ innings was a somewhat turgid affair. Opening bowlers Tyrell Duberry
and Kenny Maxwell achieved the initial breakthrough, Kenny claiming numbers 1, 2 and 3
and Tyrell 4 and 5 to have them reeling at 43 for 5 before that aforementioned sixth wicket
stand. Kenny finished with 3 for 15 and Tyrell 2 for 31, before Aaron Steel, 3 for 21, Matt
Davis, 1 for 26 and David Pilgrim 1 for 0, took over to dismiss the visitors for 105. Dan
Cudmore took another two catches to demonstrate what a safe pair of hands he has, and the
margin of victory was 45 runs.
Team: Peckover Morley.T Maxwell.K Steel.C Cudmore Tyler Gundry-White.M Pilgrim.D
Duberry Steel (Aaron) Davis.M
MOM: Tom Morley: His 41 enabled a defensible and, ultimately, winnable total

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BANANA SKIN AVERTED            1st XI 253 for 7 Walmer 154

        A potential banana skin, as Walmer arrived rooted at the bottom of the table. There is
an argument for bowling first in such games, as survival for such sides might be more
realistic than winning, although the counter argument to that is that, in order to achieve any
points at all, you need to score the requisite number of runs to pass the ‘batting points’
        At tea your correspondent overheard a conversation from the Walmer lads which went
something along the lines of “The openers need to still be there after 20 overs; it does not
matter what the score is.”
        After 20 overs Walmer were 45 for 2, a long way short of the 5.08 an over required for
victory, and when their innings ended in the 44 th over they had achieved two batting points to
add to the three they had acquired from bowling.
        Suminda was again the star with the ball, finishing with 4 for 36, well supported by
‘Mitch’, 3 for 41 and Pasan 2 for 30, whilst Kenny took the final wicket, and his first for the 1 st
XI, to dismiss their skipper, the only one of their players who seemed to realise the
importance of batting points.
        Earlier our innings had got off to a flying start to be 112 for 1 after 20 overs – no
instructions from our skipper “to be there after 20 overs; it does not matter what the score is!”
This was due mainly to Rakesh Joshi, who announced his intentions early on – doesn’t he
always? – and raced - doesn’t he always - to 84 before offering a simple catch. He hit 17
fours in his innings and the score was 151 when he departed in only the 26 th over.
        The rest of the innings was dominated by the youngsters, as Jonathan (35), Callum
(35) and Kenny (32 n.o) enjoyed some batting practice. Jonathan has been consistent
throughout the season, but Callum and Kenny were badly in need of runs – it has even
started to affect their Sunday game – and it was a delight to see them succeed, and will do
their confidence a power of good.
        So another 20 points and, with Betteshanger losing, the gap between ourselves and
the third placed team is now 41 points.
Team: Joshi Yewale Rodda Prabhu Steel.C Maxwell.K Weeraratne Mitchell Balage Don
Wilson Forbes.D
MOM: Rakesh – at his explosive best; plus it is only right that the ‘MOM’ accolade should be
evened out in the Joshi household!

JOE ENJOYS OLD WILSONIAN BOWLING                  Sunday XI 218 for 8, Crofton 144 for 9

       Just before I left the Club on Saturday night there was some concern, well, sort of, that
Joe Winspear had been left behind at High Halstow following the 2 nd XI’s game there. But
there was no need to panic, as he suddenly appeared, thanks to the good offices of Tom
Morley, who had driven him home.
       This game turned out to be Joe’s day – he took a catch. (Oh come on; stop teasing; he
also scored 110 not out – his first century for the Club.) He played the first ball of the innings
and was there to see the last, Aaron Steel being bowled for 19. In-between he shared a
second wicket stand of 58 with Callum Steel, Callum got 31, a fifth wicket stand of 54 with
Matthew Gundry-White, Matthew scored 12, and a seventh wicket stand of 59 with Luke
Loveridge, Luke got 23.
       But Joe was the main man as he defied all of the Crofton bowlers, at least three of
whom were known to him, as he passed this important mile-stone. He hit twelve 4’s and an
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unlikely 5 and was the model of concentration. There are not many players who can claim to
be on the field of play for an entire game, particularly someone so young. Many
congratulations, Joe. I always consider it a privilege to score someone’s first hundred and
look forward to seeing more in the years to come.
       Joe’s efforts, and those of others, enabled Aaron to declare on a healthy 218 for 8,
and when the bowlers reduced Crofton to 30 for 4, victory looked a distinct probability.
However, as well as the three regular Old Wilsonian players, Crofton had also recruited Tom
Davis for the afternoon, and he reached 49 before Callum un-sportingly stumped him off
brother Andrew’s bowling.
       Thanks to Tom’s heroics, the visitors managed to survive and finished on 144 for 9.
Tyrell Duberry, 3 for 35 and Aaron Steel, 3 for 33, were the pick of the bowlers, but even they
could not surpass Joe’s endeavours..
Team: Winspear Rodda Steel.C Lovelock.H Cudmore Gundry-White.M Duberry Loveridge
Steel (Aaron) Steel (Andrew) Rajan
MOM: Joe Winspear – no more needs to be said


        Simon Wilson arrived wearing a splendid hat adorned with an equally splendid pair of
sun glasses. “A Father’s Day present from my children”, he proudly explained – at least five
times. This induced the other fathers in the team to make equally boastful claims until
someone realised that there was a game of cricket to be played.
        Gravesend RFC were promoted through the feeder league and do not like drawing
games of cricket – there is a connection there. They were promoted in their first season in the
Kent League – hence their position in Division Four - and the last time we played them they
won at Hayes and we won at Gravesend – thanks to a Doug Forbes hat-trick.
        The Club’s principle game is Rugby – they have three pitches – but cricket takes over
in the summer on a ground that can justly be described as a bowl; you have to hit the ball
uphill to virtually every part of the ground.
        Jay and Rakesh were both doing this with aplomb before both perished within 5 runs
of each other, only for the middle order to take over as Pasan (44), Prabhu (35) and Suminda
(48) scored well. However, at 217 for 7, and with only three overs left, we were in need of
some quick runs against a side prepared to chase virtually any total, and ‘Mitch’ played the
perfect innings to be stumped off the last ball of the innings, trying to score more, for 30, and
the innings closed on 241.
        The Gravesend reply started positively, as was to be expected, but they lacked a
batsman to play a dominant innings – their highest score was 37 – and we bowled them out
in the 47th over, following some stubborn resistance from their last pair. Suminda (3), Doug
(3) and Simon (2) shared the majority of the wickets, with one each for Kenny and ‘Mitch’ but,
and is so often the case this season, this was a team effort.
        A special word of thanks, praise and admiration – that’s three words – to Adrian
Beckkett who, on discovering the side had only had ten men, drove to Gravesend to
complete the team, only to carefully push the first ball he received back to the bowler. He
was very philosophical about the incident during the tea interval, after which he ran and
chased in the field to keep the runs down, thereby not looking out of place. Thanks Adrian;
your commitment is much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you dancing around
the champion’s flag with the rest of us come the end of the season.
Team: Joshi Yewale Rodda Weeraratne Prabhu Balage Don Maxwell.K Mitchell Beckett.A
Wilson Forbes

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MOM: “Mitch” – this game, perhaps more than any other so far this season, showed that the
1st XI have been so successful through a united effort, but ‘Mitch’s’ quick-fire 30, two
excellent catches and a wicket, sees him just scrape home.

Wilson’s School Cricket Results
U15A Wilson ’s vs. St. George’s
Wilson’s 164 for 6
St. Georges 158 for 9
Wilson’s won by 6 runs (Quarter Final of the Surrey Cup)
Niall McManus 82 not out
U15A Wilson’s vs. Glyn
Wilson’s 176 for 4
Glyn 68 All Out
Niall McManus 71, Sam Giles 33, Adam Drew 4 for 24
Wilson’s won by 108 runs
U15B Wilson’s vs. Wimbledon College
Wilson’s 67 All Out
Wimbledon C 71 for 1
Wilson’s lost by 9 wickets
U15B Wilson’s vs. Old Wilsonians
Wilson’s 107 for 8
Old Wilsonians 108 for 6
Dan Hall, 41
Wilson’s lost by 1 run
U14A Wilsons vs. Glyn
Wilson’s 165 for 2
Glyn 162 for 9
Archie Williams 55 not out, Ben Flook 53 not out
Wilson’s won by 3 runs
U14A Wilson’s vs. Trinity
Wilson’s 85 for 6
Trinity 83 for 9
Wilson’s won by 4 wickets (Quarter Final of the Surrey Cup)
U13A Wilson’s vs Reigate Grammar
Wilson’s 86 All Out
Reigate Grammar 87 for 6
Alex Yee, 40
Wilson’s lost by 4 wickets (Quarter Final of the Surrey Cup)
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U13A Wilson’s vs. Glyn
Wilson’s 185 for 1
Glyn 96 for 7
Ollie Robertson 91 not out, Alex Yee 58 not out.
Wilson’s won by 89 runs
U13B Wilson’s vs. Old Wilsonians
Wilson’s 42 All Out
Old Wilsonians 99 for 6
Wilson’s lost by 57 runs
U12A Wilson’s vs. Glyn
Wilson’s 93 for 6
Glyn 90 for 6
Will Honeyman, 36
Wilson’s won by 3 runs
       Congratulations to the U14A and U15A teams for reaching the Surrey Cup semi-finals
for the second year running. Both teams beat established private schools in their quarter-
final games.
       The U15s set an imposing 164 for 6 off their twenty five overs Niall McManus scoring
an excellent 82 not out. This target proved too much for St. George’s , who fell short on 158
for 9.
        The U14s beat Trinity School in an exciting, tight game. Having been set eighty four to
win the game, Wilson’s stumbled initially. However, a strong partnership between Picciano
and Yee stabilised the innings, and the latter hit the winning boundary off the penultimate
ball of the final over.
     Both sides face difficult games in their semi-finals. The U14s take on Charterhouse at
home this Thursday (24 June), whilst the U15s are away to Whitgift next Monday (28 June).
We wish both teams the best of luck in reaching the final.
       In the weekend fixtures against Glyn, strong batting performances allowed Wilson ’s to
take victory in every age group. Niall McManus scored well again for the U15’s with 71 and
was well supported by 33 from Sam Giles. An unbeaten, excellent partnership of 125 from
Ben Flook (53 not out) and Archie Williams (55 not out) in the U14’s set Glyn a big target,
which they could not quite reach. Another 100 run partnership came in the U13 game, where
Ollie Robertson (93 not out) and Alex Yee (58 not out) notched up a massive 185 total. Tight
bowling allowed the team to sneak home by over 100 runs!
       In a lower scoring game, a knock of 36 from the consistent Will Honeyman proved the
difference for another Wilson’s win and completed the clean sweep against Glyn.
                                                                      Jamie Parkinson
Old Wilsonians’ Prize Draw

       A reminder of the Old Wilsonians’ Prize Draw, which gives you the opportunity to win
multiple prizes for just £25 a year. Your editor has recently won £25 so, if I do not win again,
the cost has already been recovered.

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      All you have to do to join, is send a cheque, made payable to ‘OWA 200 Club; to:
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