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									Advertisement of vacant posts (MINEAC)


The Ministry of East African Community (MINEAC) would like to recruit competent fresh graduates for
one year renewable as follows:

No of     Position          Duties and responsibilities                                           Qualifications

1         Advisor to the        - Provide the Minister with support in respect to both the        Bachelor’s Degree in
          Minister              administrative and political matters handled by his office;       Economics or
                                - Ensure that the Minister is fully informed of all key           Administration
                                activities of the Ministry in a timely manner and informed of
                                any decisions and support that Ministerial staff requires from
                                his/her office;

                                - Receive, analyze and summarize the contents of
                                dossiers submitted for approval to the Minister, so as to
                                enable the Minister to review them in a speedy manner;

                                - Provide comments and observations on dossiers at the
                                request of the Minister and prioritize them so as to allow the
                                Minister to focus on the most urgent/important documents;

                                - Conduct research on topics specified by the Minister, in
                                conjunction with relevant Ministerial staff and prepare
                                reports or briefs for the Minister’s attention;

                                - Ensure that an efficient filing system for confidential files
                                is established and maintained in the Minister’s office and
                                that all official documents are maintained in safe custody
                                and easy retrieval ensured;

                                - Keep the Minister’s office organized in a neat and
                                orderly manner;

                                - Manage the Ministers’ calendar and advise ministerial
                                staff of the Minister’s availability for meetings, or other

                                - Ensure that the Minister is kept informed or reminded of
                                commitments, including meetings, presentations, etc;

                                - Prepare and disseminate minutes of the management
                                meetings and any other meeting chaired by the Minister.
                                Prepare the Minister’s speeches, in collaboration with
                                concerned Units the Minister’s speeches;
                    - Take note of Cabinet Decisions concerning the Ministry
                    and prepare quarterly reports on their implementation for
                    submission to the Prime Minister’s Office whilst ensuring
                    that the quarterly reports (Implementation of Action Plans,
                    National Leadership Retreat, National Dialogue Resolutions,
                    Comments and Inputs on EAC policy documents) are
                    prepared and submitted in a timely manner;

                    - Review emails addressed to the Minister, and
                    acknowledge receipt, while promising comprehensive
                    responses in a timely manner, as needed;

                    -   Serve as liaison Officer on all EALA matters;

                    - Represent the Minister in official meetings as and when
                    required to do so.

1   Legal Advisor   - Provides advisory services to the ministry on legal            Bachelor’s Degree in
                    aspects so as to ensure that all Ministerial decisions and       Law
                    actions comply with the law;

                    - Draws up legal documentation and contracts in a
                    manner that ensures compliance with legal provisions and
                    clear and unambiguous interpretation;

                    - Reviews and updates draft contracts prepared by
                    different Ministerial departments and units in order to ensure
                    compliance with the law and the protection of the Ministry’s

                    - Studies and provides legal opinions on litigious or
                    contentious files, issues and or requests emanating from
                    departments or agents of the institution;

                    - Develops instructions and or guidelines for the
                    implementation of legislation and legal texts, trains users
                    and monitors to ensure compliance to the guidelines;

                    - Draws up legal and regulatory provisions (decrees and
                    instructions) for the Ministry.

1   Communication   - Develop an information, communication and education            Bachelor’s Degree in
    Officer         work plan that is in tandem with the Ministry’s                  Mass Communication,
                    communication strategy and annual work plan;                     Marketing, Journalism
                                                                                     or any other related
                    - Develop and produce sensitization messages and                 field.
                    education tools on EAC integration;

                    - Plan and coordinate various sensitization and education

                    -   Prepare and produce promotional materials and
                disseminate information on EAC & MINEAC;

                - Conduct surveys to assess the impact of
                communication and education activities and modify plans in
                response to the findings;

                -   Produce monthly reports on sensitization events;

                - Coordinate the work of third party service providers and
                participants who are contracted to carry out communication,
                education and information activities;

                - Liaise with the directorates of Economic, Infrastructure
                and Productive sector and the Social, Political, Legal and
                Judicial sectors on all sensitization and education matters;

                -   Perform any other assigned activities.

1   Economist   - Collect and collate data relating to integration activities   Bachelor’s Degree in
    Officer     in respect to the assigned area of work;                        Economics, Financial
                                                                                Globalization and
                - Conduct research on the integration process and other         related fields.
                related aspects with particular emphasis on the monetary
                and fiscal sub-sectors and prepare technical papers and
                reports that inform that process;

                - Propose integration strategies, projects and or activities
                in response to research findings, Council decisions and

                - Coordinate and participate in the process of
                harmonizing macro-economic policies with special
                emphasis on exchange rate policy and monetary and fiscal

                - Work closely with relevant Ministries and Agencies, in
                particular the EAC focal point officers and the relevant
                sectoral working groups, to ensure the timely
                implementation of EAC projects and programmes;

                - Provide technical support to the implementing MDAs,
                including information generation and the drafting of
                technical documents, as well as developing supporting
                documentation for preparatory stakeholder meetings;

                - Participate in EAC communication and/or publicity
                campaigns that are aimed at informing stakeholders of the
                workings and benefits that derive from the EAC and
                encourage enhanced participation;

                - Monitor the implementation of EAC decisions, through
                the review of reports submitted by the implementers and
                        field visits, ensure that monitoring records are updated as
                        required and reports highlighting implementation shortfalls
                        generated so as to support remedial actions;

                        - Monitor and evaluate monetary and fiscal policies in
                        relation to the East African Community’s macroeconomic
                        convergence and ensure compliance;

                        - Coordinate the implementation process of the EAC
                        Common Market protocol particularly the annex governing
                        the free movement of capital;

                        - Coordinate the EAC Monetary Union protocol
                        negotiation process by participating actively in the sectoral
                        working group meetings and working closely with the
                        relevant MDAs and institutions;

                        -   Attend EAC meetings as appropriate;

                     Execute any additional tasks that may be assigned.

1   Accountant          - Maintains accurate records of all banking activities and      Bachelor’s Degree in
                        generates updated monthly balances in a timely manner;          Public Finance,
                                                                                        Accounting, and
                        - Carries out regular bank reconciliations, ensuring that       Management
                        all transactions are reflected correctly both in the bank       specialized in
                        records and the cash book;                                      Accounting or
                        - Maintains accurate records of the expenditure of the
                        Ministry and maintains all related accounting documents;

                        - Prepares and consolidates periodic reports relating to
                        the Ministry’s financial operations, in accordance with the
                        financial regulations;

                        - Supports the external audit activities by preparing audit
                        schedules and responding to any queries raised in a timely

                        - Performs any other duties as assigned by the Director
                        of Finance and Internal Resources Management Unit.

1   Monitoring and      - Takes overall responsibility for the monitoring and           Bachelor’s Degree in
     Evaluation         evaluation function of the Ministry and is responsible for      Economics,
    Officer             ensuring that appropriate and relevant M & E work plans are     Development Studies
                        put in place and executed as specified;                         and Management.

                        - Participates in the strategic and action plan
                        development for the Ministry and generates relevant
                        performance indicators for inclusion in these plans;

                        -   Studies the EAC strategies and work plans, to identify
                                  monitoring and evaluation priorities and embeds these into
                                  the Ministerial action plans in respect to ME;

                                  - Develops monitoring and evaluation tools in conjunction
                                  with the technical departments and trains the principal
                                  officers in monitoring and evaluation techniques;

                                  - Provides technical support, including execution, data
                                  analysis and reporting to the EAC Integration officers and
                                  other employees who are engaged in monitoring and
                                  evaluation work to ensure quality outputs;

                                  - Works in close conjunction with the Planning officer, the
                                  Director Strategy and Policy Development and Directors of
                                  the EAC Directorates, ensures that execution and
                                  implementation gaps identified through the monitoring and
                                  evaluation process are addressed;

                                  - Organizes and participates in stakeholder consultation
                                  events, prepares event materials, attends events with the
                                  objective of staying informed of stakeholder perceptions
                                  regarding the work of the Ministry in general and the
                                  implementation of EAC integration activities and ensuring
                                  that these are reflected in the monitoring and evaluation

                                  - Assists with the maintenance of the monitoring and
                                  evaluation database and in generating reports;

                                  - Participates in designing and undertaking assessment
                                  surveys, sectoral research missions and studies;

                                  - Produces quarterly and annual reports and relevant
                                  periodical reports on EAC integration process;

                                  - Continuously monitors the EAC integration process
                                  across all sectors.

Interested candidates, who meet the conditions herein, should submit their applications form obtained
from the website of Public Service Commission or at the Ministry Headquarter, accompanied with one
uncertified copy of degree and a copy of Identity Card to the Central Secretariat of the Ministry of East
African Community located at Kimihurura. The deadline for submission of application is scheduled
on07/11/2011 at 03:00 pm. The shortlisted candidates will be communicated.
Done at Kigali, on 28/10/2011

Amb. George William (Bill) KAYONGA

Permanent Secretary

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