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									                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
         VP                               Department                  Phone Contact
Pat Mutch              Academic Administration VP                     3404 Patricia Mutch
Pat Mutch              Academic Assesment                             3497 Jane Thayer
                       Academic Assesment / Nutrition                       Alice Williams
Pat Mutch              Academic Records                               3375 Emilio Garcia-Marenko
                       Academic Support & Advising                          Erling Snorrason
Pat Mutch              Academic Support & Advising                    6096 Linda Closser
Pat Mutch              Acct/Econ/Finance                              3581 Leonard Gashugi
Pat Mutch              Aeronautical Technology                        3547 Al Bernett
                       Aeronautical Technology                              Dan Snyder
Pat Mutch              Affiliates & Extensions                        3968 Merlene Ogden
Pat Mutch              Affiliates & Extensions                        6216 Ngaire Clouten
Pat Mutch              Agriculture Farm & Dairy                       6006 Thomas Chittick
                       Allied Health                                        Al McMullen
Pat Mutch              Allied Health                                  3336 Marcia Kilsby
                       Alumni                                               Lisa Jardine
David Faehner          Alumni                                         3591 Rebecca May
Pat Mutch              Andrews Academy                                3317 Randy Graves
                       Andrews Academy                                      Virginia Nachreiner
Pat Mutch              Archaeology & Horn Museum                      3273 Randall Younker
                       Archaeology & Horn Museum                            Susan Oliver
Pat Mutch              Architecture                                   6003 Llewellyn Seibold
                       Architecture                                         Mark Moreno
Pat Mutch              Art & Graphic Design                           3279 Steven Hansen
                       Behavioral Sciences                                  Beverly Peck
Pat Mutch              Behavioral Sciences                            3152 Duane McBride
                       Biology                                              David Steen
Pat Mutch              Biology                                        3243 John Stout
Ed Wines               Bookstore                                      3287 Beverly Jenkins
                       Bookstore                                            Cheryl Keen
Newton Hoilette        Campus Ministries                              3211 Millie Das
Ed Wines               Campus Safety                                  3321 Kevin Penrod
                       Campus Safety                                        Susan Surman
Newton Hoilette        Career Planning & Placement Services           3141 Patricia Stewart
                       Career Planning & Placement Services                 Tami Martinez
Pat Mutch              Chemistry                                      3247 William Mutch
Pat Mutch              Children's Learning Center                     3350 Angelina Cameron
Pat Mutch              Christian Ministry                             6371 Douglas Kilcher
Pat Mutch              Church History                                 3541 Walter Douglas
Pat Mutch              College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office       3411 William Richardson
                       College of Technology                                Bronwyn Miranda
                       College of Technology Dean's Office                  Gerald Coy
Pat Mutch              College of Technology Dean's Office            3413 Wesley Shultz
Pat Mutch              Communication                                  3160 Janice Watson
                       Communication                                        Lisa Delgardo
Pat Mutch              Community Services Assistance Program (CSAP)   3596 Larry Ulery
Pat Mutch              Computer Science and Information Systems       3632 Annetta Gibson
Pat Mutch              Continuing & Adult Education                   6000 Robert Moon
Pat Mutch              Convention Services                            3360 Kelly Schmitt
                       Counseling & Testing                                 Don Wallace
Newton Hoilette        Counseling & Testing                           3470 Lloyd Erickson
Ed Wines               Custodial Services                             3284 David Wilber
                       Custodial Services                                   Dean Snow
                       Custodial Services                                   Jeannie Mack
Pat Mutch              D Min - Seminary                               3544 Ricardo Norton
David Faehner          Development                                    3359 Christopher Carey
                       Development                                          Glenn Saliba
Pat Mutch              Ed & Counseling Psychology                     3113 Elsie Jackson
                       Engineering Technology                               Joshua Gebhardt
Pat Mutch              Engineering Technology                         3420 Ron Johnson
                       English                                              Linda Haddad
Pat Mutch              English                                        3298 Stella Greig

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
         VP                             Department            Phone   Contact
David Penner         Enrollment Services/Mailing Center       3486    Joshua Baltazar
Ed Wines             Farm & Dairy                             6312    Tom Chittick
Ed Wines             Financial Administration                 3484    Ron Herr
                     Financial Administration VP                      Ed Wines
                     Financial Records                                Merle Bascom
Ed Wines             Financial Records                        3332    Rich Forrester
Ed Wines             Food Service                             3161    Bennett Chilson
                     Food Service                                     Dianne Wilson
Pat Mutch            Geography                                3668    Kristopher Zygowiec
                     Graduate Dean                                    Linda Thorman
Pat Mutch            Graduate Dean                            3405    Lisa Beardsley
Ed Wines             Grounds                                  3223    David Nelson
Pat Mutch            History & Political Science              3292    Gary Land
Pat Mutch            Honors                                   3297    Malcolm Russell
Ed Wines             Housing                                  6979    Allan Freed
                     Human Resources                                  Linda Wysong
                     Human Resources                                  Linette Escarfullery
Niels-Erik Andreasen Human Resources                          3302    Mistee Arias
Pat Mutch            Institute for Prevention of Addictions   3558    Duane McBride
Pat Mutch            Institute of Church Ministry             3575    Roger Dudley
Pat Mutch            Institute of Hispanic Ministry           6170    Atilio Dupertuis
                     Institute of World Missions                      Gina Meekma
Pat Mutch            Institute of World Missions              2522    Patricia Gustin
Pat Mutch            Intensive English Program                3294    Dianne Staples
Pat Mutch            International Language Studies           3180    Michel Pichot
Newton Hoilette      International Student Office             6378    Najeeb Nakhle
Newton Hoilette      Intramurals                              3417    Lydia Chaong
Pat Mutch            ISD Math & Science Center                6646    Keith Calkins
                     ITS - Y2K Project                                Chris Wilson
                     ITS - Y2K Task Force                             Bill Wolfer
                     ITS - Y2K Task Force                             Dan Cress
                     ITS - Y2K Task Force                             Gary Dickerson
                     ITS - Y2K Task Force                             Tim Trine
Niels-Erik Andreasen ITS-Administration                       3455    David Heise
                     ITS-Administration                               Loisann Strasewski
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Brad Christensen
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Edgar Vega
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Judy Dowell
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Robert Steele
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Ron Neumann
                     ITS-Administrative Systems                       Scott Yuan
                     ITS-ASTRA                                        Joelle Reynolds
                     ITS-Client Services                              Dan Widner
                     ITS-Client Services                              Douglas Crawford
                     ITS-Client Services                              James Lim
                     ITS-Client Services                              Terry Dodge
                     ITS-Client Services                              Travis Bowman
                     ITS-Client Services                              Vaughan Nelson
                     ITS-Institutional Research                       James Massena
                     ITS-Instructional Technology                     Lorena Bidwell
                     ITS-Servers & Networks                           Bryan Clayton
                     ITS-Servers & Networks                           Dan Bidwell
                     ITS-Servers & Networks                           Reg Swensen
                     ITS-Telecommunications                           Larry Prelog
                     ITS-Telecommunications                           Vivien Oxley
Pat Mutch            Journal on Christian Education           6080    Eric Gusman?
Newton Hoilette      Lamson Hall - Women's Dormitory          3446    Frances Faehner
                     Lamson Hall - Women's Dormitory                  Irene Touchard
                     Leadership                                       Loretta Johns
Pat Mutch            Library                                  3275    Keith Clouten
Pat Mutch            Lithotech                                6027    Rodrick Church

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
         VP                             Department                 Phone Contact
Pat Mutch            Management & Marketing                        3584  Allen Stembridge
Pat Mutch            Mathematics                                   6035  Theodore Hatcher
Newton Hoilette      Men's Residence                               3390  Donald Murray
                     Men's Residence                                     John Mentges
Pat Mutch            Missions                                      6505 Jon Dybdahl
                     Music                                               Alan Mitchell
Pat Mutch            Music                                         6341 Peter Cooper
Pat Mutch            New Testament                                 3219 Robert Johnston
Pat Mutch            Nursing                                       3311 Karen Allen
                     Nursing                                             Leigh Everhart
                     Nursing                                             Nora Burtch
Pat Mutch            Nutrition                                     3370 Winston Craig
Pat Mutch            Old Testament                                 2861 Richard Davidson
Pat Mutch            Physical Education                            3253 Lydia Chong
Pat Mutch            Physical Therapy                              6033 William Habenicht
Pat Mutch            Physics                                       3430 Robert Kingman
                     Physics, Mathematics                                Jenine Show
David Faehner        Planned Giving/Trust Services                 3613 Jeffrey Wilson
Ed Wines             Plant Administration                          3284 David Wilber
Ed Wines             Plant Services                                6524 Dick Scott
                     Plant Services                                      Richard Sowler
Ed Wines             Post Office                                   3238 Ruth Gardner
                     President's Office                                  Niels-Erik Andreasen
Niels-Erik Andreasen President's Office                            3100 Ruth Merkel
Pat Mutch            Reading Center                                3480 Louise Moon
Pat Mutch            Religion                                      3177 Keith Mattingly
                     Ruth Murdock Elementary School                      Hamdel Tobias
Pat Mutch            Ruth Murdock Elementary School                3116 James Martz
Pat Mutch            Scholarly Research                            6088 James Fisher
                     School of Business                                  Alejandra Rodriques
                     School of Business                                  Bill Greenley
Pat Mutch            School of Business Dean's Office              3632 Annetta Gibson
                     School Of Education                                 Ruimar DePaiva
Pat Mutch            School Of Education Dean's Office             3481 Karen Graham
Pat Mutch            SDA Theological Seminary                      3536 Brenda Kiš
                     SDA Theological Seminary                            Carmen Pagan
                     SDA Theological Seminary                            Frances Robinson
                     SDA Theological Seminary                            Ruber Leal
                     SDA Theological Seminary Dean's Office              Werner Vyhmeister
Pat Mutch            Seminary Studies                              6023 Nancy Vyhmeister
Pat Mutch            Social Work                                   6196 Sharon Pittman
                     Social Work                                         Valerie Anderson
Pat Mutch            Speech Language Pathology & Audiology         3468 Pamela Dutcher
                     Strategic Initiaves & Enrolment Services VP         David Penner
Newton Hoilette      Student Activities                            3615 Jonathan Shell
Newton Hoilette      Student Association                           31760 William Mutch
                     Student Financial Services                          Corwin Sheppler
Ed Wines             Student Financial Services                    3333 Derek Bradfield
                     Student Financial Services                          Lois Zygowiec
Newton Hoilette      Student Health                                3111 Linda Rice
Newton Hoilette      Student Services                              6686 Renee Copeland
                     Student Services VP                                 Newton Hoilette
Pat Mutch            Teaching & Learning                           3465 Larry Burton
Pat Mutch            Technology Education                          3450 Laun Reinholtz
Pat Mutch            Theology & Christian Philosophy               3607 Miroslav Kis
Ed Wines             Transportation                                3519 Jerry Metzger
                     Transportation                                      Jim Nave
David Faehner        University Advancement VP                     3122 David Faehner
Pat Mutch            University Press                              6915 Carol Loree
                     University Press                                    Erik LaBianca
                     University Press                                    Ron Knott

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
         VP                              Department   Phone Contact
David Faehner          University Relations           3322 Douglas Jones
                       WAUS                                 Bill Brent
Ed Wines               WAUS                           3400 Sharon Dudgeon
Pat Mutch              White Estate                   3209 William Fagal
                       Y2K Coordinator                      Y2K Coordinator
                       Y2K Task Force                       Gary Burdick

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
Email Address        FirstName     Thank
mutchp@andrews.edu   Patricia        Y
thayerja@andrews.edu Jane            Y
                     Alice           Y
emilio@andrews.edu   Emilio          Y
                     Erling          Y
closser@andrews.edu  Linda           Y
gashugi@andrews.edu  Leonard         N
alb@andrews.edu      Al              Y
                     Dan             Y
ogden@andrews.edu    Merlene         Y
cloutenn@andrews.edu Ngaire          Y
tomc@andrews.edu     Thomas          Y
                     Al              Y
kilsby@andrews.edu   Marcia          Y
                     Lisa            Y
alumni@andrews.edu   Rebecca         Y
gravesr@andrews.edu  Randy           Y
                     Virginia        Y
younker@andrews.edu  Randall         Y
                     Susan           Y
lseibold@andrews.edu Llewellyn       Y
                     Mark            Y
slhansen@andrews.edu Steven          Y
                     Beverly         Y
mcbride@andrews.edu  Duane           Y
                     David           Y
stout@andrews.edu    John            Y
jenkinsb@andrews.edu Beverly         Y
                     Cheryl          Y
dasm@andrews.edu     Millie          Y
penrodk@andrews.edu Kevin            Y
                     Susan           Y
stewartp@andrews.edu Patricia        Y
                     Tami            Y
mutch@andrews.edu    William         Y
camerona@andrews.edu Angelina        Y
kilcher@andrews.edu  Douglas         N
wdouglas@andrews.edu Walter          N
billr@andrews.edu    William         Y
                     Bronwyn         Y
                     Gerald          Y
shultzw@andrews.edu  Wesley          Y
jwatson@andrews.edu  Janice          Y
                     Lisa            Y
ulery@andrews.edu    Larry           Y
gibson@andrews.edu   Annetta         N
rdmoon@andrews.edu   Robert          N
                     Kelly           Y
                     Don             Y
erickson@andrews.edu Lloyd           Y
wilberd@andrews.edu  David           N
                     Dean            Y
                     Jeannie         Y
ricardo@andrews.edu  Ricardo         N
careyc@andrews.edu   Christopher     Y
                     Glenn           Y
elsiej@andrews.edu   Elsie           Y
                     Joshua          Y
johnson@andrews.edu  Ron             Y
                     Linda           Y
greigs@andrews.edu   Stella          Y

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
Email Address            FirstName    Thank
baltad@andrews.edu       Joshua         N
tomc@andrews.edu         Tom            N
HerrR@andrews.edu        Ron            Y
                         Ed             Y
                         Merle          Y
RichF@andrews.edu        Rich           Y
bennettc@andrews.edu     Bennett        Y
                         Dianne         Y
zygowiec@andrews.edu     Kristopher     Y
                         Linda          Y
LMB@andrews.edu          Lisa           N
nelsond@andrews.edu      David          N
land@andrews.edu         Gary           Y
russell@andrews.edu      Malcolm        Y
freeda@andrews.edu       Allan          Y
                         Linda          Y
                         Linette        Y
marias@andrews.edu       Mistee         N
mcbride@andrews.edu      Duane          N
dudley@andrews.edu       Roger          N
dupera@andrews.edu       Atilio         N
                         Gina           Y
gustin@andrews.edu       Patricia       Y
staplesd@andrews.edu     Dianne         Y
pichotm@andrews.edu      Michel         N
nakhle@andrews.edu       Najeeb         Y
lydia@andrews.edu        Lydia          N
calkins@andrews.edu      Keith          Y
                         Chris          I
                         Bill           I
                         Dan            I
                         Gary           I
                         Tim            I
dheise@andrews.edu       David          I
                         Loisann        I
                         Brad           I
                         Edgar          I
                         Judy           I
                         Robert         I
                         Ron            I
                         Scott          I
                         Joelle         I
                         Dan            I
                         Douglas        I
                         James          I
                         Terry          I
                         Travis         I
                         Vaughan        I
                         James          I
                         Lorena         I
                         Bryan          I
                         Dan            I
                         Reg            I
                         Larry          I
                         Vivien         I
?                        Eric           N
frances@andrews.edu      Frances        Y
                         Irene          Y
                         Loretta        Y
clouten@andrews.edu      Keith          Y
rchurch@andrews.edu      Rodrick        Y

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
Email Address            FirstName    Thank
stemb@andrews.edu        Allen          N
hatcher@andrews.edu      Theodore       Y
mentgesj@andrews.edu     Donald         Y
                         John           Y
dybdahl@andrews.edu      Jon            N
                         Alan           Y
pcooper@andrews.edu      Peter          Y
bobjohn@andrews.edu      Robert         N
kama@andrews.edu         Karen          Y
                         Leigh          Y
                         Nora           Y
wcraig@andrews.edu       Winston        Y
davidson@andrews.edu     Richard        N
lydia@andrews.edu        Lydia          N
habenich@andrews.edu     William        Y
kingman@andrews.edu      Robert         Y
                         Jenine         Y
wilsonj@andrews.edu      Jeffrey        Y
wilberd@andrews.edu      David          Y
scottr@andrews.edu       Dick           Y
                         Richard        Y
ruth@andrews.edu         Ruth           Y
                         Dr Andreasen   Y
ruthm@andrews.edu        Ruth           N
lmoon@andrews.edu        Louise         N
matt@andrews.edu         Keith          Y
                         Hamdel         Y
martzj@andrews.edu       James          Y
fisherj@andrews.edu      James          Y
                         Alejandra      Y
                         Bill           Y
gibson@andrews.edu       Annetta        Y
                         Ruimar         Y
kgraham@andrews.edu      Karen          Y
brenda@andrews.edu       Brenda         Y
                         Carmen         Y
                         Frances        Y
                         Ruber          Y
                         Werner         Y
vyhmeist@andrews.edu     Nancy          N
spittman@andrews.edu     Sharon         Y
                         Valerie        Y
dutcherp@andrews.edu     Pamela         Y
                         David          Y
jrshell@andrews.edu      Jonathan       Y
mutch@andrews.edu        William        N
                         Corwin         Y
bradfiel@andrews.edu     Derek          Y
                         Lois           Y
rice@andrews.edu         Linda          Y
renee@andrews.edu        Renee          Y
                         Newton         Y
burton@andrews.edu       Larry          Y
launr@andrews.edu        Laun           Y
kis@andrews.edu          Miroslav       N
metzgerj@andrews.edu     Jerry          Y
                         Jim            Y
dfaehner@andrews.edu     David          Y
loree@andrews.edu        Carol          N
                         Erik           Y
                         Ron            Y

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                             Departmental Y2K Contact Listing
Email Address            FirstName    Thank
douglas@andrews.edu      Douglas         Y
                         Bill            Y
dudgeon@andrews.edu      Sharon          Y
fagalw@andrews.edu       William         N
                         Y2K Coordinator Y
                         Gary            Y

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