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									Title of the paper:- Taxation, Tax Planning.
Name of the author:- Prof. Sachin K. Jadhav
Professional affiliation of the author:- SSVPS’s Arts, Commerce and Science College,
                                      Shindkheda, Tal:- Shindkheda, Dist- Dhule
Affiliation of college under University: North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
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Dist- Dhule
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        Indian income tax laws have various rules and regulations, and these are amended
time to time. Hence, understanding these laws has become more complex, and one might
ultimately end up paying much more taxes. However, there are various exemptions
prescribed for certain investment options in the tax laws prevailing in India. If we are an
Indian tax payer, and want to save our money spent on taxes, we need to know income tax
laws in India thoroughly. We must also know the best available investment options in India.
Our 'India Tax System' section explains various types of taxes prevailing in India, and their
prerequisites. 'India Tax System' also covers provisions in law related to salary, perquisites,
retirement benefits, capital gains, house property, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). However,
scope of this section is not limited to information about provisions in the income tax act. This
section covers all basic concepts, amendments in Indian tax laws, and how money can be
saved by investing in the framework of Indian tax laws. The two important taxes assigned to
the local bodies are property taxes and taxes on the entry of goods into a local area for
consumption, use or sale. So many people say that in our country so many funds are still idle
and huge amount also treated as black money. Such black money and idle fund are use for
making our country world’s biggest country. For this purpose bulk of taxes are introduced but
the main question is that such laws or acts are actually implemented or not?.
       This paper contains the introduction and history of taxation. It contain the revenue
from tax earned in last five year by Government. It also contain the tax planning for assessee
for making true and fair payments of tax and finally recommendation for increasing tax
revenue for Government. The paper is concerned with two aspect firstly tax planning for
assessee and secondly increasing the revenue of Government from taxation.
Keywords:- History, Objective, Income from various Taxes, Tax Planning,Recommendation.

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