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July 2006                                                 July 19, 2006
Volume 4, Issue 7                                       Time: 11:30 a.m.
                                                 Location: Academy Hotel
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                                                       World Workplace 2006
                                                       Conference and Expo
                                                          Oct. 8-10, 2006
                                                          San Diego, Calif., USA

                                               Next FM Edge Audio Seminar
                                                 July 20, 2006 11:00AM MST
                                                 Greening Your Organization
                                         Speaker: Meghan Carter, GCA ServicesLaSalle

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                            To advance the professional growth of our members and develop the profession.
July 2006                                                                                       22/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 2

                     President’s Message
   Your Monthly Message from Pikes Peak
            Chapter President
               Rachelle Otis

July 1, 2006 signifies the start of a new fiscal year, including a change in leadership, for the
Pikes Peak Chapter of IFMA. Steve Wertenberger, CFM, lead our chapter to great success
during 2004 – 2006 . . . Thank you, Steve for all of your hard work!

Your Board of Directors is ready to guide the chapter to new and exciting endeavors. I would
like to take this opportunity to introduce the new Pikes Peak Chapter of IFMA Board of


Heather Kelley, Vice-President. Heather is Manager of Facility Services for Seagate
Technology. She is responsible for Environmental Health & Safety, Security, Shipping &
Receiving, and all basic facility related matters. Heather has been a member of the Pikes Peak
Chapter since 2004.

Steve Wertenberger, CFM, Past-President. Steve is International Facilities Project Manager
at Compassion International. He is a Certified Facility Manager and has been in the facility
management profession for 24 years. Steve has been a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter
since 2000.

Roger Lage, CFM, FMA, RPA, Treasurer. Roger is Director, Facility Management at the
USAA regional office in Colorado Springs. Roger has been a member of the Pikes Peak
Chapter since 1991.

Liz Seeger, RPA, Secretary. Liz is an Account Executive with Tolin Mechanical Systems
Company. She has been associated with the facility management profession in Colorado
Springs since 1982. Liz has been a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 2001.

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                       32/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 3


Roy Van Esselstine, Membership. Roy is General Manager of General Building
Maintenance. He oversees local contracts as well as a site in Rialto, CA. Roy has been a
member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 2002.

John Cornella, FMA, Programs. John is Facilities Manager for Oracle Corporation in
Colorado Springs. He has been in facility management for 12 years. John holds a Bachelor of
Science in Facilities Management and recently earned his FMA designation. John has been a
member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 1997.

John Pamperin, BSME, Communications. John is Building Services Supervisor for Farmers
Insurance. He has been in the facilities industry for over 30 years, first working in hospitals in
the Midwest. John has been a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 2004.

Pepe Alicea, RPA, Professional Development. Pepe is Corporate Facilities Director at
Compassion International. Pepe has 13 years of combined facility management experience.
Pepe retired from the US Air Force; he holds an Associate of Science Degree in Logistics
Management, a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in Human Resources and
a Master of Arts Curriculum & Instruction. Pepe has been a member of the Pikes Peak
Chapter since 1998.

Mitch Hamdeed, Sponsorship. Mitch is Vice President at Advantage Security, Inc. He
manages the Colorado Springs operation and is responsible for recruiting, screening, hiring
and training security officers and supervisors. Mitch has been a member of the Pikes Peak
Chapter since 2004.

Pam Cornella, Technology. Pam is Facilities Project Manager for Verizon. She rejoined
IFMA in 2005 after a being out of the facilities industry for several years. Pam brought back
with her an expertise in web development; she used this knowledge to create a new website
for the chapter. Pam has been a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 2005.

A little about me, your chapter President . . . I am Project Manager in the Facilities Planning
and Design department at the T. Rowe Price Financial Center. I earned a Bachelors degree in
Business Administration with a specialty in Management from Regis University. I have been a
member of the Pikes Peak Chapter since 2001.
As we enter into this new fiscal year, I ask each of you take a moment to consider what you
can do to contribute to the Chapter’s success. With your involvement we can continue to be
the association of choice for facility professionals in the Pikes Peak region.


Rachelle Otis
Invest in IFMA

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                                42/18/2012
                                                                                                        Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 4

                                    Professional Development
                             By: Pepe Alicea, FMA, RPA Professional Development Chair


Greening Your Organization

July 20, 2006 12:00 p.m. CDT                90-minute session        Audio & Web Presentation

How does one go about greening an organization? What does it include? In addition to reducing energy and waste, greening
also incorporates researching and implementing best practices and behavioral change. All departments within your
organization are responsible. Learn how a sustainability initiative can act as a common thread throughout the organization.
Gain an overview of the tools and processes involved, including mechanical and electrical systems, recycling, green cleaning,
LEED guidelines, utilities, source reduction, green grounds, benchmarking and green living. Understand the importance of
having a dedicated individual or team to focus on a sustainability initiative.

Cost per site: IFMA Members - $99 (U.S.); Nonmembers - $149 (U.S.)                          Register online now!

             .15 CEUs
             1 CFM Maintenance Point

Understanding the FM-Productivity Link
Aug. 17, 2006
11:00 AM MST

Certification Corner is design to stimulate FM practitioners in studying, learning and pursuing the
Certified Facility Manager certification. Specifically, it presents questions from the CFM Study Guide. The
CC is design to build the FM’s confidence in the knowledge of the various areas of the profession and
affirm the FM in the preparedness to take the CFM exam. The Certification Corner will sample questions
from the various competency areas. The answer to this month’s question(s) will appear in next

1. Which of the following data collection areas can most benefit from the automation process within a
large facility operation?
        a. Energy Management
        b. Predictive Maintenance
        c. Staffing and work scheduling
        d. Budget formulation and execution

2. What is the most important attribute of a master plan?
      a. Accuracy
      b. Flexibility
      c. Scheduling
      d. Viability

3. Which of the following is/are discounted cash flow techniques?

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                                       52/18/2012
                                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 5
            a.   Present Value
            b.   Net Present Value
            c.   Internal Rate of Return
            d.   All of the above

4. HVAC systems are designed with a capacity based on:
      a. System performance with low life-cycle costs
      b. Median conditions under which they are expected to operate
      c. Physical characteristics of the building
      d. Estimated maximum heating and cooling loads
                                                                                                        Last Month’s Answers:
                                                                                                        1. C, 2. B, 3. C, 4. A
CFM Self-Assessment Test
How ready are you to take the CFM Exam? Try the 48-question online self-
assessment test for $39.95 members, ($79.95 nonmembers).

IFMA Online Learning is here!
Are you interested in your professional development or the development of others
within your team, but do not have the means to travel to some of the IFMA courses
around the nation? Well, an alternative is available to you—right online. The IFMA
Online Learning Center provides competency courses. To learn more, click the link

Online Learning Center Course Demo
Click here to take an interactive tour of the Learning Center's features.


Colorado Implements Smoking Ban Law:
Implications for Facility & Property Management Professionals
The Colorado Legislature and Governor Owens signed House Bill 06-1175. The bill, known as the “Colorado
Clean Indoor Air Act” will have a significant impact on facility and property management professionals regarding
smoking ban matters. To find out more about the details of House Bill 06-1175, visit This site provides general information as well as documents and electronic

            DID YOU KNOW???

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                       62/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 6
            July 7, 2006—According to a national poll of working Americans 18 and older,
            conducted by The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, one in five
            US workplaces allow pets at work.

            Other findings showed that Americans believe having a pet in the office leads to
            a more creative environment, decreases absenteeism, helps co-workers get
            along better, and that it creates a more productive work environment.

            Founded in 1958, APPMA is the leading not-for-profit trade association made up
            of over 900 pet product manufacturers, their representatives, importers and
            livestock suppliers. Our membership consists of a diverse group representing
            both large corporations and growing business enterprises worldwide. For more
            information, visit the Web site.

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                       72/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 7

Property Condition Assessments - Mini-Course (eSeminar)

Available June 1, 2006

This online seminar is accessible 24/7 and should take you approximately 3 hours to complete, at
your convenience.

Content for this course is      U.S. focused and earns 3 CPD credits.

  Investors rely on Property Condition Assessments (PCA) to provide information and analysis of
the physical condition of a property, and to minimize the risk associated with acquisition. This
course module will outline the components of a PCA and discuss how the investigation, inspection,
research, and analysis of the physical portions of the building and site are used to assess the
current condition, remaining useful life, and cost estimates for the repair and/or replacement of
individual components and systems. Learn what is typically included within the scope of a Property
Condition Assessment and typical non-scope parameters and how this information can be used by
property and facility managers, once the property has been purchased.

After successfully completing this course, you will understand the role property condition
assessments play in the due diligence process for acquisition and disposition.

           The Property Conditions Process and steps involved in executing assessment, in accordance
            with the new ASTM Standard: E2018-01

           The typical documentation and regulatory review that are critical to the PCA process

           How to interpret assessments of life expectancy, including “expected useful life” (EUL),
            “effective age” (EFF AGE), and “remaining useful life” (RUL)

           Elements of physical site assessment and property inspection, from physical grounds to
            building structure, envelope, all mechanical and electrical systems, and tenant spaces.

           Sub-consultant reports and inspections that may be required for additional insight into the
            condition of the property as well as optional scope items that may be needed to satisfy
            additional investment requirements.

           The components of the final PCA report, developed in compliance with ASTM Standard

How the PCA reports can lay the groundwork for setting an operational strategy for managing the

                                Coming Soon: New and Improved
                                 Be watching for more details!!!

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                        82/18/2012
                                                                                                Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 8

                           Membership Updates
                         Current Pikes Peak Roster stands at 111 members

                                                                   July 2006 Anniversaries
     Welcome New Members !!!
                                                                                    1 Year
            Please Welcome aboard to the
                Pikes Peak Chapter…                                      Pamela Cornella - Verizon

                                                                                   2 Years
                 New Professionals:
                                                                    Bruce Smith - The Larson Group
              Ms. Deborah Stevenson
                                                                 Thomas Messier – FrontRange Solutions
                      Project Analyst
                          FedEx                                          Christy Jowers – T-mobile
                                                                  Advantage Security – Mitch Hamdeed
                  Ms. Cheryl Bowen                           Facility Services & Management – Jack Deering
                     Project Analyst
                         FedEx                                                     3 Years
                                                                     Robert Hill – Bobby Hill Designs
                    New Associate:                                                 6 Years

                Mr. Jason McKenna                              Jeannine Cone - Colorado Springs Utilities
                    Account Manager                                                9 Years
               The Floor Care Company
             E-mail:                             John Cornella, FMA - Oracle

                  Jack Deering may be calling you next, for a photo and an interview
                  So get ready to tell us about your job, your aspirations, your hobbies,
                  and yourself!                   M

!!! New Incentives !!!
New Professional members (June 1st, 2006 forward) will receive 5 FREE admission passes
 to be used at a monthly luncheon, local seminar/educational program of their choice…

Current Professional members that bring in a “New Professional” who becomes a chapter
              member…Will themselves receive 2 FREE admission passes…

 PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                       92/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 9

                                       July Luncheon
                               Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2006
                                      Time: 11:30 a.m.
                                Location: Academy Hotel
                    8110 North Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80920
                             (Formerly the Radisson Inn North)
            Cost: Chapter members - $20 reserved; Chapter members - $25 at the event;
                                 Non-chapter members - $25
                     Reservation Deadline: Noon - Monday, July 17, 2006

                                   Please Email your RSVP to:

            When leaving an RSVP for a Guest, Please Include your Guest’s Name!!!

                                  NO SHOWS WILL BE BILLED

Luncheon Agenda:

July 19th – Induction of 2007 Board Members


 Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is the largest manufacturer of commercial and residential
carpet in the world. Shaw Contract Group is the commercial division of Shaw Industries that sells commercial
floor covering dealers, end users, etc. Shaw Contract also markets to the architectural/interior design community.
Random surveys conducted annually or biennially since 1998, a total of six consecutive surveys have ranked
Shaw Contract # 1 in every rated category: Quality, Service, Styling, Value, and Performance! Shaw is also
committed to environmental responsibility, producing the only products on the market today that are totally
sustainable, staying out of our landfills after the end of the product’s useful life. Shaw Contract Group can
provide the best value in roll goods, modular carpet tile, as well as hardwood and laminate flooring for your

If your facility is in need of “carpet help”, Ryan Davis, the 2005 Shaw Contract Group Salesperson of the Year,
Midwest Region, is your contact, and can be reached at (719) 528-1140 or via e mail at

                                   Luncheon Sponsorships Available
If you are interested in sponsoring a monthly luncheon or an upcoming Chapter event, contact Mitch
Hamdeed 719-634-6277 or Mitch will be happy to give you sponsorship
details and information.

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 
July 2006                                                                                       102/18/2012
                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 10


                                IREM/BOMA/IFMA Golf Tournament
                                          September 22, 2006
                                         Location: Fort Carson

PO Box 1573  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80901  Phone: 719-579-8455 

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