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									Volume Twenty                                   20th Year                      JUNE 2010
Number 6           member                         

   Kelly Again !

  Kulick Wins Record 4th Major - U.S. Open
                            USBC Convention Stresses Budget Cuts
                                Four Elected to Board of Directors

                            Handegard, Holman, Barnes, Terrell-Kearney
                                  installed in USBC Hall of Fame

    Walter Ray
   Victorious in
   First Senior
     PBA Event
  2                                                                          STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

                     B.WL • . • P<N<ON
                                                                                                                             The editorial opinions expressed
                                                                                                                         here are offered to provoke thought on        Stars & Strikes
                                                                                                                         important and sometimes controver-            America’s Bowling
                                                                                                                         sial or provocative issues.
                                                                                                                            Agree or disagree, we’d like to hear         Newsmagazine
                                                                                                                         from you:                                    2850 Red Valley Run
                        by Jim Goodwin                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                      Rockwall, TX 75087

                      How long will the women remain silent?                                                                                                              Voice or Fax
                                                                                                                                                                         (972) 722-8885
   It is hard to believe it has been   banner, the Women’s Open was,             US Open events, which should             sible loss of the US Open, or                      Email:
seven years since the Profes-          in our opinion, less prestigious          have been the most important in          the PBA Women’s Series. It’s   
sional Women’s Bowling Asso-           that ever, and at times confusing         women’s bowling, they never              about their role in leading the                     website:
ciation closed its doors in            and almost ordinary. This year,           made the grade, and the hope             sport and industry.            
2003. We spent a little time with      after three years of USBC op-             now is that BPAA will take it               The bowling industry has
tour owner John Sommer dur-            eration, entries sank to a dismal         back and restore its former glory        pretty much been a man’s
ing USBC Hall of Fame week,            100.                                      and professionalism.                     world, but we see many strong
and he still agonizes about one          When USBC decided to res-                 This year, they finally came to        women who are more than ca-
of the most difficult decisions        cue the event three years ago,            their senses and restored the tra-       pable of changing that. Women                 God Bless the USA
of his life.                           they produced a format that was           ditional format, but it appeared         like Cathy DeSocio, who is in
   No one that we know blames          questioned by media, players              that the budget didn’t allow much        line to become BPAA Presi-                 Publishers & Founders
John for the current plight of         and fans. When questioned, the            room for publicity and promo-            dent in a couple of years, and                  Jim Goodwin
women’s pro bowling. He did            quip response was “It was bet-            tion. Even in the Dallas Fort            Darlene Baker, who will step                    C.J. Goodwin
more than his part keeping it          ter than last year,” implying that        Worth market, it got little atten-       in as USBC President only two
alive for 22 years. And he did         people should be grateful that it         tion from the bowling commu-             months from now; and Carolyn                      Editor
                                                                                                                                                                       Heather Merryman
it not because it made a lot of        was back on the calendar – and            nity and the local sports media,         Dorin-Ballard, who has a good
money, but because he could            they had a point, but still, the          and obviously, it got even less          head for business, and now
                                                                                                                                                                        Associate Editor
help it financially, and felt it was   nagging question remained.                notice from the rest of the coun-        serves on the USBC board of                    Sue Strickland
the right thing to do.                   “Why did the Women’s US                 try and the top players.                 directors – just got re-elected
   But now what? What will the         Open seem to be less important              To say something good, we              by a landslide.                                 Cartoonists
next chapter of the saga look          to the industry than the men’s?”          loved the idea of having it in con-         And there are many others –                  Walt Steinsiek
like? With USBC announcing             The simple answer is that the             junction with “Hall of Fame              Turbo President Lori Tessmar,                  Moe LaRochelle
that it will not sponsor the PBA       PBA operates the men’s event,             Week.” This is something we              Storm co-owner Barb                          Technical Advisor
Women’s Series and the                 and thank goodness, they seem             wrote about and pushed for for           Chrisman, BWAA president                      Robert Strickland
Women’s US Open next year,             to appreciate the history and tra-        many years; only we wanted the           Jackie Wyckoff, marketing ge-
that only leaves one significant       dition that goes with the tourna-         week to include both the Men’s           nius Joan Romeo, former                        Photography
event for elite women bowlers          ment.                                     and Women’s US Opens. If the             WIBC leaders Sylvia Broyles                    Pete Fedynich
– the USBC Queens.                       In our view, history will show          PBA ever gets smart and opens            and Elaine Hagin, to name only                Lou Anne Moore
   There is hope, and there was        that the three Women’s US                 a branch office inside the Inter-        a few.                                     Columnists/Reporters
some talk that the Bowling Pro-        Open tournaments operated by              national Bowling Campus,                    Folks, we think bowling is
prietors of America may revive         the USBC will be remembered               maybe there will be hope for that        about to become a little more                  Chuck Pezzano
the US Open. They still own            as the ‘weird period.’ Not to             possibility in the future.               feminized, and there is nothing               Jeanette Robinson
the rights, and it was their event     blame any individuals, but those                                                   wrong with that. A few macho                       Bob Rea
for almost a half century until        in charge during this time just did         Will Women Rise Up?                    egos may get bruised, but those                 Walt Steinsiek
an ill-advised boycott in 2001         not seem to “get it” – They made          What wrong with them?                    of us that are comfortable with                  John Jowdy
ended that relationship.               us want to scream “Don’t you                If you are married like me, (39        our masculinity can handle an                  Susie Minshew
   But the current leaders seem        know that this is the US Open?!”          years) you know the answer is            industry that may looks and
willing to forget past problems          If USBC had spent half as               “Nothing.” However, we have              sounds little different. Lord                 Stars & Strikes is
and concentrate on doing what          much on the Women’s US Open               known a lot of women in our              knows us guys have made a few                published monthly.
is best for the sport and indus-       as they did on creating and op-           time, and most of them are               mistakes.
try. BPAA Executive Director           erating the two “Clash of Cham-           smarter than most of the men we             Ladies ( I hope it is still po-          Advertising deadline is
Steve Johnson said after USBC          pions” events they did during this        have known. That is also true in         litically correct to say “ladies”)          the 15th of each month
made their announcement that           same period, (also now kaput)             the bowling industry. (now the           when you decide that the time             for publication on the 1st.
“Every sport should have a US          the sport would have been bet-            men are mad at me for telling the        is right to start a new Women’s              Ad rates are available
Open. It is the one event that         ter for it. ( these will also be filed    secret)                                  Pro Bowling Tour and a new                  upon request. Postage
everybody understands should           in the “weird period” file)                 So, when will the women in             Women’s US Open, and new                   paid in Rockwall, Texas.
be the most prestigious.”                Goofy formats, lack of promo-           bowling stand up and say                 programs for USBC women,
   Unfortunately, we are not           tion, inexperienced staffing; if it       “We’re mad as hell, and we’re            we have a few ideas we would
sure USBC shared Johnson’s             was not one thing, it was another.        not going to take it anymore!”           like to share.                              Subscription rates are
view. While under the USBC             When it came to operating the             And it’s not just over the pos-                                                  $20.00 per year paid in
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                                                                   STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                                                            3

         Walter Ray Williams Jr. Wins Senior Miller High Life Classic
  MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Recently- PBA Player of the Year honors.                                                   PBA SENIOR MILLER HIGH LIFE CLASSIC
crowned         Professional       Bowlers “Fortunately I averaged close to 260                  George Pappas Victor y Lanes, Mooresville, N.C. - May 5, 2010
Association Player of the Year Walter Ray today and I needed to bowl that well            Championship Match
                                            because I had some tough opponents who        Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla. ($8,000) def. Keith Sharp, Orlando, Fla. ($4,500),
                                            were bowling very well including Keith in
                                                                                          Semifinal Round (losers earn $3,000)
                                            the final match.                              Williams def. Roger Kossert, Lithia, Fla., 269-211; Sharp def. Dave Patchen, Oregon,
                                              “In general it was a lot of fun and the     Ohio, 218-147
                                            guys made me feel very welcome out here       Round of 8 (losers earn $1,700 each)
                                            on the Senior Tour.”                          Patchen def Bennie Holman, Decatur, Ill., 2-1; Sharp def. Bob Kelly, Dayton, Ohio, 2-
                                              In the semifinal match Williams defeated    1; Kossert def. Steve Lickliter, Beckley, W. Va., 2-1; Williams Jr. def. Kenny Parks,
                                            Roger Kossert of Lithia, Florida, 269-211     Hammond, Ind., 2-0
                                            and Sharp defeated Dave Patchen of            Round of 16 (losers earn $1,300 each)
                                            Oregon, Ohio, 218-147 to advance to the       Patchen def. Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich., 4-1; Holman def. John
                                                                                          Chapman, Canada, 3-2; Kelly def. Marty Berke, Allentown, Pa., 3-0; Sharp def. Brian
                                            championship match.
                                                                                          Brazeau, Ocala, Fla., 3-2; Kossert def. John Pepper, Albuquerque, 3-2; Lickliter def.
                                              “I didn’t bowl as well as I would have      Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3-1; Williams def. Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3-0; Parks def.
                                            liked in qualifying but in match play the     Roy Buckley, New Albany, Ohio, 3-0
                                            condition seemed to be a bit tighter which    Round of 24 (losers earn $1,150 each)
                                            was a better match up for the ball I was      Patchen def. Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 3-1; Chapman def. Gary Shultis, Levittown,
                                            using and where I was playing on the lane,”   N.Y., 3-1; Berke def. Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 3-1; Brazeau def. Steve Neff,
                                            Williams added.                               Homosassa Springs, Fla., 3-0; Kossert def. Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 3-0; Lickliter def.
                                              After a three-week break, the Senior        Larry Popp, Marion, Ohio, 3-0; Williams Jr. def. George Lord, Lakeland, Fla., 3-0; Buckley
                                            Tour will resume with the PBA Senior          def. Dave Flemming, Fairborn, Ohio, 3-1
                                            Northern California Open in Brentwood         Round of 32 (losers earn $1,050 each)
           Walter Ray Williams Jr.                                                        Ferraro def. George Pappas, Charlotte, N.C., 3-0; Shultis def. Bill McCorkle, Westerville,
                                            May 30-June 2 followed by the PBA
                                                                                          Ohio, 3-0; Harvey def. Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 3-0; Neff def. Gale Voshell,
Williams Jr. of Ocala, Florida, picked up Senior U.S. Open and USBC Senior Masters
                                                                                          Dover, Del., 3-0; Kossert def. Bill Spigner, Vernon Hills, Ill., 3-0; Popp def. Guppy Troup,
where he left off at the conclusion of the in Las Vegas.                                  Taylorsville, S.C., 3-2; Lord def. Dennis Lane, Kingsport, Tenn., 3-2; Buckley def. Fred
2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour           “I’ll bowl in Brentwood and the Senior      Kaczmarczyk, Martinez, Calif., 3-1
season in April by winning the Senior Masters for sure,” said the 50-year-old             Other cashers ($900 each)
Miller High Life Classic at George Pappas Williams, “Because of my schedule it            Norm Ginsberg, Kissimmee, Fla., 3,581; Gary Morgan, Marietta, Ga., 3,578; Jay Boyle, Garnet
Victory Lanes.                              doesn’t look I’ll make the Senior U.S.        Valley, Pa., 3,570; Jeff Bellinger, Columbia, S.C., 3,564; Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore.,
  Making his PBA Senior Tour debut, Open and I’ll just have to see how things             3,559; Mark McNutt, Alpharetta, Ga., 3,557; Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 3,549; (TIE) Harley
                                                                                          Trumbull, New Boston, Mich. and Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 3,543; Dale Eagle, Tavares,
Williams, the PBA Tour’s all-time leader in work out during the rest of the summer.”
                                                                                          Fla., 3,542; (TIE) Karl Wolf, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo.,
career titles with 47, notched his first      Bob Kelly of Dayton, Ohio, rolled three     3,532; Ron Profitt, Brookville, Ohio, 3,531; Timothy Bates, Orlando, Fla., 3,530; Pete Bryan, Laurel,
Senior Tour win by defeating Keith Sharp 300 games in the tournament which tied           Del., 3,522; Vince Honeycutt, Buford, Ga., 3,521; Tom Howard, Rushville, Ind., 3,493; Darryl
of Orlando, Florida, 267-245 in the the record for most 300 games by an                   Bower, Middletown, Pa., 3,484; Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 3,467; Charlie Tomey,
championship match.                         individual in a tournament with reigning      Spartanburg, S.C., 3,465
  “It’s a little more relaxed out here than PBA Senior Player of the Year Ron Mohr        Super Seniors ($700 each)
                                                                                          Fred Ferreira, Kings Park, N.Y., 3,455; Charles Fitzgerald, Statesville, N.C., 3,450; John Petraglia,
the regular tour but that doesn’t mean who set the mark in last week’s Senior
                                                                                          Jackson, N.J., 3,447; John Shreve Sr., Elyria, Ohio, 3,434; Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, 3,432;
these guys aren’t competitive,” said Columbus Open. Kelly now has four 300s               Bob Andersen, Forest City, N.C., 3,381; Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 3,377; Gary Hiday,
Williams, who now owns a record seven for the season which also ties that record.         Indianapolis, 3,373; Ron Woods, Hudson, Fla., 3,359
  4                                                                                STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

                                                                         PEZZANO                                                                                                                           HAVE
                                                                   Chuck Pezzano is the dean of bowling writers. His columns have appeared in newspapers and magazines nationally for over 50 years. He
                                                                   is a charter member of the Professional Bowlers Association, and is enshrined in both the PBA and USBC Halls of Fame.

     Volume 20 • Number 6 JUNE 2010
                                                              Kulick Never Gives Up on Her Dream
                                                                      ever ives
                                                                     Nev Giv Up        Her Dr
                                                       Kelly Kulick of Union continues her roll                           She also won a title in Malaysia.
$2.00 per issue or $20.00 per year by subscription

                                                     to the greatest single year by a woman in
                                                     almost a century of organized competition,
                                                                                                                            The women's tour has been sidelined
                                                                                                                          because of financial difficulties.
                                                     and consideration for the best year a                                  Kulick never gave up her dream of

                                                     woman has accomplished in any sport.                                 bowling for a living, working at her family's
                                                       Kulick bested a field of 100 of the                                auto repair business between the events
                                                     world's outstanding female bowlers in                                that take her around the world.
                                                     winning the 2010 U.S. Open at the                                      She never skipped her routine of
                            Walter Ray Wins
                                                     International Training and Research
                                                     Center in Arlington, Texas.
                                                                                                                          physical fitness and a practice ethic that
                                                                                                                          kept her ready for three or 30 games at a
                                                       The stern test called for 48 games of                              moment's notice.
                            PBA Senior Title
                                                     qualifying and match play to determine the                             She earned a spot on the men's exempt
                                                     five survivors for the ESPN telecast.                                tour and though she didn't do great, the
                                                       Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, bowler of the                               experience made her an astute student of
                                                     decade and a native of Linden, beat Lynda                            the game with the ability and guts to make
 5                                                   Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, in the
                                                     opening round then defeated international
                                                                                                                          major changes when needed.
                                                                                                                            She is believed to be the only female
John Jowdy Elected                                   star Clara Guerrero of Columbia to earn                              athlete to defeat the best men in her sport
 to Coaches Hall of
                                                     the right to meet Kulick.
                                                       In the battle of the Jersey girls, Kulick
                                                                                                                          in a regularly scheduled major tournament.
                                                                                                                            Still, the women still have to battle for                                       Radio
                                                     won handily, 201 to 176, to move into the                            recognition, and opportunities. The 2011
                                                     championship game against Buffalo's Liz
                                                     Johnson, winner of two previous Opens.
                                                                                                                          Open will not be conducted because of
                                                                                                                          reorganization problems of the sponsoring                                        Is ON
                                            9        Kulick left no doubt as to the outcome
                                                     when she rolled six strikes in a row starting
                                                                                                                          United States Bowling Congress.
                                                                                                                            It was a stroke of good fortune that
                                                     in the fourth frame, for a 233 to 203 win                            somehow inspired the PBA to come up
                                                                                                                                                                                                            24 Hours a day, 7 days
                             Kulick Wins U.S.
                             Women’s Open            and her second Open title.                                           with the Women's World Championship                                              a week, 365 days a year,
                                                       This came just two weeks after her                                 last fall with a special perk being an invite                                   Phantom Radio brings you
                                                     United States Bowling Congress Queens                                to the Tournament of Champions. Nobody
                                                     triumph in El Paso. And that came after a                            dreamed Kulick would win it all.                                                 the best bowling interviews
                                                     history making win in the PBA                                          But she keeps motivated and is making                                                   on the air
                                                     Tournament of Champions when she                                     a good living at what she loves while
                                                     became the first woman to win the                                    carving a spot in sports history.                                                 Phantom Radio is on your
                                                     previously all-male event. Kulick has won                              The year is only half over, so Kulick has                                           computer NOW.
                                      12             three of the most prestigious events in the
                                                     sport this season, topping more than 300
                                                                                                                          time to do more. And remember, just into
                                                                                                                          her 30s, she is at the prime age of her
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It’s easy! - just log onto
                                                     of the world's best — female and male.                               bowling career.                                                                 or click on the scary icon or link on dozens
                           Bardol, Boisselle                                                                                                                                                                    of bowling websites, including
                             Claim Singles                                                                                                                                                       and
                         Intercollegiate Titles                                                                                                                                                         
                                                       There are many ways to lose bowling                                   • Always keep score.                                                           Many classic shows are in the
                                                     friends and teammates, or at least, annoy                                                                                                            Phantom archives and special CD’s
                                                     them greatly. Here’s a few:                                             • Never keep score.                                                             are available for purchase.
                                                       • Use a person’s personal ball or stick • Don’t bother to learn how to keep                                                                        2009 is Phantom’s 8th year!
Plus . . .                                           your fingers in it without asking permis- score.                                                                                           
                                                     sion first.
                                                                                                   • Whenever you roll badly tell everyone                                                                   UPCOMING                GUESTS
 2    Bowl O Pinion
                                                       • Spill your drink on their bowling shoes. how good you used to be.
 4    Chuck Pezzano                                                                                                                                                                                                      June
 5    Coches Hall of Fame inductees                                                                                                                                                                              2 - Randy Stoughton
                                                       • Shake hands with them after eating • Use the bowling center as your mar-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  9- Jackie Wyckoff
 8    Dorin-Ballard & Kulick interview               chocolate or potato chips or after you run ket place to sell raffle tickets, cookies,
 9    U.S. Women’s Open Results                                                                 candy, and everything else.                                                                                     16 - Barbara Chrisman
                                                     your fingers through your hair.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  23 - Jack Edelaar
10    PBA Results
                                                       • Always tell them how good the per- • Rush to the line without ever taking a                                                                              30 - Larry Lichstein
11    TCBA National Results
                                                     son whose place on the team they took look to see if anyone is ready to bowl on                                                                                      JULY
12    Intercollegiate Singles Results                                                       either side.                                                                                                            7 - Jim Dressel
13    Pro Shop/Services                                                                                                                                                                                           14 - Corey Kistner
14    The Funny Page                                   • Yell at them.                                                      • Be the last one to arrive and the first                                            21- Randy Stoughton
                                                                                                                          one to leave, so much so that you don’t                                                 28 - Jack Edelaar
15    Calendar of Events
                                                       • Give them the silent treatment.                                  know how your team stands before the
15    Jeanette Robinson Column                                                                                            night starts, and you’re gone before the
                                                       • Never go to a league meeting.                                    night’s results are known.
      photos courtesy of PBA, & USBC
                                                       • Go to every league meeting and ques- • Never be ready when it is your turn to
                   charter                           tion everything that comes up.           bowl.
                                                       • Never read the rule book.                                          • Tell everyone, every time, that it is their
                                                                                                                          turn to bowl.
                                                       • Memorize every rule and make sure
                                                     everyone knows that you know every                                      • Make excuses for every shot.
                                                     word of the book.
                                                                                                                             • Never have a reasonable excuse.
                                                       • Tell the proud owner of a new, very
                                                     expensive bowling ball that you could                                   • Cry about everything.
                                                     have got it for them wholesale.
           WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS                                                                                             • Never cry.
                                                                        STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                                                           5

         JOHN JOWDY ELECTED NEWEST                                                                                     TAT Adds Handicap Division
         MEMBER OF BOWLING COACHES                                                                                    New to this year’s TAT Amateur
                                                                                                                   Classic is our 189 & Under Handicap
                                                                                                                                                            qualify for just $10 or buy directly
                                                                                                                                                            into it for $160 and you get another
                                                                                                                   Division. Due to multiple requests       Brunswick ball and a Double Tote
                HALL OF FAME                                                                                       from bowlers, the world famous TAT
                                                                                                                   tournament is opening up its doors
                                                                                                                                                            Bag. The Brunswick Challenge is no
                                                                                                                                                            tap with a 1 in 6 cash ratio where
  Joe Kristof and Jeanette Robinson Make Trailblazers List                                                         to 189 & under bowlers by creating
                                                                                                                   a NEW handicap division. This new
                                                                                                                                                            bowlers need a 9 or strike to advance
                                                                                                                                                            to our Top 4 and will then roll of for
                                                                                                                   division will have the same              $5,000, while 2nd – 4th Place receive
  ARLINGTON, Texas – Longtime to be a sought-after instructor for inducted to the USBC Hall of Fame                opportunities as other divisions to      $1,000 each. All TAT bowlers receive
bowling coach, writer and industry both pros and amateurs alike. on March 15, 2001 and in 2006, he                 cash in all 5 events and bowlers are     one qualifying entry free into this
advocate John Jowdy has been Jowdy has been a Columbia 300 was chosen as the International                         guaranteed $500 just for making the      tournament and can re-enter for $10.
selected as the 2010                                representative in sales Bowling Coach of the Year.             first round of our TAT Finals while         There will also be two separate free
                                                                                                                   Daily Leaders are guaranteed $750!       Chance tournaments each paying
inductee into the                                   and public relations        Prior to Mr. Jowdy’s induction,
                                                                                                                      This division can still receive the   out $6,000 in 44 Cash and Prizes. We
Bowling Coaches                                     since 1962 and is two Trailblazers, also selected by           same packages as scratch TAT             have also set up cash spots in the
Hall of Fame in                                     credited with the the Hall of Fame committee, will be          bowlers and still receive up to 2 free   Chance Tournaments exclusively for
recognition of his                                  development of Team recognized as coaching visionaries         Brunswick balls with their first entry   handicap bowlers and chance
superior coaching                                   Columbia          which who laid the foundation for all who    or 3 balls with a Marathon entry. This   squads come free with every entry.
contributions to the                                became the first group followed. The list includes:            event will run simultaneously with       There will be 7 drawings for non-
sport. The Bowling                                  of top pro players to       Joe Kristof - A top bowler and     the TAT Amateur Classic, only            cashers in each Chance tournament
Coaches Hall of                                     represent a ball instructor in the northeast, he               scratch bowlers will not compete         and Handicap bowlers will receive
Fame committee,                                     company on the pro conducted hundreds of clinics as            against handicap bowlers in              handicap in the TAT Chance Events.
comprised          of                               tour. Subsequently, all an AMF staff member. An                qualifying, side pots, brackets, or in   A single entry is only $295 which
chairman Jim Sturm,                                 major ball companies innovator in the pro shop business,       the finals. One Handicap bowler is       includes 2 new Brunswick balls, 1
                               John Jowdy                                                                          guaranteed to be in the TAT Top 5        Qualifying squad, up to 2 Chance
BPAA president,                                     have created their own Kristof had a stub lane with a full
                                                                                                                   with a shot at $20,000. This division    squads and $50 to $100 in Orleans
Dave Garber - USBC co-director of teams.                                                     approach in his       will feature the same format as the      Match Play.
coaching; Susie Minshew –                As a writer, Jowdy’s                                Columbus, Ohio pro    normal TAT with 1 in 10 bowlers             The Orleans gave us great rates
IBPSIA past-president; Bob Rea – columns appear in                                           shop where he gave    making our cut and are guaranteed a      for TAT Bowlers to stay at The
bowling coach/consultant (Bob Rea dozens of bowling                                          thousands        of   minimum of $500 earning more             Orleans and bowlers will receive
& Associates); Kelly Bednar – newspapers                  and                                lessons. He made      money by advancing in the finals.        benefits for doing so including an
director, STE Skills Center; and magazines and he is                                         his name in Chicago   Also, 1 out of every 8 handicap          extra Chance squad and first option
bowling writers Dick Evans and Jim the author of two                                         as a member of the    bowlers is guaranteed to cash in         to buy into the Brunswick Challenge.
Goodwin reviewed nearly a dozen books on the sport,                                          Kathryns        and   every cut for a minimum of $100.         The Orleans weekday rates
nominations and supporting Bowling Execution and                                             Taverns Pales teams      With their first entry, handicap      (Tuesday thru Thursday) are $32,
documents before selecting Jowdy Bowling Execution,                                          that won the BPAA     bowlers will receive at least 1 new      while their weekend rates are only
                                                                     Jeanette Robinson                             Brunswick High Performance               $75, and Sunday July 4th is just $32
on the first ballot. The formal Second Edition.                                              team championships
                                                                                                                   bowling ball, a qualifying entry into    for TAT bowlers! Be sure to book
induction will take                                    Jowdy was elected to in 1947, 48 and 49.                    the $30,000 Brunswick Challenge, up      early. For online reservations use
place         Monday                                the PBA Hall of Fame        Jeanette Robinson – During her     to 4 free Chance Tournament              reservation code: OTATC06 or call
morning, June 28, 2010                              in 1988, principally career she served the sport and           squads, free casino cash, and much       1-800-675-3267.
during International                                due to his coaching business of bowling as a leader,           more! The first 300 bowlers to enter        For more information about our
Bowl Expo’s General                                 contributions and organizer, promoter and coach and            the TAT will receive a second            tournament or to download our
Session at the Las                                  undying support for was an early member of the AMF             Brunswick ball free of charge just for   brochure           online        visit
Vegas Hilton.                                       professional bowling. staff and is a past president of the     signing up early while Marathon
  Mr. Jowdy began his                               He is the only coach WPBA (1965-1975). Robinson has            entrants can receive up to 3             If you wish to receive a brochure by
coaching        career                              ever elected to the PBA coached Team USA to gold in            Brunswick balls for their first entry    mail or if you have any questions
instructing         and                             Hall of Fame. He is also Sweden FIQ; was president of the      into the tournament. You can earn        please don’t hesitate to call us toll
                                Joe Kristof                                                                        free double tote bags, triple ball       free at 1-888-828-2695 or e-mail us at
training youth bowlers                              a member of the Texas women’s tour for ten years; and has
                                                                                                                   rollers, and another Brunswick ball Hope to see
in San Antonio in the 1940’s and 50’s, Bowling Hall of Fame, the San been the “House Pro” at Showboat              for re-entering or bringing some         you all at the 2010 TAT Amateur
and since the late 60’s has coached Antonio Bowling Hall of Fame, and Lanes and Orleans Bowling Center             friends to compete in Vegas.             Classic where this year, TWO
over 100 professional men and the Bowling Writers Association of in Las Vegas for over 30 years where                 Handicap Bowlers may enter The        Amateur Champions will be
women bowlers. Today he continues America Hall of Fame. He was she still teaches.                                  Brunswick Challenge where you can        crowned!

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  8                                                                        STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

      A Conversation with Carolyn and Kelly
 Two of bowling’s best share their thoughts on current events in bowling and their daily work in the industry. During the PBA Women’s U.S. Open in
Arlington May 12th Jim Goodwin had a chance to sit down with two bowling legends during the TV taping. Here is what they had to say:

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard                             derstand what goes into the process. It’s         who have become physically sick over            Yes, I ended up winning the Malatsian
                                                  like most people don’t know what it takes         things that have happened. That is what I     Open, and I’m going to Japan at the end
Let’s talk about the PBA Women’s Se-              to be a bowler at the highest level. It is the    want people to understand. They are pas-      of May. It is the beginning of the Japan
ries. The first year, you dominated, and          same thing. One thing I talk about when I         sionate about it. I’ve sat there and made     Women’s Tour, so I’m going for the open-
won $25,000. Now it is done differently,          travel around the world, to the high school       decisions that I know in my heart I would     ing ceremonies and I am bowling in their
and all indications are it will be cancelled      and future bowlers, we would like for them        never have made ten years ago.                first event.
                                                                     to get more involved in
                                                                     their local and state as-      Perhaps such a decision
                                                                     sociations. If they un-        was the one to have alco-
                                                                     derstood what happens          holic beverages in the
                                                                     on all levels, they would      Open Championship Tour-
                                                                     know that it takes money       naments? I couldn’t imag-
                                                                     to make money. Bowl-           ine people like you and
                                                                     ing has been in trouble        Lynda Barnes voting in
                                                                     for some time. They            favor, but I was told it was
                                                                     need to understand that        unanimous.
                                                                     this money problem is            It was unanimous. It was
                                                                     not something that just        a tough call, but I think
                                                                     happened in the past           people have to realize is that
                                                                     couple of years; it goes       only 1% of those tourna-
                                                                     back 10-12 years. But,         ment bowlers are high-aver-
                                                                     we       thought       the     age scratch players. So, we
                                                                     economy would turn             had to put on our non-pro
                                                                     around, and bowlers            bowler hat and think about
                                                                     would continue to bowl.        the 99% that write letters,
                                                                     But things changed.            ands some of those letter
                                                                     There are more sports          asked for this. But instead of
                                                                     and activities, more dol-      giving it a chance, the indus-
                                                                     lars that parents want to      try started bashing thee idea
                                                                     spend on other things for      that might generate some
                                                                     their kids. We need to         badly needed income. That
                                                                     figure out how to re-          happens too often in this in-
                                                                     capture their attention,       dustry. We bash ideas in-
                                                                     but the state of the in-       stead of seeing how some-
                                                                     dustry is a very complex       thing works and then evalu-
                                                                     situation. I wish bowlers      ating it after it is tried.
                   Carolyn Dorin-Ballard                             would take more time to                                                              Kelly Kulick
                                                                     learn more about the in-       Was simply raising the en-
since the USBC will not fund it next year.        ner-workings of it; then maybe they would         try fees discussed?
How has it evolved, and where do you              understand why things happen.                       There has always been that. But you go      Any major endorsements since the big
see it going in the future?                                                                         by the feedback from the delegates and oth-   victory?
  I think it is a great concept and a step in
                                          Its sounds pretty dire – are you at all                   ers, and you consider the economic crunch       Nope.
the right direction to give women the     optimistic?                                               we are in, and $100 is a lot of money for
chance to showcase their talents on TV.      Yes, I am optimistic, because I think we               some. Add to that increased hotel and air     None? Are you surprised?
But, by all means it is not a tour. I haveare now going in the right direction. Its just            fares, and it just didn’t seem like a good      Yes I am. I would have thought some-
been very honest about that from the be-  think it is at a slower pace than everybody               idea.                                         thing would come from it.
ginning; but it gave us a chance to get out
                                          wants. We are in a society that wants ev-
there and talk about women’s bowling, and erything right now; right now. And if they                So, $105 would have been too much?             Did you employ an agent?
we had hope it would grow. I’m sad to see don’t get it, they get angry. Well, that’s not               For me, $105 works, but for others. .         I did, but he’s proving to be not very
the industry the way it is right now. It  the way life in general works. You have to                .you know, it just depends. It depends on reliable, so I am seeking another one.
seems like the women are the first to get work at it, you have to wait, you have to                 the situation.
cut, or we always play back seat. I think if
                                          get it going in the right direction, and you                                                               Give us your thoughts on the PBA
we were to just attempt to grow all levelshave to build it one step at a time. That is              Is the “Classic Division” idea being dis- Women’s Series.
of the sport then professional bowling will
                                          really what we are doing now – re-building                cussed?                                          Obviously it was great to have women’s
eventually evolve. So, hopefully in the next
                                          what we had for so long, but it was bro-                     I’m a classic bowler, so I want a Classic bowling back on TV. They started with
couple of years, we can get the PBA on    ken. This training facility is a prime example            Division. So do all the 200 average bowlers. fur events and increased to seven, so it
Track, and there will be a women’s tour   of what we are doing for all bowlers; not                 But once again, we are only 1% - not that I seemed to be moving in a positive direc-
that will share the lanes with the men. I’ve
                                          just high averages, but all bowlers. If they              think we should be penalized for that, but tion, but now, we hear things don’t look
always thought that the men and women     come here and learn to bowl better, and                   who makes the tournament truly work – good for next year. I hope it will continue,
pros under the same roof was the way it   join a league – that is what we want. We                  it’s the 99%. So, I don’t know yet how to and that there will still be something for
needs to be, and hopefully, we’ll see that.
                                          want people to understand this sport and                  make the numbers work, but I think there ladies to bowl and compete in. I just don’t
                                          love it as much as we do. You’ve know me                  eventually has to be a classic division. We’ll know where it is going for sure.
Do you really think this can happen in for a long time; and you know I’m going                      see what happens.
only two years?                           to go down fighting. We just have to be a                                                                What would you like to see?
  We can hope, but probably three to five little patient, and accept that we are not                                                                 More events for women. Open the fields
is more realistic.                        going to make everybody happy.                            Kelly Kulick                                   so more women can compete. If they
                                                                                                                                                   come out to bowl in a women’s series
Now that you are involved in the inner            It sounds like you have learned how               Tell us what has been happening since event, they are more likely to bowl in the
workings of the industry as a USBC                tough decisions are made?                         your big victory At the Tournament of big events like the US Open and Queens,
board member, how do you explain to                 Yes – tough decisions are being made,           Champions.                                     or maybe even something that develops
the women that maybe the money is just            and I want people to know, and I want to             Sure. I’ve been really busy. People have down the road.
not there right now?                              stress this. I want people, bowlers, the in-      requested me to speak and make appear-
  One thing I have learned very quickly in        dustry to understand that the people I have       ances, and I just completed the last one on Would you like to see a new Women’s
the past three years is that it is very easy to   worked with on the USBC board and oth-            the original list this week. Now, I’ve got Tour even if some or most of the events
just stand back and tell people that they are     ers take this very seriously. Nobody says         some big events coming up, and my sched- are non-televised?
doing a bad job, or that they are making          “it’s no big deal.” At times, it is gut-wrench-   ule is full until early August.                  Absolutely; I’ve made my living this way
the wrong decisions; but until you have           ing. People have cried. There have been                                                          for the last ten years, and I would like to
walked in their shoes, you really don’t un-       screaming matches, there have been people         You also went to Malaysia?                     continue doing it.
                                                                                STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                                                                    9

  Kelly Kulick’s Four Consecutive                                                                          Kulick Takes Another Major Title,
     Major Titles Ranks Among                                                                                  Wins U.S. Women’s Open
  Greatest Feats in Bowling History                                                    ARLINGTON, Texas - The dream season                                     pull away from Johnson, who bowled a clean
                                                                                     continued to be a reality for Kelly Kulick as                             game but only managed one double.
      New Jersey native continues to re-write women’s bowling                        she won her second major women's title in 15                                "I felt good and got lined up in practice, but
                 history with U.S. Women’s Open victory                              days, claiming the U.S. Women's Open, a                                   the first couple shots didn't come off my hand
by Bill Vint                                                                         United States Bowling Congress event.                                     well," said Johnson, who won the U.S.
 In a span of less than nine months, capped For Kulick, the culmination was the 2010   Kulick, of Union, N.J., defeated Liz Johnson                            Women's Open in 1996 and 2007. "After that, I
by her victory in the United States Bowling         PBA Tournament of Champions. As winner of                                                                                        was pretty close, but the
Congress’ U.S. Women’s Open, Kelly Kulick           the inaugural PBA Women’s World                                                                                                  pins just didn't fall for
of Union, N.J., has put together the most           Championship, she earned the right to become                                                                                     me. Kelly just bowled
amazing string of titles in women’s professional    the only woman to ever bowl in the TOC and                                                                                       great."
bowling history.                                    she stunned the sports world by topped a field                                                                                      As the player who
   By defeating top qualifier Liz Johnson, 233-     of 63 male PBA champions to win one of the                                                                                       hooks the ball the most
203, to win the U.S. Women’s Open in                PBA’s most prestigious titles. Kulick confided                                                                                   among        the      five
Arlington, Texas, Kulick became the first           afterward that she always believed she could                                                                                     television finalists,
woman to win two of the sport’s most                be the first woman to win a PBA title – but she                                                                                  Kulick said that turned
prestigious titles in the same year – and the       never imagined it would be THAT title.                                                                                           out to be an advantage.
only player in professional bowling history to         The TOC victory also meant Kulick has                                                                                         Kulick was able to stay
win four consecutive major championships.           earned a two-year exemption to return to full-                                                                                   left of the rest of the
   Fifteen days earlier, she defeated Tennelle      time competition as the only woman bowling                                                                                       players and throw the
Milligan, 232-188, to win her second USBC           on the PBA Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour,
                                                                                                                                                                                     ball into the part of the
Queens title in El Paso, Texas. On Sept. 5, 2009,   beginning with the PBA World Series of
                                                                                                                                                                                     lane where the oil
Kulick won the inaugural PBA Women’s World          Bowling this fall.
                                                       If anyone thought Kulick’s Tournament of
                                                                                                                                                                                     pattern had broken
Championship in Allen Park, Mich., and on
Jan. 24, she claimed her biggest title of all,      Champions victory was a fluke, she has                                                                                           down.
defeating 63 Professional Bowlers Association       dispelled any doubts with her ongoing string                                                                                        "The way the lanes
male champions to win the PBA Tournament            of successes.                                                                                                                    broke down was an
of Champions for the first PBA Tour title ever         “It all started at the Queens last year when I                                                                                advantage for me
won by a woman.                                     finished second to Liz,” Kulick said. “Since                                                                                     tonight," Kulick said.
   Winning three consecutive women’s major          then, it’s been one big snowball rolling down                                                                                    "Knocking out the 10 pin
titles plus the PBA Tournament of Champions         the hill and getting bigger and bigger. It has                                                                                   was challenging. I
in less than a year is a “grand slam” of major      been magical.                                                                                                                    waited for the lane to
championships that will probably never be              “I can’t believe I now have eight titles – and                                                                                come to me, and when
equaled. The only comparable feat in PBA            six of them are majors. I’m not sure why. I think                                                                                that happened, it allowed
history is Norm Duke’s string of three              the longer formats suit me,” she continued.                                                                                      me to strike."
consecutive major titles (Denny’s PBA World         “But believe it or not, I think I’ve still got room                                                                                 In the semifinal, Kulick
Championship, U.S. Open and PBA World               to improve. I want to learn more about                                                                                           beat Carolyn Dorin-
Championship) over an eight-month span in           equipment and lane play. I’m going to continue                                                                                   Ballard of Keller, Texas,
2009.                                               to bowling at least four days a week to work                                                                                     201-176. Dorin-Ballard
   In the annals of women’s professional            on improving my repetition.”                                                                                                     only managed two
bowling, signature seasons included 1988               Kulick isn’t sitting around, admiring her new
                                                                                                                                                                                     strikes in the match and
when Lisa Wagner won five titles and became         collection of trophies. She is taking nothing
                                                                                                                                                                                     suffered through a
the first woman bowler to earn $100,000 in a        for granted as she awaits her second season
                                                    as the only full-time “exempt” woman on the
                                                                                                                                                                                     stretch       of      five
single season; 1997 when Wendy Macpherson
won four titles and set the all-time women’s        Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour. Kulick                                                                                              consecutive nine counts
earnings record of $165,425, and 2001 when          remembers her first excursion as a full-time                                                                                     in frames two through
                                                                                                                                        Kelly Kulick                                 six. Kulick, meanwhile,
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard won a record seven            PBA Tour player bowling against the guys
PWBA titles. But no woman has come close            during the 2006-07 season. A best finish of           of Cheektowaga, N.Y., 233-203, in the first live     threw a pair of doubles in the match and just
to Kulick’s streak.                                 22nd place would have been forgettable for            event televised from the new International           needed a mark in the final frame to shut out
   In addition to the majors, Kulick also won       most people, but for Kulick, it was a year-long       Training and Research Center. Kulick also won        the USBC Hall of Famer.
the 2009 PBA Women’s Shark Championship             lesson in what she needed to do to become a           the event in 2003 and became the 11th player           Dorin-Ballard knocked off Colombian
in Allen Park over Labor Day weekend. In her        better player.                                        to win the event more than once.                     native Clara Guerrero of Pflugerville, Texas,
last five consecutive television appearances           When she returns to the Lumber Liquidators           Just two weeks after winning the USBC              216-192, to advance to the semifinal. Dorin-
– against men as well as women – Kulick has a       PBA Tour as an exempt player next fall, she           Queens in El Paso, Texas, Kulick took a 32-pin       Ballard threw four consecutive strikes from
10-0 record in head-to-head matches, and she        plans to be as ready as she can be.                   lead after seven frames against Johnson and          frames three through six, and Guerrero left a
has earned $110,000 in those five events alone.        Personal success is one thing, but it isn’t        rolled to the title. In January, Kulick made         pocket 7-10 split in the sixth frame to fall
   None of the above includes a mid-summer          the only thing Kelly Kulick thinks about. In          sports history when she became the first             behind by 24 pins, a deficit from which she
side trip to Asia where she won the Malaysian       the wake of her historic Tournament of                woman to earn a title on the Professional            would never recover.
Open, or earnings in six other PBA Women’s          Champions victory, Kulick made a series of            Bowlers Association Tour, winning the                  In the opening match, Dorin-Ballard
Series events last season.                          national television appearances, received a           Tournament of Champions.                             advanced with an overtime victory against
   Kulick’s most recent accomplishments             page of coverage in Sports Illustrated and an
                                                                                                            "This has just been a magical run for me,"         Lynda Barnes of Double Oak, Texas. Barnes
aren’t the first time she has made gender-          unprecedented endorsement from nationally-
                                                                                                          said Kulick, who also won the PBA Women's            struck on her final shot in regulation to tie
busting history. In 2006, she finished sixth in     acclaimed sports writer Rick Reilly in ESPN
                                                    the Magazine. She was even invited to visit
                                                                                                          World Championship and the PBA Women's               Dorin-Ballard at 207, but on the first extra
the PBA Tour Trials to become the first woman
in history to earn the right to bowl full-time on   the White House for a special tribute to              Series Shark Championship in September.              shot Dorin-Ballard struck and Barnes left a 4
male-dominated national tour. She also won a        America’s women pioneers.                             "This is it. This is what I've always dreamed        pin to be eliminated.
PBA East Region title that year, joining Liz           All of the newfound success could have             about. I'm so humbled right now."                      The U.S. Women's Open featured a field of
Johnson as the second woman to win a PBA            gone to Kulick’s head, but while she                    Kulick, who earned $20,000 for the victory,        100 of the top female bowlers in the world
regional title.                                     appreciates the attention, Kulick understands         struck six times starting in the fourth frame to     competing for a total prize fund of $117,100.
   Ironically, Kulick never set out to prove        she represents a unique opportunity for                                                2010 U.S. Women's Open
women can compete with men in bowling. That         women in bowling. She has initiated a strict                        International Training and Research Center, Arlington, Texas
reality came about out of necessity. After four     physical conditioning regimen to improve her
                                                                                                          CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
years as a Collegiate All-American at Morehead      strength and endurance. She is accepting              Match 1
(Ky.) State University, and three years gaining     every media opportunity she can manage, but           Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Keller, Texas, def. Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 207-207 (10-9). (Barnes
international experience as a member of Team        it isn’t just about selling herself.                  finishes fifth, earns $6,500)
USA, Kulick decided it was time to test her            “I just hope what I’ve been able to do will        Match 2
skills on the Professional Women’s Bowling          draw some attention to women’s bowling,”              Dorin-Ballard def. Clara Guerrero, Pflugerville, Texas, 216-192. (Guerrero finishes fourth, earns $8,000)
                                                                                                          Match 3
Association where she earned Rookie of the          Kulick said. “If I can help make that happen,
                                                                                                          Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., def. Dorin-Ballard, 201-176 (Dorin-Ballard finishes third, earns $10,000)
Year honors in 2001.                                that’s what is important to me.”                      Match 4
   She was competitive on the women’s pro              While she awaits the arrival of the PBA Tour       Kulick def. Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 233-203. (Johnson finishes second, earns $13,000; Kulick
tour, but it took two years before she broke        in the fall, Kulick’s calendar is filling rapidly.    finishes first, earns $20,000)
through and won her first title – the 2003          She is planning to attend a series of summer          Other Cashers
                                                                                                          Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, TX, 11-13-0, 10480, $8,000; Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Keller, TX, 19-5-0,
Women’s U.S. Open. The elation of that victory      trade shows, including International Bowl
                                                                                                          10452, $6,500; Carol Gianotti, Australia, 15-8-1, 10395, $5,500; Shannon O’Keefe, Arlington, TX, 13-
faded quickly, however, because it was the last     Expo in Las Vegas, June 27-July 1, where she          11-0, 10370, $5,100; Amanda Beck, Plano, TX, 13-11-0, 10365, $4,700; Michelle Feldman, Auburn, NY,
event the PWBA ever conducted. The                  will spend some in the PBA exhibit as well as         15-9-0, 10306, $4,300; Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, TX, 12-12-0, 10246, $4,000; Cherie Tan, Singapore,
women’s tour ceased operations weeks later.         working for her bowling ball sponsor, Ebonite         14-10-0, 10234, $3,700; Jodi Woessner, Oregon, OH, 11-13-0, 10213, $3,400; Tennelle Milligan, Arlington,
   The only hope Kulick and other top-caliber       International. She’s making a late May trip to        TX, 10-14-0, 10206, $3,100; Leanne Hulsenberg, Roseville, CA, 13-11-0, 10154, $2,800; Anita Manns,
women bowlers had at that point was to bowl         Japan; teaching at a series of Dick Ritger            Austin, TX, 11-13-0, 10145, $2,500; Bryanna Caldwell, Tucson, AZ, 9-15-0, 10042, $2,300; April Ellis, N
                                                                                                          Richland Hls, TX, 9-15-0, 9988, $2,100; Tammy Boomershine, North Ogden, UT, 8-15-1, 9939, $1,900;
wherever they could find opportunities. When        Bowling Camps, and conducting a clinic at             Jennifer Petrick, Canton, OH, 11-13-0, 9875, $1,700Kim Terrell-Kearney, Grand Prairie, TX, 10-14-0,
the PBA opened its membership to women in           Bowlero Lanes in suburban Tacoma, Wash.,              9853, $1,600Jazreel Tan, Singapore                            11-13-0, 9825, $1,500; Geraldine Ng,
2004, Kulick and a handful of her female friends    where she also will compete in a PBA                  Singapore, 11-13-0, 9727, $1,400; Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO, 7-17-0, 9651, $1,300; Megan
stepped up to the PBA challenge.                    Northwest Region tournament, June 4-6.                Kelly, Kettering, OH, 9-15-0, 9505 $1,200; Jenny Brown, Deland, Fla., $1,000
 10                                                                        STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

            George Lambert IV Wins                                                                         Wisconsin student awarded USBC
             PBA Steve Nagy Award                                                                              Annual Zeb Scholarship
      Former Wichita State collegian is first international player                                    Joe Phillips of Fond du Lac, Wis., has been representation from the U.S. Congress,
                to win PBA “sportsmanship” honor                                                    named the winner of the 2010 United States Wisconsin state legislature, county and city
                                                                                                    Bowling Congress Annual Zeb Scholarship. governments, as well as representatives from
  SEATTLE, Wash. – After finishing second the Nagy Award is really cool to me. It’s easy              The Zeb Scholarship is awarded to a the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign
in the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour Trials in to be a good sport when you’re winning, but            USBC Youth member                                                     Wars, and the Marine
Allen Park, Mich., last May, native Canadian when you’re not bowling well and are still able        who achieves academic                                                 Corps League.
George Lambert IV expressed                                     to be a good sport, that’s          success and gives back                                                  "Joe's capability to
his desire to become the first                                  important to me.                    to the community                                                      organize and effectively
bowler from his home country                                      “I was still able to be           through service. Started                                              communicate as well as
to win a PBA Tour title. He is                                  myself,” Lambert continued.         in 2005, the award is                                                 lead diverse elements
now the owner of one of the                                     “It’s a job, a competitive          named for Jim Zebehazy,                                               were the reason for the
PBA’s most prestigious                                          business, but you’ve got to         who served as executive                                               success of this most
honors, but it isn’t the one he                                 have fun. No matter what you        director of the Young                                                 needed and dignified
had in mind.                                                    do in life, you need to have        American        Bowling                                               ceremony," Marcus Oksa
  Lambert, a 10-time member of                                  fun.”                               Alliance from October                                                 of the Wisconsin
Team Canada and a former                                          The Hamilton, Ontario,            1996 through December                                                 American Legion said in
collegiate star with Wichita                                    native and his soon-to-be-          2004.                                                                 his recommendation
State University, has been                                      wife have just moved to               "I was extremely                                                    letter. "This is only one
selected by his fellow exempt                                   Justin, Texas.                      honored and excited                                                   example of the countless
tour players as winner of the                                     Others receiving votes in         when I heard the news,"                  Joe Phillips                 wonderful things Joe
Steve Nagy Sportsmanship              George Lambert IV         the Nagy Sportsmanship              Phillips said. "I'm certain there were many does in the community on a regular basis."
Award. He is the first international player to Award balloting were Mike Edwards of Tulsa,          qualified applicants. I have always had fun        Through his church, Phillips has been on
win the award in its 44-year history.          Okla.; Jack Jurek of Lackawanna, N.Y.; Parker        learning new bowling skills and bowling in youth mission trips where he has assisted in
  “It was definitely a surprise. It’s not Bohn III of Jackson, N.J.; Nathan Bohr of                 my Saturday morning league for the past nine hurricane relief in Mississippi and painted
something you compete for,” Lambert said, Wichita, Kan., and Mike Scroggins of                      years."                                        homes on an Indian reservation in
“but to be voted the best sportsman on tour Amarillo, Texas.                                          Phillips attends St. Mary's Springs High Minnesota.
after the season I had means a lot. I think it   Established in 1966, the Steve Nagy                School and will be valedictorian of the 2010       "I know that throughout my future
speaks to the role everyone around me has Sportsmanship Award is named after the late               class that graduates in June. He has a 4.27 academic and career journeys I will continue
played in making me who I am today – my PBA Hall of Famer who was one of 33 founding                grade-point average based on a 4.0 scale. He to volunteer because there is a certain
fellow players, my family, my fiancé (Samantha members of the PBA. A colorful and talented          is a member of the National Honor Society gratifying feeling," Phillips said.
Swanson).                                      performer, Nagy made such an impact on his           and was named Most Outstanding Student in          Phillips will attend the University of
  “I didn’t bowl very well last season. It’s fellow pros that the award was established             the areas of Social Studies, Mathematics, Wisconsin-Eau Claire in the fall. He plans to
reflected in the stats – I was close to the shortly after his death. Hall of Famer Johnny           English, Theology, Vocal Music and Health. have a double-major in major in choral and
bottom in just about everything – but to win Guenther won the first “Nagy.”                           Phillips is an Eagle Scout and served as a general music education with an emphasis in
                                                                                                    mentor to younger Boy Scouts as part of the voice and piano.
                                                                                                    Senior Patrol Leader Program. For his Eagle        Phillips will receive a $2,500 scholarship
        Program Announcements and                                                                   Scout project, he collected more than 2,900 which will be formally presented at the USBC
                                                                                                    unserviceable flags and organized a formal Junior Gold Championships award
      Legislative Session Highlight 2010                                                            flag retirement ceremony that included presentation July 16 in Indianapolis.

             USBC Annual Meeting
  RENO, Nev. - Member delegates heard                Delegates approve eight proposals and             e e e e e e e e e eee
announcements about program changes,              reject 16.
voted on two dozen legislative proposals and         The most discussed item of the legislative
elected four members to the United States
Bowling Congress Board of Directors during
                                                  session by the 1,049 voting delegates related
                                                  to proposal B-7, which would have given the                Big News From the Summer
the 2010 USBC Annual Meeting.                     USBC Board of Directors authority to change
  Headlining announcements made during the
meeting was news of the creation of a new
                                                     The proposal required a two-thirds majority
                                                                                                                2010 Mini Eliminator
independent corporation to oversee and            for passage and was rejected. Overall,              The Summer 2010 Mini-Eliminator at The            Update 4: For the first time in the Mini’s 17
manage SMART (Scholarship Management              delegates approved eight amendments and           South Point in Las Vegas has been making          year history one of the divisions is going
and Accounting Reports for Tenpins) funds.        rejected 16.                                      big news over the past month. There have          handicap. The 210 and under division will now
The corporation will have its own board of           Two incumbents, two newcomers elected to       been several breaking news items you need         offer all bowlers handicap based on 90% of
directors comprised of bowling industry           USBC Board of Directors                           to know if you are planning to bowl the best      210. All special events including the Lane #1
leaders with financial backgrounds.                  Current USBC directors Carolyn Dorin-          megabuck event in Las Vegas. The $250,000         Shootout, the Early Bird Tournament, and the
  "This corporation was created to have a total   Ballard, Keller, Texas, and Michael Italia,       event begins June 30- and ends on July 4th        main event will feature separate qualifying and
focus on the care of SMART funds and              Warrington, Pa., joined newcomers Mark            with the winner going home with $20,000.          finals for the handicap division.
promote youth bowling scholarships," USBC         Martin, Waterford, Mich., and Deanna Rose,        Walk-in entries are welcomed.
President Jeff Boje‚ said. "This board will       Fairport, N.Y., in being elected to the USBC                                                          Update 5: Lane #1 has announced several
remain consistent with people eminently           Board of Directors by the delegates attending       Update 1: Lane #1 has signed on as the          300 game bonuses. Any bowler shooting a
qualified to manage those funds."                 the Annual Meeting. All were elected on the       official ball of the Mini-Eliminator. Everyone    300 game with a Lane #1 ball during the Mini
  USBC Executive Director Stu Upson detailed      first ballot with 956 ballots cast.               buying either a Marathon Entry or Mini Mara-      Eliminator will share in a $1,000 bonus pool.
several program changes designed to improve          Dorin-Ballard had 787 votes, Italia 623;       thon Entry will receive the ultra high perfor-    Anyone rolling a 300 game in the Lane #1
the overall financial strength of the             Martin 507; Rose 486; Bill Vint, East Troy,       mance ball “The Big Curve”. Also, bowlers         Shootout will receive $300. Anyone rolling a
organization.                                     Wisc., 413; Michael Carroll, Huntington,          entering 3 times will receive the Big Curve.      300 game with a Lane #1 ball in the final game
  "USBC must build reserves in order to           W.Va., 407; Dale Bohn, Collinsville, Ill., 205;                                                     of the tournament will win $10,000!
strengthen our position to invest in the sport    Steve Kaplan, Monroe, N.J., 158; Gary                Update 2: A new event has been added to
in the future," Upson said. "We need the          Anderson, Taylors, S.C., 119.                     the Mini-Eliminator Schedule. On Saturday,          Update 6: The Mini-Eliminator is running
membership to support our program changes            Baker named USBC president                     July 3rd the Lane #1 Shootout will take place     an on-line contest where everyone is a win-
this year, while USBC develops vastly new            Darlene Baker, Mahomet, Ill., was named        with a guaranteed $5,000 top prize and $12,000    ner. Over $5,000 in prizes will be given away
products and benefits for bowlers."               USBC president at the Annual Meeting. She         prize fund. All entrants will receive the brand   at No purchase is
  Some of the program changes Upson               is the first female president in the history of   new, yet to be released, Time Bomb with their     required so go now to the website and spin
discussed include:                                the organization. Baker will begin her term       entry. Making this deal even better is drilling   the wheel as the contest ends on June 14th.
  * USBC will offer a new credit card             Aug. 1. The remaining board officers will be      is included! Entry fees are as low as $150 and
partnership with Nationwide that gives card       announced following the June board meeting.       there is a maximum of 128 entries in the            For more information on The Summer 2010
users free USBC national membership and              USBC raises nearly $2 million for charity      Shootout.                                         Mini-Eliminator please visit our website
other bowling-related benefits.                      USBC once again generated significant                                                   or call the office at
  * USBC will put the U.S. Women's Open on        financial support for charity. USBC Bowl For         Update 3: There is a new Marathon Entry        1.877.900.MINI (6464). The Mini-Eliminator is
hiatus for 2011.                                  The Cure led to a more than $1.1 million          Package available. For only $595 a bowler re-     a 3-game scratch qualifying tournament with
  * U.S. Bowler magazine will be an electronic-   donation to Susan G. Komen For The Cure at        ceives 3 main event entries, 3 early bird en-     16 squads and an elimination (beat half-the-
only publication, while U.S. Youth Bowler will    the 2010 meeting. Contributions to Bowlers to     tries, the Big Curve Ball, 2-ball tote, $200 in   field) finals. Every prize in the tournament is
continue to be mailed to homes.                   Veterans Link from USBC were nearly $826,000,     match play coupons, and $50 off a Lane #1         guaranteed! All qualifying and finals are done
  * The 2011 USBC Intercollegiate Team            an increase of more than $100,000 from the        Shootout Entry. Total value of the package is     by squad and by divisions. There are 3 divi-
Championships will be broadcast exclusively       previous year.                                    $1,300 saving you over $700!                      sions; 49 & under scratch, 50 & over scratch,
on                                                                                                                                          and a new 210 & under handicap division.
                                                                            STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                                                             11

           DALLAS TEAM WINS TCBA                                                                                12-Year-Old Kamron Doyle
               NATIONAL TITLE                                                                                    is Youngest to Cash in a
by Deana Cheshier
                                                                                                                     PBA Tournament
   The Visionary Bowling Products/TCBA              Henderson and Christy Daniels.
                                                                                                                 Tennessee sixth-grader finishes 30th out of 94 players in Georgia
                                                                                                                  ennessee              finishes                players
National Playoff Tournament was held May              In the men’s division, Storm from Houston
                                                                                                                 regional tournament featuring                PBA’s
                                                                                                                 regional tournament featuring top pros from PBA’s South region
14 – 16 at Astro Bowl Sports Center in San          won the championship. This wasn’t the first
Antonio. Over 200 teams from nine states par-       TCBA national victory for the team. They           Twelve-year-old Kamron Doyle of                    Bowling Association where he has won
ticipated in the tournament.                        won the national title in both 2003 and 2006.    Brentwood, Tenn., finished 30th in the               several tournaments and also averages about
                                                                  The team also includes TCBA All    Professional Bowlers Assocation Canton (Ga.)         215. In addition to youth competition, he often
                                                                  Star tournament winners, Gerald    Open Regional tournament at Cherokee Lanes,
                                                                  West and Eric Traylor (who has     becoming the youngest bowler ever to cash
                                                                  won the singles event 3 times).    in a PBA event. He earned $400 which will be
                                                                    Storm led the semi-final round   deposited into a scholarship account.
                                                                  and won 7 of their 8 match play      Bowling as a non-PBA member, Doyle had a
                                                                  final games. They took the lead    2,797 13-game pinfall total (215.1 average)
                                                                  after game 3 and never looked      bowling against a 94-player field which
                                                                  back. Averaging 1110 scratch,      included some of the top regional and national
                                                                  they finished with a command-      tour professional players from the
                                                                  ing 669 pin lead. Team member      organization’s South region. The event was
                                                                  Charles Ackley bowled a 300 in     won by 2009-10 PBA Player of the Year Walter
                                                                  the position round game of the     Ray Williams Jr., a 47-time PBA Tour title
                                                                  finals. Members of the team in-    winner and member of the PBA Hall of Fame.
                                                                  clude Mike Heineman, Charles         Asked about his formula for success the
                                                                  Ackley, Mark Busscher, Cody        Brentwood Middle School sixth-grader said,
                                                                  West, Derek Johnson, Steven        “I just practice and bowl in a lot of tournaments.
  l to r:Christy Daniels, Alecia Henderson, Melody                Pike, Eric Traylor, and Gerald     There’s no secret-just go out there and do it.”
         Foster, Bev Richardson, Michelle Rogers                  West.                                Doyle is a youth bowling phenom who
    (sitting) Jennifer Hayes and Sammye Ragland                     Twelve perfect games were        already holds the all-time record as the
                                                                  bowled during the course of the    youngest bowler to roll a United States
   In the women’s division, The Bowling Shop tournament. They were bowled by Colby                   Bowling Congress-certified 800 series (he
from Dallas claimed the title. The team led the Pullen (Dallas), Ted Pritts (Dallas), Cormet         rolled games of 279, 278, and 245 for an 802
qualification and semi-final rounds, and was Fruge (New Orleans), John Harper (Houston),             three-game series at the age of 11 years, 2
close to untouchable in the match play finals. Luis Gregorich (Dallas), Mark Busscher                months, and 1 day) and is also the third-
Winning 6 of their 8 matches, they won with a (Houston), Kevin Love (East Texas), Marquis            youngest bowler to roll a 300 game in certified
comfortable 276 pin                                                                                  competition. In all, Doyle has two 800 series
lead. The members of                                                                                 (highest is 803) and two 300 games.
the team have bowled                                                                                   According to his mother Cathy, Kamron
competitively to-                                                                                    became interested in the sport when he
gether and against                                                                                   attended a friend’s bowling birthday party at
                                                                                                                                                          Kamron Doyle with Walter Ray Williams, Jr
each other for 10 – 20                                                                               the age of seven.
years and their mu-                                                                                    “After that he was hooked,” Cathy said.            competes in other adult tournaments where
tual respect and                                                                                     “Before we knew it he was bowling three days         he has a best finish of fourth.
knowledge of each                                                                                    a week and at this point I think he’s got about        Kamron is already thinking about his future
others games is what                                                                                 60 bowling balls.”                                   in the sport and seems to have his priorities in
they believe is their                                                                                  The Doyle’s live 10 minutes from Nashville         order.
greatest strength.                                                                                   in a region of the country that has recently           “When I’m ready for college I’d like to go to
“We also have strong                                                                                 been hard-hit by flooding but the family has         Wichita State or Webber State because they are
friendships that have                                                                                not been directly affected by the disaster.          two of the top bowling schools,” Kamron said.
been in place for all                                                                                  Bowling in his second PBA regional                 “After that I’d like to bowl on the PBA Tour.”
those years as well                                                                                  tournament, Kamron regularly competes in               He was featured in a Disney Channel Get’cha
which helps to so-                l to r: Mike Heineman, Cody West, Steven Pike,                     youth leagues and the Southern Scratch Junior        Head in the Game feature in the summer of 2009.
lidify the team, too,”               Gerald West, Charles Ackley, Mark Busscher
team           member                    (sitting) Derek Johnson and Eric Traylor
Michelle Rogers
added. When asked if any one member stood Kindle (Houston), Brack Morlock (Dallas),
                                                                                                        e e e e e e e e e eee
out as most valuable, Michelle said, “Every- Paul Smith (San Antonio), Jennifer Hayes (Dal-
one bowled very well the entire tournament las), and Charles Ackley (Houston).
and we had strong games every time. So we             Eleven in a row included Terry Badeaux, Sr.
didn’t have just one person who did really (New Orleans), Sam Flores (Corpus Christi),
well; everyone contributed every game and Dan Chapman (East Texas), Jerry O’Toole
we all thought that was pretty amazing.” The (Nation’s Capital), Jeff Sander (Corpus
team averaged 1050 scratch during the final Christi), Eric Traylor (Houston), Eric Yeager              The latest cartoon book by
round. Team member Jennifer Hayes rolled a (Houston), John Woessner (Mid-Cities), Cory                 Stars & Strikes cartoonist
300 in the first game of match play finals.         Ollison (Houston), Jessica Haslund (Hous-          Walt Steinsiek
   The win was very special to the team this ton) and Cyndy McKenrik (Northeast Texas).                is now available, and the author
year. On their shirts they wore the initials of a Men’s Final 8                                        is currently accepting orders by
former teammate, Vickie Rios, who had passed Storm Houston, Independent North, $4800                   phone and email.
away. A bracelet with her name on it was worn Splitsville, Dallas, $2400                               Individuals may obtain
by every member of the team, as well. Also, Lords of Grotto, Houston Gulfcoast, $1200
                                                    Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, $1100                  copies of
for teammates Michelle Rogers and Sammye Phantoms, Houston Independent North, $1050
Ragland, both members of the TCBA tourna- Fort Sam Defenders, San Antonio, $1000                       The Funniest
ment staff for 15 years, having the name of Naval Medical Center, Nations Capitol, $950                Approach!
the former TCBA President, Joe Cramer, em- Armadilla I - Exxtreme, Houston Gulfcoas, $900              for $8.95 each
                                                    Women’s Final 8
broidered on their district champion patches The Bowling Shop, Dallas, $3200
                                                                                                       (postage paid),
and having retired tournament staffers, Mary X-Treme , Houston Gulfcoast, $1600
                                                                                                       and discounts will be
Ellen Clemons and Cathy Dosser, cheering Ron Williams Pro Shop, Dallas,$800
                                                    Herb & Sons Tire , San Antonio, $600               available for organizations
them on meant a lot to them.
                                                    Astro Bowl, San Antonio,$550                       and for leagues that
   The Bowling Shop members are Melody Jupiter Lanes, Dallas, $525
                                                                                                       purchase 12 or more copies.
Foster, Sammye Ragland, Bev Richardson, AMF Alpha Lanes, Houston Independent, $500
                                                                                                       To email Steinsiek:
Jennifer Hayes, Michelle Rogers, Alecia The Bad Girls of Glen Burnie, Nations Capital, $485
                                                                                                       call 772-664-5564
                                                                                                       or send a check to:
Happiness is not an absence of problems;                                                               5337 Bison St., Micco FL
   but the ability to deal with them.
  12                                                                                STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

    BPAA Helps to Rev Up Funding for                                                                                    CHRISTOPHER BARDOL, and
International Bowling Museum and Hall of                                                                                   JENN BOISSELLE Claim
 Fame with Donation of Priceless “Strike                                                                                 Intercollegiate Singles Titles
   Bike” from Orange County Choppers                                                                               EULESS, Texas – Christopher Bardol of Webber International, 3-1, in the semifinals
  ARLINGTON, Texas - The Bowling we’re excited to add to the already great
                                                                                                                Robert Morris (Ill.) and Jenn Boisselle of before edging Macina, 3-2.
Proprietors’ Association of America, the festivities at this year’s International Bowl                          Central Florida each won five matches on            “I didn’t want anyone to have to go away
bowling industry’s premier trade organization, Expo and give one lucky bowling enthusiast a                     Tuesday to claim titles at the United States not happy,” Boisselle said of having to face
announced today that it is donating the “Strike chance to ride home from Vegas in style on                      Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Singles her teammate. “But it’s nice to go tell other
Bike” to the                                                                        the      ‘Strike            Championships held at AMF
International                                                                       Bike.’”                     Euless Lanes.
B o w l i n g                                                                                                      Bardol, a 2010 Junior Team
Museum and                                                                             Bids for the             USA member, was the No. 12
Hall of Fame.                                                                       “Strike Bike”               qualifier in the men’s field
  The one-of-                                                                       can be placed               while Boisselle, a two-time
a-kind bowling-                                                                     at the “Salute to           Junior Team USA member, was
themed bike                                                                         Bowling” fund               the No. 13 qualifier for the
debuted on The                                                                      raising event,              women. Bardol beat Sean
Learning                                                                            which will be               Rangel of William Penn, 3-1, in
Channel’s                                                                           held       from             the men’s title match while
August 7, 2008                                                                      5:45pm         to           Boisselle edged Central
realty show                                                                         7:15pm        on
                                                                                                                Florida teammate Samantha
“American                                                                           We d n e s d a y ,
                     Mike and Paul Teutul Jr. unveil Orange County “Strike Bike.”                               Macina, 3-2, to claim the title.
Chopper” and                                                                        June 30 at the
                                                                                                                   While top qualifiers received
was custom designed by the legendary Teutul Hilton Las Vegas. Due to early interest from
family. The bike will be open for public auction international parties, the Salute organizers will
                                                                                                                byes into later rounds, both
at the upcoming International Bowl Expo’s install phone-in lines for bidders not able to                        Bardol and Boisselle started
“Salute to Bowling” cocktail event and with attend the event in-person. Potential bidders                       their first matches at 7:30 a.m.
100 percent of the proceeds to be donated to must be pre-qualified.                                             and the day proved to be a long
                                                                                                                one for both players. Boisselle               Jenn Boisselle and Christopher Bardol
the International Bowling Museum and Hall              The technical data for the “Strike Bike” is as
of Fame.                                             follows:                                                   did not claim the title until topping Macina in teams that we finished first and second at
  “Just like the thrill of rolling a perfect strike,   Build Date: May 30, 2008                                 the fifth game of the title match, 172-157. Intercollegiate Singles.”
the adrenaline rush of riding a chopper down           Mileage: 11.8 miles                                      Boisselle had three open frames in the final        Bardol also faced a long road to the title but
the open highway is pure Americana. With               Engine type: S&S Super Stock                             game and trailed by 42 pins in the fourth frame managed two sweeps and was only extended
the ‘Strike Bike,’ the BPAA and Strike Ten             Transmission: 6-speed Baker Drivetrain                   before rallying in what would be her 23rd game to five games in one match - the semifinal match
Entertainment teamed with Orange County                 “We’re so deeply appreciative to the BPAA               of the day.                                       against Michael Conn of Bellarmine, a match
Choppers to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that for its generosity and support of the                              “It’s unbelievable,” Boisselle said. “I didn’t in which Bardol trailed two games to one.
bridges two of our nation’s passions. We’re International Bowling Museum and Hall of                            think I could come from 13th and all the way at     “Mike’s a great bowler and I was lucky
so pleased and honored to be able to donate Fame. It’s only fitting that a bowling                              the bottom of the bracket to win. All of the enough to squeak it out,” Bardol said. “I was
this priceless bike to contribute to such a enthusiast will be provided with an                                 matches were at least four or more games - it struggling at the beginning of the year and
worthy cause,” said Steve Johnson, executive opportunity to own a piece of bowling history                      was rough. But I’m just glad I pulled through; this feels awesome. There’s a lot of great
director of the BPAA. “As the leading voice while supporting our efforts to preserve and
                                                                                                                it’s amazing, just unbelievable.”                 players that have won this already, and just to
in the bowling industry, we’re dedicated to honor the legacy of the sport,” said Pat
                                                                                                                   In the best-of-five match-play format, be added to them is pretty cool.”
doing our part to support the International Ciniello, chairman of the International Bowling
                                                                                                                Boisselle went the full five games in three of      The 16 men and 16 women earned their way
Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. Also, Museum and Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                                her matches. She was down two games to into the tournament through four sectional
                                                                                                                none to Kimberly Yioulos of Pikeville before qualifying events held in March. The top four
      USBC ADDS FOUR NEW                                                                                        coming back to win the third-round match. She qualifiers at each sectional advanced to the
                                                                                                                then beat top qualifier Jessica Santiago of national event.
    MEMBERS TO HALL OF FAME                                                                                                            USBC INTERCOLLEGIATE SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                                                                                                                              AMF Euless Lanes, Euless, Texas
                                                                                                                Match play
  ARLINGTON, Texas – The United States                the women’s coach at Delaware State before joining        Men’s results
Bowling Congress Hall of Fame welcomed four new       the USBC staff as assistant head coach of the             First round
members during the first induction ceremonies to      International Training and Research Center and            Michael Conn, Bellarmine d. Justin Thompson, Kansas, 3-2 (223-180, 178-244, 196-187, 176-212, 214-185);
be held outdoors.                                     Team USA.                                                 Christopher Bardol, Robert Morris (Ill.) d. Joel Klaas, Purdue, 3-1 (279-222, 213-214, 187-180, 230-194);
  The induction ceremony for Marshall Holman            “It’s proven to be the most rewarding thing I’ve        Casey Albert, California-Davis d. Brandon Allred, Nevada-Las Vegas, 3-0 (227-164, 213-212, 202-189); John
                                                                                                                Szczerbinski, Wichita State d. EJ Parks, Lindenwood, 3-0 (216-173, 223-200, 253-179)
and Kim Terrell-Kearney for Superior Performance,     experienced in my life,” Terrell-Kearney said of her
                                                                                                                Second round
Betty Barnes for Meritorious Service and John         time as coach at Delaware State. “To be entrusted         Conn d. Joseph Steiner, Saginaw Valley State, 3-2 (183-149, 177-188, 209-204, 156-256, 213-190); Bardol
Handegard in the Veteran category was held in front   with these young ladies’ careers in the sport that        d. Logan Mills, Michigan-Ann Arbor, 3-0 (233-197, 201-190, 261-186); Albert d. Michael Snell, Nebraska-
of the International Bowling Campus, home of the      they love so much was a big responsibility. To be         Lincoln, 3-2 (163-194, 208-190, 269-223, 214-214, 21-211); Sean Rangel, William Penn d. Szczerbinski, 3-1
International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.        given the task to train and, most importantly,            (161-201, 207-184, 212-188, 256-213)
                                                                                                                Third round
                                                                                                                Conn d. Ryan Wyandt, Penn State-Berks, 3-0 (216-181, 188-185, 200-157); Bardol d. Adam Corder, George
                                                                                                                Mason, 3-0 (192-170, 227-169, 204-196); Jacob Kent, Erie CC d. Albert, 3-2 (206-224, 213-182, 246-193,
                                                                                                                174-180, 232-160); Rangel d. Kyle Keegan, RIT, 3-0 (223-200, 185-179, 170-167)
                                                                                                                Bardol d. Conn, 3-2 (258-146, 196-222, 168-227, 241-201, 192-161); Rangel d. Kent, 3-2 (151-158, 143-
                                                                                                                171, 220-179, 200-190, 211-159)
                                                                                                                Bardol d. Rangel, 3-1 (223-188, 204-168, 197-202, 194-184)
                                                                                                                Women’s results
                                                                                                                First round
                                                                                                                Stephanie Martins, Webber International d. Erin Chambers, Robert Morris-Peoria, 3-2 (174-223, 252-155, 195-
                                                                                                                137, 160-169, 197-157); Jenn Boisselle, Central Florida d. Dori Jaffess, Arizona State, 3-1 (181-188, 266-179,
                                                                                                                191-166, 191-188); Brittney Hendrickson, CSU-Fresno d. Christina Oschman, Bellarmine, 3-0 (179-173, 195-
                                                                                                                148, 212-158); Amanda Greene, Lindenwood d. Danielle Knittle, Penn State-University Park, 3-1 (198-162,
                                                                                                                185-212, 230-195, 197-180)
                                                                                                                Second round
                                                                                                                Martins d. Kaidee Sutphin, Central Florida, 3-2 (171-202, 171-208, 193-157, 203-176, 180-175); Boisselle d.
                                                                                                                Lori Hanken, 3-2 (183-203, 170-167, 202-224, 200-182, 214-213); Samantha Macina, Central Florida d.
                                                                                                                Hendrickson, 3-2 (212-187, 187-190, 176-181, 199-190, 236-197); Heather D’Errico, Robert Morris (Ill.) d.
         John Handegard, Marshall Holman, Betty Barnes, Kim Terrell-Kearney                                     Greene, 3-2 (158-189, 179-178, 231-217, 157-178, 233-220)
                                                                                                                Third round
  Holman, 55, was a 22-time champion on the           mentor these you ladies was something I took very
                                                                                                                Jessica Santiago, Webber International d. Martins, 3-1 (170-188, 213-164, 204-190, 205-203); Boisselle d.
Professional Bowlers Association Tour. The            seriously. I’m overjoyed that many of my girls have       Kimberly Yioulos, Pikeville, 3-2 (209-212, 202-203, 165-132, 172-156, 245-212); Macina d. Esther Cheah,
Medford, Ore., native was PBA Player of the Year      made it out here today to share this special day          Nebraska-Lincoln, 3-1 (226-197, 215-193, 175-227, 207-178); Erin McCarthy, Nebraska-Lincoln d. D’Errico, 3-
in 1987 and was inducted into the PBA Hall of         with me.”                                                 1 (167-143, 216-244, 235-200, 247-201)
Fame in 1990.                                           Handegard, 71, did not win his first PBA title of       Semifinals
  “When I was 35, I was inducted into the PBA         any kind until winning a PBA Senior Tour title in         Boisselle d. Santiago, 3-1 (197-204, 244-159, 239-188, 207-201); Macina d. Erin McCarthy, 3-2 (204-169,
                                                                                                                180-154, 182-235, 167-191, 178-130)
Hall of Fame and it was a great honor but I was in    1990. The Spring, Texas, resident would go on to
the middle of my competitive career,” Holman said.    capture 14 PBA Senior titles and three PBA Senior         Boisselle d. Macina, 3-2 (234-182, 193-214, 201-189, 185-203, 172-157)
“It was nice, I appreciated it. But to be removed     Player of the Year honors. At age 57, he became the
from the game and to be honored now is so much        oldest player to win a PBA national title.                have trouble watching that show; it literally makes     instrumental in helping Reno to build the National
more meaningful. I really do appreciate this day        "In 1995 I finally won my first national title, and     me cry, even today, and that was 15 years ago.”         Bowling Stadium.
and this is something I will remember for a very      that’s still the biggest thrill I’ve had on the bowling      Barnes, of Reno, Nev., joined the Women’s              “Ignore the tears, I’m known to cry at every
long time.”                                           lanes,” Handegard said of winning the PBA                 International Bowling Congress Board of Directors       occasion, especially when I’m happy,” Barnes said.
  Terrell-Kearney, of Grand Prairie, Texas, owns      Northwest Classic. “It’s such an emotional thing          in 1989 and would later serve as Sergeant-at-Arms       “To be elected to the USBC Hall of Fame for
two U.S. Women’s Open titles and was the 2002         for me because I started on that quest in 1968 – it       from 1994-2005. As president of the Reno/Sparks         Meritorious Service, for something that you have
USBC Queens champion. Terrell-Kearney, 44, was        took me 27 years before I finally won that. I really      Women’s Bowling Association, she was                    loved doing, is what you call icing on the cake.”
                                                      STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                         13

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  14                                                                            STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

                                      THE FUNNY PAGE
                                         There is great need for a
                                              sarcasm font.
                                                                                                                                                        by Maurice ‘MOE’ LaRochelle


HELLO Tech Support
Customer: 'I've been calling 700-1000 for two days and can't get
through; Can you help?'
Operator: 'Where did you get that number, sir?'
Customer: 'It's on the door of your business.'
Operator: ' Sir, those are the hours that we are open...'
Samsung Electronics
Caller: 'Can you give me the telephone number for Jack?'
Operator: 'I'm sorry, sir, I don't understand who you are talking about.'
Caller: 'On page 1, section 5, of the user guide it clearly states that I
need to unplug the fax machine from the AC wall socket and
   Telephone Jack before cleaning. Now, can you give me the Number
for Jack?'
Operator: 'I think it means the telephone plug on the wall.'
Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while traveling in Europe )
'If I register my car in France, and then take it to England, do I have to
change the steering wheel to the other side of the car?'
Directory Enquiries
Caller: 'I'd like the number of the Argo Fish Bar, please'
Operator: 'I'm sorry, there's no listing. Are you sure that the spelling is
Caller: 'Well, it used to be called the Bargo Fish Bar but the 'B' fell off.'
                                        •                                                                                   I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was
                                                                                 I think part of a best friend's job younger.
Then there was the caller who asked for a knitwear company in                   should be to immediately clear your
                                                                                computer history if you die.
Operator: 'Woven? Are you sure?'
Caller: 'Yes. That's what it says on the label -- Woven in Scotland '                                                       Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you
                                        •                                                                                   realize you're wrong.
On another occasion, a man making heavy breathing sounds from a
phone box told a worried operator: 'I haven't got a pen, so I'm
steaming up the window to write the number on.'                                                                                          Comments made in the year 1955!
                                                                                Map Quest really needs to start their
                                        •                                                                                   That's only 55 years ago!
                                                                                directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I
Tech Support: 'I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.'
Customer: 'OK.'                                                                 know how to get out of my
                                                                                neighborhood.                               'I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going
Tech Support: 'Did you get a pop-up menu?'                                                                                  to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $10.00.
Customer: 'No.'
Tech Support: OK . Right-Click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?'                                                            'Have you seen the new cars coming out next year?
Customer: 'No.'                                                                                                             It won't be long before $1, 000.00 will only buy a used one.
Tech Support: 'OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until
                                                                                                                            'If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit.
this point?'                                                                    I'm always slightly terrified when I exit   20 cents a pack is ridiculous.
Customer: 'Sure. You told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'.'             out of Word and it asks me if I want
                                        •                                       to save any changes to my ten-              'Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging 7 cents just to
Tech Support: 'OK. At the bottom left hand side of your screen, can             page research paper that I swear I          mail a letter.
you see the 'OK' button displayed?'                                             did not make any changes to.                'If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, nobody will be able to hire
Customer: 'Wow! How can you see my screen from there?'
                                                                                                                            outside help at the store.
                                                                                                                            'When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would
                                                                                                                            someday cost 25 cents a gallon.
                                                                                                                            Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.
                                                                                                                            'I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more ever since they let
        Walt’s World                                                by Walt Steinsiek                                       Clark Gable get by with saying DAMN in GONE WITH THE WIND, it
                                                                                                                            seems every new movie has either HELL or DAMN in it.
                                                                                                                            'I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a
                                                                                                                            man on the moon by the end of the century. They even have some
                                                                                                                            fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas.
                                                                                                                            'Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for
                                                                                                                            $50,000 a year just to play ball?
                                                                                                                            It wouldn't surprise me if someday they'll be making more than the
                                                                                                                            'I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be
                                                                                                                            electric. They are even making electric typewriters now.
                                                                                                                            'It's too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few
                                                                                                                            married women are having to work to make ends meet.
                                                                                                                            'It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire
                                                                                                                            someone to watch their kids so they can both work.
                                                                                                                            'I'm afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot
                                                                                                                            of foreign business.
                                                                                                                            'Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government
                                                                                                                            takes half our income in taxes. I sometimes wonder if we are electing
                                                                                                                            the best people to government.
                                                                                                                            'The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously
                                                                                                                            doubt they will ever catch on.
                                                                                                                            'There is no sense going anywhere anymore for a weekend, it costs
                                                                                                                            nearly $2.00 a night to stay in a hotel.
                                                                                                                            'No one can afford to be sick anymore, at $15.00 a day in the
                                                                                                                            hospital, it's too rich for my blood.'
                                                                                                                            'If they think I'll pay 30 cents for a hair cut, forget it.'
                                                                                                                 STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010                                                                          15

Bowlers Invade Las Vegas
   Summer promises to be a busy time for the in Wilksberry, PA and had a dream tournament.
bowling establishment in Las Vegas. June sets Posting a record, for the televised tournament,
the pace with the PBA Senior U.S. Open at the two-game series of 279 and a 300 in the final
                                                                                                                                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Suncoast then it’s off to the South Point cen- match to win the championship. It was a slow
ter for the USBC Senior Masters, then throw day on ESPN and the clip, featuring my 300,                                        June   5-6       SASBA 4-Man Team, Bandera Super Bowl, San Antonio, TX
into the mix Sam’s                                                             was run many times. It                          June   6-11      PBA Senior U.S. Open, Suncoast Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
                              # # # # # # # #
                        ## # # # # # # # # # ## # #

                                                                                   ## # # # # # # # # # ## # #
Town annual High                                                               was my 15 minutes of                            June   11-12     PBA GEICO Team Shootout, Jackson, NJ
Roller, TAT Amateur                                                            fame. It was hard to                            June   12-13     SASBA South Central, Galaxy Lanes, Columbia, TN
Classic hosted by The                                  Live from Las Vegas     explain, but I’ve heard                         June   13-18     United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters,
Orleans and South                                                              other athletes describe                                          South Point Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
Point’s Mini Elimina-
tor and you have
                                                      Jeanette Robinson        it as being in a zone or
                                                                               a fairy tale.
                                                                                                                               June 27-July 1   International Bowl Expo, Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                                               June 28-July 3   High Roller, Sam’s Town Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
enough action to sat-                                                             Q: How do you                                June 29-July4    TAT Amateur Classic, The Orleans, Las Vegas, NV
isfy the appetite and                                                          explain the West Coast                          June 30-July4    Mini Eliminator, South Point Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
competitive spirit of                                                          bowlers were missing
                                                                                                                               July 3-5         SASBA Firecracker, Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX
anyone dedicated to                                                            from the senior mid-
                                                                                                                               July 10-11       SASBAOver 67/Over60/Over 50 Trio, Holiday Lanes, Oklahoma City, OK
the game.                                                                      west events/
                                                                                                                               July 16-18       MAMBO Tournament, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV
   If you’ve been                                                                 RW: There is not
                                                                                                                               July 31-Aug 1    SASBA, Copperfield, Houston, TX
involved in our sport                                                          enough money to even
                                                                                                                               Aug 7-8          SASBA Over 60/Over50/Guest Trio, Diamond Lanes, Odessa, TX
at any level for more                                                          meet expenses even if
than a decade, the                                                             you make the cut.                               Aug 9-12         PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open, Olympia Lanes, Hammond, IN
Senior tournaments,                                                            They love the game,                             Aug 14-17        PBA Senior Decatur Open, Spare Time Lanes, Decatur, IL
I’m sure, bring back                                                           but 1st place $8,000                            Aug 21-22        SASBA, 300 Bowl, Conroe, TX
special memories of a                                                          goes to one and times                           Aug 21-24        PBA Senior Jackson Open, Airport Lanes, Jackson, MI
bowler you met in a                                                            are financially tight for                       Aug 23-26        Military Veterans Handicap Team Classic, Sam’s Town Bowl, Las Vegas, NV
pro-am and then                 Jeanette Robinson is a PWBA champion           most.                                           Aug 28-29        SASBA, All Star Lanes, Shreveport, LA
followed their career             and member of seven Halls of Fame               Q: Will Walter Ray                           Sept 4-5         SASBA Labor Day Blowout, Holiday Lanes, Oklahoma City, OK
on television and in                                                           Williams joining the
print media. Your
                              # # # # # # # #                                  50+ have any affect?
                                                                                                                               Sept 18-19       SASBA Member/Guest Doubles, All Star Lanes, Shreveport, LA
                                                                                                                               Sept 25-26       SASBA Over70/Over 60 Doubles, Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX
respect and support I’m sure have grown over             RW: I hope so -it can’t help, but be a big                            Oct 9-10         SASBA Annual Championship, AMF Euless, Euless, TX
the years, knowing that employment, family plus and a compliment to the seniors who are                                        Oct 16-17        SASBA Member/Guest Doubles, Oil Bowl, Longview, TX
obligations, and the normal aches and pains already out there. There are many names who                                        Oct 23-24        SASBA South Central, Paris Family Entertainment Center, Paris, TN
that come with getting older, have not never step up for whatever reason.                                                      Nov 6-7          SASBA 4-man Team, Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX
diminished their great game. I caught up with            Q: In the pro shop you encounter many                                 Nov 13-14        SASBA, Del Mar Lanes, Houston, TX
one of those warriors who has paid his dues bowlers - what seems to be their main concern?
                                                                                                                               Nov 21-24        High Roller Senior Thanksgiving Classic 60 & Over,
on the pro tour for many years, Ron Winger,              RW: There is no set type, but a majority
                                                                                                                                                Sam’s Town Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
who has made his home in Las Vegas for four know what equipment they want and how they
                                                                                                                               Nov 24-26        High Roller Senior Thanksgiving Classic 50 & Over,
years, works on his game when he is not want it drilled.
                                                                                                                                                Sam’s Town Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
drilling in one of the K&K Pro Shops located             Q: You had your own shop in California:
                                                                                                                               Nov 26-28        High Roller Senior Thanksgiving Classic 60 & Over Classified,
on a Coast properties.                                   RW: Yes - I had a pro shop in Corbin Bowl
   Q: Where and when did you first join the for 14 years. I learned a lot about the business,                                                   Sam’s Town Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
PBA?                                                  but my father, who in the beginning was not a                            Dec 18-19        SASBA Annual Team, Plano Super Bowl, Plano, TX
   RW: I attended the mandatory PBA school bowler, at the time, but helped my out in the
and received my card and started competing shop. He taught me a lot about how to trust                                         2011
in 1960; officially becoming a member of the customers, especially the ladies. He would                                        Jan 16-21        Military Military Bowling Championships, Gold Coast Bowl, Las Vegas, NV
Senior Tour in 1991.                                  assist with carrying their equipment and
   Q: First pay day?                                  making sure they got good service. My father,
   RW: I was pleased that I was able to cash in Perry, later went on to post an average of a
eleven out of my first twelve tournaments.            respectable 187.
   Q: What coach or player had the greatest              Q: If you had input, what change, if any,
impact on your game?                                  would you make in the senior tournament
   RW: Without question, the late and great format?
Instructor Bill Taylor, who was a legend in our          RW: Go back to old style qualifying (not
industry among his many accomplishments the current tennis format). Cut to the top 24
was coaching the famous Falstaff team. He and then stepladder top 5. Hopefully, the prize
started working with me when I was 20 years money will increase with time.
of age and a year later I was voted Bowler of            Having an opportunity to know and watch
the Year in California. Taylor was known to Ron compete on and off the lanes these past
teach four steps. I kept my five step approach, several years, one thing stands out above all
but used his techniques that served me well, others, he loves the game.
all those years.                                         • If you are in Las Vegas between June 27th
   Q: Do you have a favorite memory?                  - July 1st, make the International Bowl Expo at
   RW: In 1993 I won in Chicago, and this was the Las Vegas Hilton convention center a must
followed with a break that I took advantage of stop. It is a rare chance to see current and
by flying my children from Alaska to my mom’s future activities going on in our sport.
home in Ogden, Utah. It was a great time in her          Thought for the day: I will be agreeable, I
life and mine. I spent several days doing what will look as good as I can, dress becomingly,
fathers do just hanging out and enjoying the talk softly, act courteously, and speak ill of no
moment - bowling didn’t occupy my thoughts one. Just for today I’ll try not or improve
for a single minute. I flew to the next tour stop anybody except myself.

  PBA Stars to Take “Walk in the Park”
   at Six Flags for Children's Charities
  JACKSON, N.J. – Four PBA stars are going                       individually raise money for the two children's
to take a “Walk in the Park” on Sunday, June                     charities.
13, to raise money to benefit Cure Kids Cancer                     If you would like to make a tax-deductible
and Children’s Miracle Network.                                  contribution on behalf of your favorite PBA
  Seven-time PBA Player of the Year Walter                       star, visit and click the
Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, Fla., representing                    "Support A Walker" button.
900 Global; 33-time PBA Tour winner Norm                           Brunswick, Ebonite, Storm and 900 Global
Duke of Clermont, Fla., representing Storm                       will each field teams of PBA stars for the
Products; 15-time PBA champion Jason Couch                       made-for-television Baker team match play
of Clermont, Fla., representing Ebonite                          competition that will be contested on June
International, and two-time PBA Women’s                          11 and 12 on specially-constructed lanes
Series titlist Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller,                  outdoors at Six Flags. The 15-segment series
Texas, representing Brunswick, will participate                  will air on ESPN on Sunday, June 27, starting
in a one-mile walk through Six Flags Great                       at 2:30 p.m. Eastern; Saturday, July 3, at 2
Adventure in Jackson to raise money for the                      p.m.; Sunday, July 4, at 1 p.m., and Sunday,
children’s charities.                                            July 11, beginning at 1:30 p.m.
  The walk will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern. Each                      Admission to the GEICO Team Shootout
of the players, who will participate for their                   hosted by Six Flags Great Adventure is
respective sponsors in the GEICO Team                            included in the price of admission tickets to
Shootout “Manufacturers Cup” competition                         the theme park. For admission information,
June 11-12 at Six Flags, will be trying to                       visit
16   STARS & STRIKES - JUNE 2010

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