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									                                       November 2010 | Vol. 7 | Issue 3

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For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I
was thirsty ... Matthew 25: 35-40
                                                                             Oct. 29 - Nov. 12, 2010

Mission Statistics
    November - 2010           Mother, daughter fill the need
                              in FMM pharmacy in Cambodia
     Medical Clinic
 More than 1500 seen in
   the medical clinic.
                                   Sometimes,                                                     he would tell me all
                              persistence pays                                                    these stories about
    More than 4,000
   prescriptions filled.      off. Mother and                                                     these trips. He
                              daughter, Cheryl                                                    brought me a gift
      Eye Clinic              and Amber Good-                                                     from Cambodia.”
More than 1000 pairs of
                              man, of Blount-                                                         Spencer fin-
 glasses given away.
                              stown, Florida,                                                     ished his therapy,
     Dental Clinic            were a part of                                                      but then several
  More than 800 teeth         Faith Medical                                                       months later he was
  were pulled from 308
                              Missions’ No-                                                       back, fresh from a
                              vember trip to                                                      new trip. He asked
        Surgeries             Cambodia. They                                                      her when she was
   14 referred for tests      were introduced to Faith Medical Missions    going sign up.
   12 required surgery
                              by word of mouth. God saw fit to put a            “I said, ‘I think I would like to,’” she
 11 surgeries completed
                              regular team member in Amber’s path who      remembered. “It was kind of like, ‘Ok, I
      Evangelism              is always willing to share a story.          can do that.’ That started it all.”
     More than 300                 In 2007, Spencer Carey needed the            In the winter of 2008, Amber made the
   professions of faith.
                              help of a physical therapist. While Amber,   trip to Guatemala and fell in love.
                              a physical therapist at Jackson Hospital,         “My goal is it do it once a year,” she
Faith Medical Missions
                              treated him for his shoulder, Spencer        said. “The more I do, the more I want to
     PO Box 1626
Chickasha, OK 73023           talked.                                      do.”
                                   “He would tell me stories about these        Amber said she always felt called to
    (405) 224-0069            trips he had been on,” Amber said. “I had    missions, but was apprehensive. The only
    (405) 224-1755
                              done some mission work right out of high     missionaries she knew left everything          school so it had been almost 10 years, and                    Please see Pharmacy, page 2
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to move out of the country for years. When she landed in
Guatemala with FMM, Amber found a different option for
missions. She loved the structure of how the clinics were
set up and the traffic flow of patients through the stations.
She had a heart for the people and their plight, found a
place in the family of team members and knew she would
be going back home in nine days.
     “This was a confirmation for me - of my heart and
things I wanted to do in my life. I didn’t just want to go to
the job day in and day out and go through the motions. I
didn’t want to do that. I wanted to make a difference. I re-
ally felt like Faith Medical Missions opened up that oppor-
tunity for me. I felt like it was what I was supposed to do.”
     Right after they got back home from Guatemala, Spen-
cer started selling her on a trip to Cambodia. Nine months      Amber Goodman visits with some children in Cambodia.
before the plane was going to leave, Amber was making
arrangements with her boss.                                     been right around our little town. I thought it would be a
     “Spencer was right,” she said. “I loved Asia and the       great experience.”
Orient. It was different from where I had been. It was neat          Cheryl, a nurse, manages the family’s pharmacy. She
to see that part of the world.”                                 and Amber handled the team’s pharmacy in Cambodia.
     For the most recent trip to Cambodia, Amber invited             I thought it was an all-around wonderful experience,”
her mother, Cheryl. She also passed along a message: Spen-      Cheryl said. “I thought it was great how they work every
cer said to get your passport ready.                            aspect of helping the sick and needy but also evangelizing
     “She did kind of coax me into coming,” Cheryl said.        and trying to win souls for the Kingdom. I wanted to be
“I had always wanted to do something like that. I work in       part of doing the work of the Lord, helping people in need
the church in the children’s ministry and I have just always    and showing the love of God to everybody.”
                                                                     Cheryl was also excited to be part of something Amber
                                                                loved and part of sharing the love of God.
                                                                     “I think what I enjoyed most and what stood out was
                                                                the children. My heart is with children. In each of the vil-
                                                                lages it was amazing to see how they made do with what
                                                                they had. It seemed like they were happy with anything you
                                                                were willing to do for them.”
                                                                     Thanks to a story here and there and some encourage-
                                                                ment from Spencer Carey, Cheryl and Amber would both
                                                                like to make another team.
                                                                     “I love FMM and the people who are involved in it,”
                                                                Amber said. “They just make me feel like I’m part of the
                                                                family. They are all different ages and all different back-
                                                                grounds and when I go I feel like I’m seeing family I
                                                                haven’t seen in six months. After the second trip, I felt like
                                                                I was part of the family, and I love that about the organi-
                                                                zation. I want to support them and go on more and more
                                                                trips, as many as I can, and be a part of what God’s doing
Cheryl Goodman in Cambodia.                                     through them.”
 Remembering Diane Haessler
   A year ago, while the team was in Cambodia, we re-                                 their medical needs. Diane Haessler was
 ceived word on two of our FMM family members: Dr.                                    the definition of compassion. I cannot
 Ron Sanders had passed away and Diane Haessler had                                   express how much she will be missed. I
 pancreatic cancer. The world was blessed with Diane’s                                have been told that if you can find five
 presence until Sept. 29, 2010. I was honored to be able                              friends who are willing to do anything
 to go to Massachusetts and speak at her funeral.                                     to help you, then you are a very lucky
   Diane Haessler was special. If I had to pinpoint all                               person. Diane was one of those friends.
 the reasons why, I’m not sure I could. She was strong,                                  At her funeral, I said that I think of
 confident and kind without pretense. She had a gift                                  her life like a rock that is thrown into a
 from God when it came to children. Anyone who saw                                    pond. The ripples made by the rock keep
 her hold a baby in the medical clinic knows what I                                   going to the very edges of the water. In
 mean. She had a way with children that I haven’t seen in any    her quiet, loving way, she will continue to influence lives for
 one else.                                                       years to come. I cannot express how much we will miss her.
   She took care of people in more ways that just seeing to        John

     Diane (Fiske) Haessler
     Diane (Fiske) Haessler was born Jan. 7, 1929 and
passed away Sept. 29, 2010, surrounded by her family.
     Diane graduated from Skidmore College, earning
a degree in nursing. After graduation, she worked as a
public health nurse in New York City and then became
the director of the pediatric nursing program at the Mas-
sachusetts General Hospital. She was one of the first
pediatric nurse practitioner in Massachusetts. It was in
the hallways of their beloved MGH that Dr. Herb and
Diane began a relationship that would last more than 51
years. The couple settled in Lincoln, Mass., and raised
four children.
     She was a devoted member of her church, St.            Dr. Herb and Diane share a look over the toy bag in Ecuador in 2003.
Anne’s in-the-Fields, where she served as a Sunday
school teacher, youth group leader and vestry member.             aloud, and then begins to count the ways. When the
When she was young, she attended a girl’s camp, Fleur             teams make day trips into remote villages, setting
de Lis, in New Hampshire. She eventually returned as              up clinics in local school buildings, she notes, “our
the camp nurse, and spent more than 35 summers mend-              dentists pull 200 rotten teeth daily; we carry half a
ing the hearts and broken bones of its campers. The               million dollars in drugs with us; we pass out 2,500
campers remembered her as their summer-time mother,               pairs of eyeglasses.” The impact of a pair of glasses is
confidante and a source of comfort.                               immediate and often triumphant, if sometimes humor-
     In 1998, Diane made her first mission trip. Over the         ous. “One of my favorite memories,” says Haessler,
next 11 years, her goal was to make three to four trips a         “is of an old man in the Transylvanian mountains of
year. In an article in the Skidmore Scope, a publication          Romania, who we fitted with a pair of blue rhinestone
of Skidmore College, Diane talked about the mission               glasses.”
trips. She recounted one story about a malnourished                                   Fall 2001, Skidmore Skope
child in rural Nicaragua who knew he would have noth-                                 By Kathryn Gallien
ing to eat all day. She admitted that sometimes the team
members cried.                                                  Diane made more than 14 trips. Nearly all of those were with
     “You can’t make the whole world better, but you        her beloved husband, Dr. Herb.
can help in a little corner of it, she said.                    She entered Heaven’s rest after a brave battle, with her
            “Does it do any good?” she wonders              family at her side.
      Seeing God’s work in 2010
    Dear Friends,                                                   • A woman was sent to the hospital for treatment of a
    The past year has been eventful. For the first time, we     lump in her breast.
cancelled two trips. It was unsettling at the time, but in          We also checked on the toddler, Lak, who was severely
retrospect I see at least some of what God had in mind. The burned when he was learning to walk. While we were in
government in Guatemala decided we would have to leave          Cambodia, we arranged for two more surgeries, another on
our unused eye glasses and medicine inventory behind. The his eyes and one to provide more movement for his mouth.
cancelled trip to Guatemala, though, opened the door for        We will arrange for two more surgeries as soon as the doc-
the trip to Haiti. In Nicaragua, a world sporting event took    tors can estimate the cost.
over every hotel room. Although we didn’t go to Nicaragua,          One woman in Cambodia still needs our help. She needs
we saw more need for surgery                                                                          heart surgery, which
in Cambodia than at any time                                                                          will cost approximately
in the ministry’s history.                                                                            $5000. We cannot ar-
    We can only guess what it                                                                         range for the surgery
was like for those who needed                                                                         until we have money to
surgery. I imagine that before                                                                        pay for it.
they knew the team was com-                                                                               Faith Medical Mis-
ing, they had no hope of any-                                                                         sions’ team members
thing less than a miraculous                                                                          and supporters provided
intervention to end their suf-                                                                        clothing and food for
fering. Once they were waiting                                                                        many people in 2010.
in line to see a doctor, maybe                                                                        Most importantly, our
they didn’t dare hope. Many,                                                                          teams led many people
if not all, were from poverty                                                                         to the Lord. We planted
so severe that they couldn’t                                                                          seeds, we watered seeds
conceive of someone giving                                                                            and we harvested. I am
them a gift of surgery that cost                                                                      so proud of our medi-
                                    Dr. Desmar Walkes examines a patient who was brought to the
that much money. They came          clinic on a cart.                                                 cal teams and the heart
anyway, just in case there was                                                                        you all have for leading
a slim chance for a miracle.                                                                          people to Christ. Eas-
    Thanks to the generosity                                                                          ing people’s suffering is
of Faith Medical Missions’ supporters and team members,         important, but its greatest value is in opening the door for
11 people got their miracle. One little girl between two and sharing the love of Jesus. Life on this earth is but a moment
three years old was brought to the clinic near death from       and then it’s gone. I am blessed to work side by side with
severe hydration. She is alive because Faith Medical Mis-       people who are so devoted to sharing the key to eternal life.
sions was there. The team was also able to help:
    • A boy of about 10-years-old with a golf-ball sized mass       God Bless
on one shoulder and a tennis-ball sized mass on the other.          John
    • A 5-year-old suffering from an enlarged testicle. It
was roughly five times the size of the other and had to be
removed.                                                           Praise                         Prayer
    • A young man of 30 who was in a motorcycle accident          • Another year!                • Pat Bibb
two years ago. His leg was put back together with pins and        • God’s Blessings!             • Eula Sprowls
a rod. The pins should have been removed when the bone            • Eula Sprowl’s daughter       • Steve McMahan
healed. Two years later, he was spending each day in pain         • Shannon is at the FMM        • FMM
because he didn’t have the money for the operation. Thanks        office and was given a         • Kyle
to you, those pins are gone.                                      new car.                       • PJ Summers
    • A young man who needed surgery to repair a hernia.          • Families restored            • Finances for surgeries
    • A woman who came to the clinic with a large ab-             • Anita Stidham                • Trips in 2011
dominal mass. Without surgery, she was going to die. We                                          • Southern Hills Church
arranged for the woman to go to the hospital where she had                                       •Jana Oates
a hysterectomy and the mass was removed.

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