Define symbiosis and three major types

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					                                     Unit #3
                              Kelp Forest Ecosystem
                                   Study Guide

1. What is an ecosystem?

2. What is alternation of generation?

3. Describe abiotic and biotic factors within an ecosystem.

4. Describe and explain factors that affect population size and growth.

5. Define keystone species.

6. What is a food web? What is a food chain?

7. Define primary producer, primary consumers and secondary consumers.

8. What are decomposers? What do they do?

9. Define symbiosis and three major types.
    Mutualism
    Parasitism
    Commensalism

10. What is a biogeochemical cycle? List and describe two cycles.

11. Explain how the adaptations of various species are related to their success in an

12. What are the three main types of single-celled algae?

13. What are the three main types of multi-celled algae?

14. Draw and define the parts of a kelp plant.

15. What is an energy pyramid?
16. What are heterotrophs?

17. What are autotrophs?

18. Define plankton, phytoplankton, and zooplankton.

19. List the four main trophic levels. What are trophic levels?

20. What is a community?

21. How does the predator/prey relationship affect ecosystems?

22. How do humans affect an ecosystem?

23. What are the five levels of ecological interaction?

24. Draw the main food chain in the kelp forest.

25. List and describe two population behaviors.

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