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									     Welcome to Mrs. Foster’s

Periods 1, 2, and 4: Communication Skills
Period 3: American Literature
Period 5: Study Skills
Assignment #1: Expectations Presentation
As we review and discuss this presentation, you
will need a sheet of paper to complete the 25
questions within this PowerPoint. Read the
directions and information on each slide. You will
turn in your work at the end of the activity.
Welcome to a new beginning on the road to
reaching your academic goals. New and
returning students, a new school year
begins today. Below is the theme for the
2010-2011 school year.

“Morrow High School: A Model 21st
Century School: Leading through
Rigor, Relevance, and
Relationships...Still We Rise.”
My purpose is to assist YOU
           • I will work with my students
             and parents

           • The goal is to guide you toward
             academic success

           • Students must realize that
             their grades, attendance,
             participation and the overall
             quality of work submitted is
             ultimately the responsibility
             of each student

           • “Operation Graduation” is a
             team effort!
    Morrow High School Mission
• Morrow High
  School's Mission is
  to educate
  students, preparing
  them for academic
  and social growth.
MHS Vision Statement
• The purpose of education is to develop in each individual
  student the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to
  become a contributing member of society, we believe that
  the school must respond with respect and concern to the
  changing needs of all students. Therefore, students
  backgrounds must be considered and all students must be
  accepted as worthy individuals. Our school should provide
  an environment that is safe, comfortable, orderly, and
  conducive to learning. The cooperation among faculty,
  students, parents, administration, and the community is
  essential and best fostered by open lines of
  communication. The school and community should form an
  alliance that benefits the students. As a responsible
  institution promoting democracy, the school fosters
  involvement of all its member groups.
MHS Vision Statement
We Believe:
• All Students should be given the opportunities to develop
  academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
• Students learn best in a positive, creative, safe environment.
• Everyone is unique, is worthy of our best efforts, and should
  exhibit a respect for others.
• Everyone in the school is capable of quality work.
• The students, their parents, teachers, and the community must
  share in the responsibility and accountability for performances and
  outcomes of the student body.
• Students should be challenged to become life-long learners through
  self-evaluation and higher level thinking.
• Technology plays a new and greater role in our curricula; therefore
  all students should be given opportunities to develop necessary
  skills to meet the changes in our society's technological growth.
Attendance Is Crucial to Success!

 • Students must be present
   and on time in order to be
   academically successful.
  When You’re Tardy or Absent…
• 2 Unexcused tardies = In School Suspension

• 3 Unexcused absences = Call home
           When You’re Tardy…

 If you are tardy to class, you will be locked out! You
           should report to the cafeteria immediately.
              Remember, you must have documentation
                        from an administrator to enter
                        any class late. No exceptions!
                    You must submit valid excuse notes
        within 3 days of your return from an absence.
                                         No exceptions!
         When You Check Out…
                             • See your teacher and the
• You must be 18 years old     class website for work
  to check out without a     • This is not “make up”
  parent                       work-you do not get to
                               leave class early and
                               receive an extra 3 days to
                               turn in work. IT’S DUE
                               WHEN YOU RETURN TO
        When You Skip Class…
              1. You are accepting a “0” for that
    ASK          day’s assignments
YOURSELF:     2. I will notify your parent or
Is it worth      guardian
     it?      3. You will receive an automatic
                 referral to the administration
              4. I will NOT allow you to make up
                 missed work for that day
              5. You have an unexcused absence
                 and have cheated yourself of a
                 learning experience. You cannot
                 get that day back
              Remember…If you are not in class and
                 not on the sign out sheet or
                 absentee list, you will receive a
                 referral for skipping
Attendance-Skipping Class

  Take 5 minutes to respond in writing:
  1. Where should you go if you are tardy to
  2. List three consequences of skipping class.
  3. How will skipping class hinder your
     academic success? Explain in three
     complete sentences.
              • Each student must wear
I.D. Badges     his I.D. badge visibly at
                all times while on campus
                (yes, this includes when
                you are in class!)

              • You cannot enter ANY
                class without your ID
                Badge worn visibly
School Uniforms - Tops
Females                            Males
• Tops will have either a polo     • Tops will have either a polo
  style collar or a button down      style collar or a button down
  collar.                            collar;
• Colors for tops will be school   • Colors for tops will be school
  colors or white;                   colors or white;
• Shirts must cover the            • Shirts must be tucked into
  waistline.                         pants.
• Shirts longer than three
  inches below the waistline
  will be tucked inside pants,
  shorts, or skirts.
School Uniforms - Bottoms
Females                            Males
• Bottoms will be khaki (tan)      • Pants or shorts should be
  style or dress pants in colors     khaki (tan) style or dress
  khaki or black. (Not jean          pants in colors khaki or
  style or jean material)            black. (Not jean style or jean
• Dresses, shorts, and skirts,       material)
  including slits, must not be     • Pants must be completely
  shorter than three (3)             buckled, belted, buttoned or
  inches above the bend of the       fastened and without tears.
  knee.                            • Pants shall be worn so that
• Skinny pants, tights, or           the waistband is worn at the
  leggings that substitute as        waist and not below the
  pants are not acceptable.          waist.
School Uniforms – All Students
• Tops worn over uniform, such as sweat shirts are restricted to
  school colors or white; (Hooded tops/sweatshirts are not allowed)
• Belts are required with no sagging of pants;
• Jeans are not included in uniform dress;
• Flip-flops, shower shoes, skate shoes and house slippers are not
• Pajama/loungewear bottoms and tops are not allowed
• No headgear of any kind. This includes hair rollers, scarves,
  skullcaps, doo rags, wraps. (Exceptions will be considered in the
  case of headwear or scarves worn as a part of a student’s religious
  practice or documented medical reasons)
• No hats are to be worn by any student in the building at any time.
  (No baseball caps during school hours on campus)
    School Uniforms – Design,
      Emblem or Lettering
• Any design, emblem or lettering which refers
  to or promotes drugs, alcohol, profanity,
  immodesty or racial, ethnic or sexual
  discrimination is not allowed.
• Limited to one
• No graphics, pictures, or writing on clothing
  shall be permitted except as part of an
• No larger than 4 inches by 4 inches.
School Uniforms
    Students will not be allowed to wear:
•   Black on Black
•   White on White
•   Tan on Tan
•   Navy Blue on Navy Blue
•   Any "sagging" pants, shorts or skirts
    (Belts are required, if needed)
•   Jeans of any sort
Class Supplies

•   Textbook
•   1 ½ inch Binder
•   College Ruled notebook paper
•   2 Blue or Black Pens and/or Pencils
Grading Scale
 •A   90-100
 •B   80-89
 •C   71-79
 •D   70
 •F   0-69       HONESTLY,
                WHAT TYPE OF
                 STUDENT ARE
 Take 5 minutes to respond in writing:

4. What will you do to
 strive for academic
 excellence? List five
 things you will do.
                         5. What will you do to
                          stop circumstances and
                          excuses from hindering
                          your overall success in
                          ALL your classes? List
                          five things you will do.
    Plan for success

• Our classroom expectations and
guidelines must be discussed.
Our Five Preliminary Principles
    Be on time and ready to work.

   Be respectful of your teacher, yourself,
  and others.

    Think before you act.

    Do your best on all assignments.

    Follow all rules in the Student
A few things are unacceptable…
A few things are unacceptable…
A few things are unacceptable…
Consequences of Unacceptable
• Fighting or Horseplay (Automatic Referral)
• Using Profanity (Automatic Referral)
• Personal Grooming (Warning)
• Sleeping or Resting Head on Desk
                                    (Automatic Call Home)

• Use of Cell Phones, MP3’s or I-Pods
 (Confiscation, Automatic Referral & Call Home)

• Eating, drinking or chewing gum (Warning)
 Take 5 minutes to respond in writing:

                     List five things that
                       are unacceptable in
What are the five      our class.
 preliminary         11.
 principles?         12.
6.                   13.
7.                   14.
8.                   15.
Classroom Procedures
 • Procedures develop a
   routine for day-to-day

 • Class time is for learning

 • Let’s work together to
   keep our classroom neat
   and orderly
Entering the Classroom
       Turn in homework
       Pick up any hand-outs/books
       Quietly go to your assigned seat
       Begin your “bell ringer”-1st ten
        minutes of each class

       Remember, if you are late, you
        MUST have tardy documentation
        from the attendance office
                Announcements come
                 on each morning and
                 throughout the day

                Stop talking
                Resume work or
                 activity when
                 announcements are
Preparing Assignments
Place the following information
  on all papers:

Assignment Title (If not printed on the work)
Page Number (If work is from a book)
 Remember to always skip lines!

   *Anonymous work will be discarded
No Busy Work

• Be responsible for your own
  academic success

• Assume all work will be graded

• Do your best

• Turn in all work on time;
  no late work accepted
     • Homework will not be assigned

     • Some assignments that begin in class
       can be completed at home when
       permission is given by the teacher

     • Turn in homework in the pink drawer or
       blue tray labeled with your class block
       at the beginning of class

     • Turn in all work on time
     No late homework will be accepted
    Group Participation
• Participate in
  groups as assigned

• Do your part to
  achieve an awesome
  grade you can be
  proud of

• Group work is a part
  of your overall
  success in this class
   Speaking in Class

                                    Do not interrupt
Raise your hand    Stand up
                                      others when they
  and wait to be   important          are speaking
  acknowledged       people stand
                     when they
Class Work, Tests & Quizzes

                       integrity is
                         do your
                         own work!
Class Work, Tests & Quizzes
               • Do your own work on
                 all assignments!

               • Clear desk until all
                 tests are collected

               • No talking once tests
                 are distributed or you
                 will receive a “0”
                 without a make-up
Make Up Work
• Per the guidelines in the Student Handbook,
  students have three days upon return to
  obtain, complete and turn in missed work or a
  zero will be placed in the grade book

• It’s solely the student’s responsibility to
  complete all work and schedule make up tests
  or quizzes
Exiting the Classroom
•   The teacher will dismiss class
•   Your area must be clean & you must be seated
•   Exit class quietly
•   Throw away trash as you leave
•   Turn work in to the INBOX
•   Students may be required to turn in a
             ticket out the door” upon dismissal
Take 5 minutes to respond in writing:

List three procedures and two things
  that each procedure requires.

Passes & Hallway Business
• Per MHS guidelines,     • Be mature and use
  no passes will be         your time between
  given to any student      classes wisely to
  during the first and      take care of
  last fifteen (15)         personal business
  minutes of the class.     that will require you
                            to ask for a pass to
                            leave class.
Restroom & Water Breaks
     Each student will be given three passes
      to go to the bathroom or get water
      during each semester
     You must sign in and out
     If you take more than five minutes to
      return or if you return with snacks or
      with something that did not come from
      a water fountain or restroom, you will
      lose an additional break
     If you require excessive restroom or
      water breaks, beyond the three given,
      I will contact your parent/guardian in
      concern for your health
Hallway Business
                 Passes will NOT be given
                    for students to go to:
                               ▫ the parking lot
                           ▫ the snack machine
                            ▫ a local restaurant
                 ▫ get something from a friend
  ▫ another classroom to get a book, notebook,
                    homework, pen, paper, etc.
Discipline Plan
           • We will not have problems with
             acting out and misbehaving
             because you are responsible
             young adults.

           • However, we must discuss the
             discipline plan for our class.
Discipline Plan
1st Step-Verbal warning
2nd Step-Written warning
 and/or seat change and/or
 teacher detention
3rd Step-Call home and
 teacher detention
4th Step-Office Referral
According to the severity and/or
  habitual nature of your
  behavior, these steps will be
  adjusted at the discretion of
  the teacher.

Everyone deserves a “thumbs up” for staying on
  task and being a positive and productive part
        of our overall success as a team!
     Individual           Class
     Rewards              Rewards
•   Positive Call Home   •Bonus Points
•   Positive Note Home   •Student Appreciation
•   Reward Certificate
                         •Student Snacks
•   Homework Pass        •Homework Passes
•   Bonus Points
•   Student                 Remember, the
    Appreciation Lunch   ENTIRE CLASS must
                         work together to earn
                             these rewards
Take 10 minutes to answer each of the following
questions in one complete sentence.

19. What should I expect
    from you as a student?
20. What do you expect
    from me as your teacher?
21. What are you willing to
    do or sacrifice to be an
    academic success?
22. What academic
    challenges will you
    personally face in this
Take 5 minutes to answer each of the following
questions in one complete sentence.

23. How can I personally assist
    in your success?
24. What special talent or skill
    are you bringing to this
    class? (i.e. Public speaking,
    PowerPoint, MS Word,
    Team-player, Leader, etc).
25. When do you plan to
Be encouraged
Don’t allow yourself to
 be discouraged.

Remember, this class
 is about the business
 of learning.

 We will work
 together because I
 care and I want you to

If you can dream it-
 You can achieve it!

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