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									HR Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about yourself?
This is the most frequently asked question in interviews. You need to prepare a short statement
regarding your work/personal profile. Talk about your previous jobs/projects starting from the last
to the present. Your statement should sound spontaneous and you should not talk about anything
else apart from work until and unless specified to do so.
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Why should I employ you in my company?
The best way to answer this question is by giving solid examples about your expertise and
achievements. You should be able to convince the interviewer as to why you are the best choice
for that job. Try and evaluate the job description with your abilities.
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What do you know about our company?
A thorough research on the company’s background is always important. Lack of information on
this can create a very negative impression.
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Why did you choose our company for working?
In order to be able to answer this question effectively you need to have knowledge about the
company. Do some research work before you go for the job interview. This will enable you to talk
about the benefits of working for the company in which you have applied. Explain the interviewer
what all you can do for the company and convince him that you are the best choice among all the
other prospective candidates.
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Dwell upon your strengths and weaknesses.
Answering about your strengths is one of the easiest things to do. You need to tell in detail about
the qualities that will qualify you for the job. You should focus on the skills and experience that
are directly linked to the job that you are applying for. When answering about your weaknesses,
try to turn your negative points into positive ones. For instance, if your weak point is that you keep
on checking everything in a project again and again then it can be turned into a positive aspect by
saying that it means you are perfect in your job.
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What efforts you have made in last one years for improving you weak areas?
The best way to answer this question is to quote one or two odd incidents where you worked
upon improving your skills that can prove to be a boon to the organization.
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Are you comfortable working on nights and weekends?
You should be very clear in your mind before answering this question. There is no point in saying
that you are comfortable working on nights and weekends when you are not. Be honest as you
might be given work according to the answer you give.
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How well can you perform under pressure?
You can answer this question by saying that stress is very important for you and you try to give
your best shot. Stress is good when it helps you stay motivated and do some productive work.
Therefore it is important to strike a correct balance between good stress and bad stress. It will be
even better if you can give examples to the interviewer about how you have handled stress in
your previous jobs. This will help him understand better as to how well you can perform under
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Do you have any problem is travelling or getting transferred?
When you are questioned in an interview regarding your willingness to travel, it is important to
give an honest answer. It is better if you clearly ask how much travelling does your work actually
involves. This way you can measure if the amount of travelling you will have to do fits into your
lifestyle or not. Better to be aware in advance than get shocked after you are hired.
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What are your salary expectations?
Once you know what you should be earning, how do you go about getting it? Start by being very
patient. When interviewing for a new position, do your best not to bring up compensation until the
employer makes you an offer. If you are asked what your salary requirements are, say that they
are open based upon the position and the overall compensation package. Or tell the employer
you had like to know more about the responsibilities and the challenges of the job prior to
discussing salary. Another option is to give the employer a salary range based upon the salary
research you haveve done up front. Once you have received the offer you do not need to accept
(or reject) it right away. A simple "I need to think it over" can get you an increase in the original

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