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                           MKTG 485 – Strategic Marketing Management
                                   Final Exam Study Guide

Consult the previous Study Guides for textbook and topic coverage.

Readings: Best – Chapter 5 - 13
           Craven case book - Cima. Bogus Basin, Konark, Cutco, AOL, Shorin-Ryu, Systemsoft, Intel
           Class handouts for Segmentation, Competitive Strategies, Product-Price-Channels-Promotion,
Portfolio Analysis, Offensive and Defensive Strategies
           Homework Assignments – Web Depot, FLX-100, Q7&8 in ch. 11and Compaq
           Guest case – Xbox
           Video case – Yahoo!


Session 10 (4-28) – Consumer Research & Marketing Strategies (Xbox)

       Article on distinguishing consumer loyalty & consumer satisfaction

Session 11 (5-3) – Segementation

       Homogeneous vs heterogeneous markets
       Bases for segmentation
        product- volume (heavy users), use occasions, market factors such as distribution
        state-of-being (generational differences, zip code clusters)
        state-of-mind (psychographics, product perceptions-SUV vs minivan)
        benefits (automobile positioning – see week 8)
       Business Analysis
         market size, share, price (margins), and rate of growth
       Segment profitability (p. 113-114)
       Segmentation Strategies (Best pp. 118-122)
         mass market
         large segment
         adjacent segment
         small segment
         niche segment
         mass customization
       Web Depot assignment
         valuing segments (Good-Bad-Ugly segments)

Session 12 (5-5) – Product Strategies

       Industry Forces
        Market entry/exit, buyer/supplier power, substitutes/rivalry
       Competitive Advantages
        Cost, quality, marketing
       Brand management
        Power of branding
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        [skip] Brand awareness, perceived quality, brand associations, brand bonding
       Product Differentiation (Best, 171-176)
        Quality Killers (reliability & conformance)
        Quality Drivers (performance & durability)
         Quality Enhancers (features & serviceability)
         Quality Aesthetics (appearance & reputation)

       Cima Mountaineering
         Penetration vs. Mkt Growth strategies
         Exploring growth prospects within current markets
         Challenge of entering fast growing, mass markets

Session 13 (5-10) – Pricing Strategies

       Organizational Objectives & Pricing
        Status quo, sales revenue max, market share (unit) max, profit max
       Economics & pricing
       Cost Markups
       Breakeven analysis
       Price elasticity (Best, 209-214)
       Price bundling (Best, 217-219)
       Harvest Pricing (p. 206-207)
       [skip] Skimming vs. Penetration Pricing (Best, 189-191)

       Windows 95 & Compaq assignments (elasticity

Session 14 (5 -12) – Distribution Strategies

       Levis – segmentation by price and store
       Best Buy (Rolling Stones) – Channel Conflict
       Classifying goods by loyalty and effort
       Defining channel length
       Intermediaries & costs
       Disintermediation & the internet
         Flows (Physical, title, payment & information)
       Methods for evaluating & managing a distribution strategy
        (identification methods, # resellers, function division, remuneration, cooperation & management)
       Channel goals
         (costs, service, flexibility, and power)
       Konark case
         - channel management
          - corporate versus independent resellers
          - push vs. pull distribution strategies
          - complexity of international markets
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Session 15 (5 - 17) – Promotion Strategies

       Promotion Mix
       Hierarchical Buying Process (Best, p. 246-250)
        (awareness, comprehension, interest, intention, action)
       [skip] Concept development
       Marketing Strategies
        (content, presentation, spokesperson, media & schedule)
       Media selection (Leader-Challenger-Flanker differences)
       Scheduling (continuous vs. flighting)
       Budgeting (Advertising elasticity & breakeven analysis)
       Sales Promotions and Publicity
       Cutco case
         - direct selling industry
         - assessing international markets based on cultural and economic conditions

Session 16 (5-19) – Portfolio Analysis (Best, ch. 11, skip pp. 252-255)

       Value of diversification
       Analysis of Microsoft’s Businesses
       Portfolio grid
        -Market Attractiveness Factors
           -Market Forces
           -Competitive Intensity
           -Market Access
         -Competitive Advantage Factors

        (protect, grow, focus, harvest, entry, divest)

       Marketing Warfare
        Leader, challenger, flanker, nicher strategies
        Fast food industry analysis

       Video Game Market exercise

       FLX –100 assignment & Compaq
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Session 17 (5-24) – Offensive Strategies (Best, ch. 12)

       Offensive versus Defensive Strategies
       Business Performance Measures
        -Share Position
        -Market Growth
       Offensive Strategies
         Market Penetration - Grow Share
         - Grow Customer Purchases
         - Enter New Segments
         - Grow Market Demand
         Market Entry
          - Related Market Segments
          - Diversified New Market Entry
          - New Emerging Markets
          - Develop New Market Potential

           BMW’s Offensive Strategy

           Systemsoft Case
           - Avoiding commodity pricing
           - Evaluating competitive strength
            - Anticipating competitive actions

Session 18 (5-26) – Defensive Strategies (Best 13)

       Market Share Erosion (Best p. 279-280)
       Share Protection for Leaders, Followers & Nichers
         -Mattel for Barbie
       Reduced Focus Strategy
       Exit Strategies (Best, pp 286-290)

       Amazon assignment (Best, p. 322-323)

       Intel Case – Managing Growth in Technology Markets

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