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					Construction Safety Council
Construction Safety Council
      David G. Allie
                            Subpart R - Steel Erection
                                                          (1926.750 - 753)

                                                      Tiered buildings not adaptable to temporary floors -
                                                      Safety nets

                                          750(b)(1)(ii)                                     24

                                                     Tag lines to control loads
                       Standard - 1926.

                                               751(d)                              18

                                                     Skeleton steel erection - Tightly planked & substantial floor

                                          750(b)(2)(i)                     13

Construction Safety Council
             1926.760 - Fall protection

Construction Safety Council
(a)General requirements

(1)Anyone over 15 feet, except
   in (a)(3)
(2)Fall protective systems shall
   conform to 1926.502.
(3)Connectors and employees
   working in controlling
   decking zones protected
   from fall hazards as
   provided in (b) and (c) of
   this section.

                                   Construction Safety Council

                              (1)Protected when more
                              than two stories or 30 feet
                              above a lower level;
                              (2)Complete connector
                              training in accordance
                              with 1926.761; and
                              (3)Provided with fall arrest
                              or fall restraint systems
                              when 15’ to 30’ above a
                              lower level.

Construction Safety Council
1926.755 - Anchor
 (a)General requirements
 for erection stability

 (1)Columns anchored by a
 min. of 4 bolts and designed to
 resist a 300# eccentric load at
 18” from the column face.
 (2)Columns set on level
 finished floors, pre-grouted
 leveling plates, leveling nuts,
 or shim packs.
 (3)Unstable columns shall be
 evaluated by a competent
                                   Construction Safety Council
(b)Repair, replacement or field modification

(1)Need approval of the project structural engineer.
(2)Approval shall state whether guying or bracing is
(3)Controlling contractor shall provide written
  notification to the steel erector.    Construction Safety Council
    •properly secured
    •secured to prevent
    •placed so employees
     can get to connection
    •removed only under
     the supervision of a
     competent person        Construction Safety Council
 Site layout, site-specific
 erection plan and
 construction sequence

Construction Safety Council
   (a) Approval to begin steel erection

• ASTM standard test method (concrete must be 75% of
  the minimum compressive design strength): footings,
  piers, walls
• Repairs, replacements and modifications to anchor bolts
  made in accordance with 1926.755(b)      Construction Safety Council
      (b) Site layout (controlling contractor
      shall provide):

                   • Adequate access
                   • A firm, properly graded, drained
                     area, readily accessible for the
                     safe storage of materials and the
                     safe operation of equipment

Construction Safety Council
           (c) Overhead protection

       • Pre-planned to ensure that no
         employee is required to be exposed
         to overhead hazards in accordance
         with 1926.753 (b) and 1926.759

Construction Safety Council
        (d) Site-specific erection plan

       • Developed by a qualified person
       • Available at the work site
       • Use guidelines contained in Appendix A

Construction Safety Council
Construction Safety Council

                              1926.756 -
                              Beams and
Construction Safety Council

                              (a)General. Secured
                                 with at least two bolts
                                 per connection.
                              (b)Diagonal bracing.
                                 With bracing, secured
                                 by at least one bolt per
                              (c)Double connections at
                                 columns and/or at
                                 beam webs over a
                                 column. At least one
                                 bolt or similar
                                 connection device is
Construction Safety Council

                              (d)Column splices.
                                 Designed to resist a
                                 300# eccentric load
                                 located at 18” from
                                 column face.
                              (e)Perimeter columns.
                                 Must extend a min.
                                 of 48” above the
                                 finished floor for
                                 safety cables.
(c) Multiple lift rigging procedure

Construction Safety Council
  (1) Multiple lift shall only be performed if the
      following are met:
       – multiple lift rigging assembly is used;
       – maximum of five members is hoisted per
       – only structural members are lifted; and
       – employees engaged in the lift have been
         trained in the procedures in 1926.761

Construction Safety Council
(4)The multiple lift rigging assembly
shall be rigged with the members:       rigged at
                                        least 7 feet
         rigged from the top down       apart

      attached at their center of
      gravity and maintained level

Construction Safety Council
        (2)Components of the multiple lift rigging
           assembly shall be specifically designed
              and assembled with a maximum
           capacity for total assembly and for each
           individual attachment point.

                Capacity must be certified by the
                  manufacturer or a qualified rigger and
                have a 5 to 1 safety factor

Construction Safety Council
     (3)              The total load shall not exceed:
                      • The rated capacity of the hoisting
                      • The rigging capacity

    (4)             The multiple lift rigging assembly shall be
                    rigged with the members:
                     – attached at their center of gravity and
                       maintained level;
                     – rigged from the top down; and
                     – rigged at least 7 feet apart
Construction Safety Council
    (5)The members on the multiple lift rigging
       assembly shall be set from the bottom up.

    (6)Controlled load lowering shall be used
         whenever the load is over the

Construction Safety Council
                       Structural Steel Assembly

Construction Safety Council
Shear Connectors
and Other Similar Devices
1926.753 - Hoisting and
(Supplement to the
requirements of 1926.550)

Construction Safety Council
        (a) General

 (1) Pre-shift visual inspection
   of cranes:
         – all control mechanisms   – pressurized lines for
            for maladjustments        leakage
         – excessive wear of        – hooks and latches
            components and
                                    – wire rope
            contamination by
            lubricants or other     – electrical apparatus
            foreign matter          – hydraulic system
         – safety devices           – tires
                                    – ground conditions
Construction Safety Council         – hoisting equipment
       The employer shall obtain and/or
         prepare a certification record of
         the pre-shift inspection

       The operator shall be responsible
         for those operations under the
         operator’s direct control
Construction Safety Council
     (a) General

     (2)Qualified rigger to inspect the rigging prior to
       each shift
     (3) Headache ball not used to transport personnel
     (4) Only use of personnel platforms in accordance
       with 1926.550 (g)

Construction Safety Council
(5)Safety latches on hooks
  shall not be deactivated
      • when hoisting can
        be performed more
        safely; or
      • qualified rigger
        provides equivalent
        protection and is
        included in a site-
        specific erection
Construction Safety Council
                  1926.760 - Fall protection
    (e)Custody of fall protection. Fall protection
    shall remain in an area to be used by other
    trades if controlling contractor:
        (1)Has directed the steel erector to leave the
             fall protection in place.
        (2)Has inspected and accepted control and
             responsibility of the fall protection prior to
             authorizing persons to work in the area.

Construction Safety Council
 (b) Working under loads
(1)Routes for suspended
  loads shall be pre-planned
(2)When working under
  suspended loads, the
      following must be
     • materials rigged to
       prevent unintentional
     • self-closing safety latches
       shall be used;
     • all loads rigged by
       qualified riggers.            Construction Safety Council
                              1926.761 - Training
(a)Training personnel. Provided by a qualified
(b)Fall hazard training. Include instruction in the
  following areas:
      (1) Recognition and identification
      (2) Use and operation of systems.
      (3) Correct procedures for erecting, maintaining,
          disassembling, and inspection of protective systems.
      (4) Procedures to be followed to prevent falls.
      (5) Fall protection requirements of 1926.760.
Construction Safety Council
                   (c) Special training programs

        (1)              Multiple lift rigging procedure
        (2)              Connector procedures
        (3)              Controlled decking zone procedures

Construction Safety Council

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