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Columbus, Ohio 43219

2012 Advanced DUI Seminar
March 8-9, 2012
And March 10, 2012
First Ever Trial Skills Workshop

                                                Find out
2012 Advanced                                     •	New Drugged Driving

    DUI Seminar
                                                    Enforcement Tools
                                                  •	Accident Reconstruction
                                                  •	The Intoxilyzer 8000 –
                                                    Why it’s Even Worse than
                                                    we Thought!
  What you Absolutely Need to Know
  if you will Handle a DUI Case in 2012         Learn about:
                                                  •	NHTSA SFST Studies That
                                                    Help You
                                                  •	Sobriety Test & Breath
                                                    Test Trial Tips
                                                  •	Overview of the
                                                    Intoxilyzer 8000
PLUS...                                           •	Cross-Examination
The First Ever Trial Skills Workshop              •	DUI Procedures and Pleadings
All at the Westin Hotel Columbus Ohio
A Seminar for Legal Professionals
Jessica Fallon & Rob Calesaric Seminar Chairs
Timothy Huey OACDL President
                                                      The Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Presents...

                                                      THE AnnUAL OACDL ADvAnCED
                                                      DUI DEFEnSE SEMInAr
                                                      Sessions 1 & 2 March 8 & 9 NEW Session 3 March 10 - Trial Skills Workshop
                                                      Attend all three sessions or the ones that meet your needs.

              Agenda Session 1: Thursday, March 8, 2012
 11:30        Registration
 12:15        Introductory Remarks
              Tim Huey OACDL President
 12:30        Drugged Driving (DRE) Enforcement Techniques – Where the Money is
              Lance Platt PhD., Former Police SFST Trainer - Texas
 1:15         Demonstration – Effective Power Point in Trial
              Justin McShane Esq. Pennsylvania
 2:00         Blood Testing Uncertainty
              Mike Nichols Esq. Michigan – Robert Belloto PhD. Ohio
 2:30         Break
 2:45         Datamaster / Breath Testing Uncertainty
              Mike Nichols Esq. Michigan – Robert Belloto PhD. Ohio – Al Staubus PhD. Ohio
 3:15         Accident Investigation for the Criminal Defense Attorney
              Steven W. Rickard - Accident Investigator - Pennsylvania
 4:00         Intoxilyzer 8000 – Its Even Worse Than We Thought! More revelations from Florida
              Stephen Daniels – Consultant - Florida
 4:45         Panel on Breath Test Challenges - What is working in Ohio and around the country
              Moderator Tim Huey. Panelists Jon Saia Ohio; Bruce Kapsack; California, Charles Sifers & Josh Lee Oklahoma,
              Justin McShane Pennsylvania; Mike Nichols & William Maze Michigan, Deandra Grant & Jamie Balagia Texas
 5:45         End of Session

Thursday, March 8, 2012 - Evening Gathering
6:00 – 8:00      Hors d’oeuvres, Breath Testing , Experts to Consult with & Camaraderie
                 Eat, drink, experiment with all models of breath machines and discuss DUI issues with your colleagues

                                                               THE WESTIn COLUMbUS
                                                               310 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215
                                                               Phone (614) 228- 3800 www.westincolumbus.com

                                                               The Westin Columbus (formerly the Great Southern) is located in downtown Columbus
                                                               Ohio on the corner of Main and High streets (across from the new Common Pleas
                                                               Courthouse) and is a beautiful historic hotel, newly remodeled in first class luxury

                                                               The standard room rate for this seminar is $119.00.
                                                               Reservations must be made by 2-17-2012.
                                                                                                                            March 8-9 and Trial Skills Workshop March 10

                Agenda Session 2: Friday, March 9, 2012
 8:30           Defending DUI Accident Cases
                Steven W. Rickard Accident Investigator – Pennsylvania
 9:15           A New Look at “Validated” NHTSA SFSTS Studies – How they Help You
                Allen Trapp Esq. Georgia
 10:00          Summing Up How to Use SFST Studies
                Tim Huey Esq. - Ohio
 10:15          Break
 10:30          What to Look for in Arrest and SFST videos
                Lance Platt PhD., Former Police SFST Trainer - Texas
 11:15          First Break Out Session – See Topics Below
 12:10          Lunch
 1:10           Getting Jurors to Push the Not Guilty Button
                Patrick Barone Esq. – Michigan
 1:55           Setting the Stage – A new Approach to Voir Dire
                Bruce Kapsack Esq - California
 2:35           Break
 2:50           Second Break Out Session – See Topics Below
                Panel: Tips and Tricks to Take home with you. Panel of selected experts including Bruce Kapsack CA; Kirby Riffel,
                AR - Ryan Russman, NH; John Webb ME & Harley Wagner WV
 4:30           End of Session

1. SFST Trial Tips & Tactics                                                                                      5. breath Test Trial Tips & Tactics
2. How Intoxilyzer 8000 works & navigating the Web Site Database                                                  6. Effective Cross-Examination
3. Demo of really Effective but Seamless Technology in Court                                                      7. basic DUI Procedures and Pleadings
4. bring your File & Get Help From Experts                                                                        *note: Popular topics will be repeated.

We have compiled a cadre of nationally renowned criminal defense lawyers and top Ohio DUI lawyers to do Break Out sessions. They will be our
presenters, demonstrators and small group leaders in the Trial Skills Workshop. Please see Trial Skills Workshop page and the Biographies page for a list
of these outstanding nationally renowned lawyers.

In the City Center Parking Garage. It is located across from the hotel’s parking on Main Street.
Make sure you get a parking voucher at the OACDL registration table.

CLE Credit Hours Requested: Pursuant to Rule X of the Government of the Bar, the sponsor has requested 11.00 hours credit from for Sessions 1 & 2 and 5 credit hours for Session 3 from the
Ohio Supreme Court Commission on Continuing Legal Education. Participants must apply through the CLE sponsor for credit. All Ohio attorney registrants must include their Ohio Registration
Number (as issued by the Ohio Supreme Court) on the registration form. All attendees must return completed CLE forms to the OACDL at the seminar.
Earn 5 hours of CLE and Learn about and practice:
  • Using the Action Method to Prepare your case
  • Connecting with Jurors in Voir Dire, Opening & Closing
  • Effectively Cross-examining cops and experts

 The general format for this workshop will be a discussion of the method being studied, followed by several demonstrations
 by top trial lawyers from around the country, followed by small group breakout sessions where participants can work with the
 instructors to learn and/or practice the method.

 The breakout groups will be based upon experience & familiarity with the method. Everyone from young lawyers to old pros
 can benefit from this workshop.

             Skill 1: Developing a winning case using the “action method” to discover “the story” of your case and develop
             compelling case themes
             Discussion of method by Pat Barone Esq., Michigan & Mike Streng., Ohio
             Demonstrations by selected faculty members
             Break. Lunch served.* Note: The next presentation will be a lunch presentation. A short break will be taken while
             a light lunch is served and then the presentation will begin
 11:45       Skill 2: Truly connecting with jurors in voir dire, opening and closing.
             Discussion of method by Bruce Kapsack Esq., California
             *As this is a lunch presentation Ohio CLE credit can not be given for this lecture
 12:30       Demonstrations by selected faculty members
             Small Group Breakouts
 2:00        Break
 2:15        Skill 3: Cross-examination of cops and experts using the MacCarthy method
             Discussion of method Led by Josh Lee Esq., Oklahoma
             Demonstrations by selected faculty members
 3:00        Cross-examination Small Group Breakouts
 4:15         End of Session

The best lawyers know that being the best requires working on your skills with your peers.
Great lawyers from all over the country will be here for this One of a kind trial skills workshop.

From Michigan Pat Barone, Mike Nichols, William Maze & Michael Boyle; From California, Bruce Kapsack; From Texas, Jamie Balagia & Deandra Grant;
From Georgia, Allen Trapp; From Arkansas, Kirby Riffel; From New Hampshire Ryan Russman; From Oklahoma, Charlie Sifers & Josh Lee; From Maine,
John Webb; From West Virginia Harley Wagner and from Ohio, Mike Streng, Tim Huey, Jon Saia, Shawn Dominy, Cleve Johnson, Ken Bossin, Jeff
Meadows, Dennis Evans, Mike Lear, Larry Denny, Terry Rudes & Mark Gardner.
                                                                                           2012 Advanced DUI Defense • March 8-9, 2012

                                               PrEPArInG yOU FOr ExCELLEnCE
                                               In DUI DEFEnSE
                                               New Trial Skills Workship • March 10, 2012

City                                                      State                                   Zip
Phone                                                     Fax

Thursday - Advanced DUI Day 1- Single Day- registration (5.00 CLE Hours)
Pre-registration:        o OACDL Member $ 180  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 180                 o Non-members $ 200
On-site registration:    o OACDL Member $ 195  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 195                 o Non-members $ 215

Friday - Advanced DUI Day 2 - Single Day registration (6.00 CLE Hours)
Pre-registration:         o OACDL Member $ 280  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 280                o Non-member $ 300
On-site registration:     o OACDL Member $ 315  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 315                o Non-member $ 350

Saturday – Trial Skills Workshop- Single Day registration (5.00 CLE Hours)
Pre-registration:           o OACDL Member $ 250  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 250              o Non-member $ 295
On-site registration:        o OACDL Member $ 285  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 285              o Non-member $ 330

Thursday & Friday Combined (11.00 CLE Hours)
Pre-registration:        o OACDL Member $ 410  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 410                  o Non-members $ 455
On-site registration:    o OACDL Member $ 450  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 450                 o Non-members $ 495

Friday & Saturday Combined (11.00 CLE Hours)
Pre-registration:         o OACDL Member $ 410           o Out of State NCDD Member $ 410         o Non-members $ 455
On-site registration:    o OACDL Member $ 450           o Out of State NCDD Member $ 450        o Non-members $ 495

best Deal – All 3 Days (16.00 CLE Hours)
Attend Thursday and Friday and get the Saturday Trial Skills Workshop for $100
Pre-registration:           o OACDL Member $ 510  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 510               o Non-members $ 555
On-site registration:       o OACDL Member $ 550  o Out of State NCDD Member $ 550              o Non-members $ 595

Thursday Evening Gathering Hor d’oeuvres, socializing, breath testing, etc - cash bar no CLE Credit
Free for those attending the seminar -  o $ 55 Pre-registration  o $ 65 On-site for those ONLY attending gathering

Total enclosed or to be charged to credit card $                                       .
o Check, made payable to OACDL enclose or o charge: o MasterCard          o Visa    o Discover
Card #                                                              Amount $
Expiration Date                   3-digit security code             Signature
Cancellation must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2012 to receive a refund.

Mail to OACDL      2720 Airport Drive, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43219
Fax to OACDL       740.654.6097
register online at OACDL.org - no phone registration accepted
                                                      2012 Advanced DUI Defense • March 8-9, 2012 & Skills Workshop • March 10, 2012

                                                PUbLIC DEFEnDEr/PrO bOnO
                                                registration Form

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Phone                                                           Fax

Please check all sessions you wish to attend–you can attend all three.
o DUI Session 1 Thursday o DUI Session 2 Friday      o Trial Skills Workshop Saturday
I understand that the scholarship money for Pro Bono and Public Defenders is good for the Thursday and Friday seminar only.
However, I wish to attend :
o Thursday evening session at a pre-registered rate of $55.00.
In addition to the scholarship form, enclosed is my check for                       or charge my: o MasterCard o Visa o Discover
Card #                                                                  Amount $
Expiration Date               3-digit security code                     Signature
return to: OACDL 2720 Airport Drive, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43219 or fax to OACDL at 740.654.6097. no phone registration accepted.

If special arrangements are required for individuals to participate in this seminar, please contact the OACDL at least one week prior to course date
at 1-800-443-2626.

                            Public Defender / Pro bono funding provided by the Office of the Ohio Public Defender

 If you have represented at least one client on       Pro bono Information
 a PRO BONO basis during the past year, you           State/City                                       vs.
 are entitled to attend this seminar FREE OF
                                                      Case #                                           County
 CHARGE. You may not have used that case
 to attend any other seminar on a PRO BONO            Date Representation Provided
 basis. However, any attorney, private or             Offense Charged
 public defender, is limited to 2 seminars per
 fiscal year (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012) on        Judge’s Name
 this basis.                                          Judge’s Signature (required)

 PrO bOnO rEPrESEnTATIOn WAS                          Or
 PrOvIDED In THE FOLLOWInG:                           Public Defender Information (do not complete if pro bono portion is filled out)
 This is to certify that the attorney named at
 right provided representation for an indigent        Name of Director or County Public Defender
 person charged with a criminal offense in my         County in which you serve as a public defender
 court. Further, the attorney did not submit a bill
 for payment for any services involved in that        County Public Defender’s Signature (required)
 representation and represented the defendant
 on an appointed basis at no cost to the state.       return to:
                                                      OACDL - 2720 Airport Drive, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43219 - or fax to 740.654.6097.
 All Pro bono and Public Defenders MUST bE
 PrE-rEGISTErED by February 24, 2012.                 75 spaces are allotted at this seminar for State Public Defender funding. You will receive
                                                      notification if your registration is one of the first 75 who applied for this funding.
Tim Huey, of Columbus OH, is a NCDD (National           seminars throughout the state and represented          asset forfeiture cases. An SFST & DRE Instructor         S. Michael Lear, of Zukerman, of Daiker & Lear, in
College for DUI Defense) Sustaining member, Ohio        clients in every county in Arkansas. Kirby holds       for attorneys, police, PIs and the FBI he has            Cleveland OH, is an experienced criminal and civil
Delegate and has been a speaker, trial participant,     SFST Instructor, Datamaster, ECIR and other            training in phlebotomy, GCMS, Breath, Blood and          attorney with significant experience in the area of
and breakout leader at NCDD seminars. He is a           training certifications and was trained by Dr. Paul    Urine testing and is a member of NCDLA, NCDD,            OVI defense. Michael has tried numerous cases in
member of the NACDL, COACDL and is currently            Homoly in the art of persuasive speaking. He was       TCDLA, SACDLA. A life member of NORML and on             Ohio’s state courts and has argued appellate cases
President of the OACDL, Tim would like to thank         an NCDD founding member, an “Ark Campion of            the Executive Bd. of San Antonio NORML & in the          before the 6th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals and
all these talented speakers for helping us become       Justice Award” recipient and has taught at six law     High Times legal directory (420Dude.com).                the Supreme Court of Ohio. Michael is a member
better Criminal Defense Lawyers and thanks all          schools in Ukraine.                                                                                             of the Cleveland Bar Association, the Cuyahoga
attendees for investing the time and effort to better                                                          Michael J. boyle, of the Barone Defense Firm,            County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the
represent your clients.                                 Stephen Daniels owns DUI undo Consultants,             has trained extensively with Gerry Spence’s              Geauga Bar Association and the OACDL where he
                                                        LLC in Treasure Island FLA. He has helped expose       Trial Lawyer’s College and obtained persuasive           serves as Publications Chair.
Steven W. rickard, of Steven W. Rickard &               the Intoxilyzer 8000 breath testing device and         speaker’s training through Dr. Paul Homoly. Mr.
Associates, in Harrisburg, PA is an accident            attempts to hide and falsify records. Thousands of     Boyle is certified as an SFST practitioner, is a         Cleve Johnson, a Columbus practitioner, is a
reconstruction expert specializing in truck bus and     breath tests have been excluded and many courts        graduate of a course in Forensic Chromatography,         DUI and traffic law guru and a long time OACDL
other commercial vehicles accidents. An officer,        in Florida have barred Intoxilyzer 8000 results        and has received training on the DMT Datamaster.         DUI Comm. stalwart, Cleve has served as chair
accident investigator & AI instructor for the PA        in any per se DUI case. Steve is certified on the      Mr. Boyle obtained a Not Guilty jury verdict on a        of the Traffic Law Committee of the OSBA, the
State Police from 1970 to 1992, from 1993 to            Intoxilyzer 8000 as an Operator and Inspector          Felony OWI with what is believed to be the highest       Municipal Court Comm. of the CBA, the Criminal
1998 Steve taught accident reconstruction at the        by the FDLE. Steve has been the focus of much          BrAC in Michigan (.28/.25).                              Law Section of the Ohio Trial Lawyers’ Association
University of North Florida. He holds numerous          media coverage by exposing hidden breath testing                                                                and the Traffic Subcommittee of the Ohio Criminal
instructor certifications, has spoken at many           and maintenance records, agency cover-ups and          Harley O. Wagner, Esq., of Martinsburg, WV,              Sentencing Commission.          He has testified
seminars, and has authored a number of training         videotapes showing Intoxilyzer 8000s repeatedly        focuses solely on the defense of DUI cases, .is          concerning traffic matters before committee
manuals and technical articles re accident              failing instrument checks but being kept in service.   the author of West Virginia DUI Defense Law and          meetings of the Ohio Legislature on behalf of
investigations and has testified as an expert in 24                                                            Practice, is a certified SFST Instructor and trained     both the State Bar Association and the Sentencing
federal/appellate courts and 32 state courts.           Charles L. Sifers of Sifers & Sifers in Oklahoma       breath test operator. He is a life member and            Commission.
                                                        City OK, specializes in DUI defense. He is SFST        West Virginia State Delegate to the NCDD and co-
bruce kapsack, of Kapsack & Bair in San                 certified, certified on the Intoxilyzer 5000 and is    founder of the West Virginia DUI Defense Lawyers         kenneth bossin, of Cleveland, Ohio, served as an
Francisco CA, is the author of Innovative DUI Trial     Bd. Certified in DUI Defense and a former Regent       Assn and serves on the DUI committee for the             acting part-time Judge in the Lyndhurst Municipal
Tools, has written articles for the NACDL magazine      for the NCDD. He is a former Director for the          National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.        Court from 1985 to 1999 and is a Past-President
The Champion, is one of 6 board certified DUI           OCDLA and Criminal Law Committee member for            Harley has lectured on various DUI topics and has        of the Cuyahoga County Bar Association. He is a
defense specialist in California, has served as         the OBA. He has presented on DUI Defense in 15         lead breakouts at NCDD sessions.                         certified NHTSA SFST instructor and also obtained
one of 12 Regents for the NCDD and was an               different states.                                                                                               a Certificate of Competency in the Operation,
NCDD founding member. Bruce lectures regularly                                                                 Jessica Fallon, of Saia & Piatt, Inc., has dedicated     Diagnostic Verification and Calibration for the BAC
throughout the country on DUI issues and has            Allen Trapp currently serves as the Georgia            her practice to DUI defense. She has completed           DataMaster. Mr. Bossin has served as an SFST
been consulted in many of the seminal cases in          Delegate to the NCDD. He is the author of Georgia      training in the operation and maintenance of the         expert in Lake and Cuyahoga Counties and in
this area.                                              Criminal Law Survival Guide, is board certified        Intoxilyzer 8000, has completed the NHTSA course         Portage County.
                                                        by NCDD, and is the veteran of 200+ jury trials.       on DWI Detection and SFSTs, and has handled
Josh D. Lee, of Ward & Lee in Vinita, Ok, is the        Two vehicular injury/homicide cases he won in          several appeals at the State level. She is an active     Jeff Meadows, of Lyons & Lyons in the Cincinnati
Co-Course Director of the “Learning at the              the Georgia Supreme Court are routinely cited in       member of OACDL, sitting as co-chair of the DUI          area, is a member of the NCDD, NACDL, the OACDL
Footsteps of the Master: Cross Examination with         courtrooms across the state. He has also appeared      Committee                                                and Greater Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers
Terence MacCarthy” seminar. He has articles on          on NBC’s “Dateline”, CNN’s “Talk Back Live”, and                                                                Assoc. Jeff has presented at numerous seminars
Gas Chromatography and is an Asst. Instructor           numerous local (Atlanta) news programs.                Alfred E. Staubus, Pharm.D., Ph.D., is an emeritus       throughout Ohio including many highly praised
of GC for the American Chemical Society (ACS)                                                                  faculty member of The OSU College of Pharmacy            presentations for the OACDL and the OSBA.
and lectures at Axion Analytical Laboratories           Mike nichols, of The Nichols Law Firm in East          and provides consulting and expert testimony in          Few Ohio lawyers work as hard as Jeff for their
in Chicago, Illinois. He is Forensic Science Co-        Lansing MI, recently stunned prosecutors and           civil and criminal cases in the area of forensic         clients and fewer still have been as aggressive in
Chairman for the Chemistry and the Law Division         state experts by successfully arguing Michigan’s       toxicology. He has specialized training in the use of    challenging DUI cases and the Intoxilyzer 8000 in
of the ACS - the world’s largest scientific society.    approved blood testing protocol was flawed             the Intoxilyzer 5000, BAC DataMaster, Intoxilyzer        Butler, Clermont and Hamilton Counties.
                                                        and then won the dismissal of a capital case           8000, Intoximeters EC/IR II BAT Training Course
Justin McShane is a trial attorney who                  in November, 2011. Mike is certified on the            and the Intoximeters EC/IR II.                           Dennis Evans served as a Columbus Police Officer
specializes in using forensic science in defending      Datamaster and was recently asked to present at                                                                 before receiving his JD from Capital University in
his clients. He is a litigating attorney for the PA     the American Academy of Forensic Science 2012          Michael Streng is a partner at Cannizzaro,               1985. He has established himself as a premier
Innocence Project, is Bd Certified in DUI Defense       conference. He is the MI delegate to NCDD and          Bridges, Jillisky & Streng in Marysville, OH. Mike       advocate of persons charged with driving under
by the NCDD, as a Criminal Trial Advocate by the        authored the Drunk Driving Practice Manual for         is a graduate of Jerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers            the influence with particular experience in the
National Board of Trial Advocacy, is a fellow with      Michigan Lawyers.                                      College, is a contributing author to Trial Techniques    machines used for breath testing and on the
the American Institute of Chemists and is a Senior                                                             for Criminal Cases and enjoys working with other         scientific requirements for calibration of those
Assistant Chromatography Instructor with the            Patrick T. barone, of The Barone Defense Firm          lawyers on innovative trial preparation and trial        machines. Dennis regularly counsels attorneys in
American Chemical Society.                              in Birmingham MI, is a sustaining member of            techniques. He has frequently lectured on these          Ohio and other states on breath testing issues and
                                                        the NCDD and the author of Defending Drinking          topics as well as DUI topics. He is President of the     is active on the OACDL DUI Comm.
Deandra Grant of Dallas Texas is co-author              Drivers and The DUI Book – A Citizen’s Guide to        Union County Bar Association and the chairman of
of “The Texas DWI Manual” 2012 edition, has             Understanding DUI Litigation in America. He is an      the Union County Criminal Defense Lawyers.               Larry Denny is a private practitioner in Dayton
SFST, DRE, and Forensic Sobriety Assessment             adjunct law professor, frequent lecturer and has                                                                OH. He is a 1974 graduate of the Salmon P. Chase
Certifications and has studied DWI forensic blood       provided expert commentary in the media. Pat           Jon Saia, of Saia & Piatt in Columbus OH, has            College of Law. Larry specializes in DUI law and
and urine testing as well as Gas Chromatography.        has certified on the DataMaster and as an SFST         over 20 years experience in defending DUI cases.         is trained and certified in Breath Test Machine:
Deandra, an NCDD member, was named to D                 instructor.                                            He is a certified NHTSA instructor and provides          BAC DataMaster; Field Sobriety Tests: National
Magazine’s list of Best Women Lawyers in Dallas                                                                consultation and expert testimony on SFSTs and           Highway Traffic Safety Administration and has
2010, Best Lawyers in Dallas and a Texas Super          John S. Webb, of Nichols, Webb & Loranger in           is certified in the operation, diagnostic verification   attended various DUI/OVI procedures and law
Lawyer in 2011.                                         Maine, focuses on DUI and criminal defense, he         and calibration of the BAC Datamaster. Jon is a          seminars at the National College for DUI Defense.
                                                        is certified on the Intoxilyzer, is Maine Delegate,    member of the NCDD, a life member of the OACDL
ryan L. russman of Russman Law Offices, Exeter,         and a Sustaining member and one of the most            and currently CLE Chair.                                 Mark Gardner, of Cleveland OH, distinguished
NH earned his J.D. from Suffolk University School       respected members of the NCDD receiving an                                                                      himself as strong advocate as a public defender
of Law in 1999. Ryan is a member of the NCDD, the       award and a standing ovation for courage at the        Shawn Dominy, of Columbus, Ohio, is frequently           and has continued to do so in many years in
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers        2009 Summer Session. He is a popular lecturer in       DUI lecturer, is certified by NPAS in the Basic          private practice during which he successfully
and the NH Association of Criminal Defense              Maine and has led break outs at NCDD seminars          Science of Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing             conducted numerous DUI motion hearings and
Lawyers, is certified DWI specialist by the NCDD        the NACDL Las Vegas seminar.                           and the operation, diagnostic verification, and          jury trials and has shared what he has learned
and a co-author of New Hampshire DWI Defense -                                                                 calibration of the BAC Datamaster breath testing         speaking at DUI seminars in Texas, Georgia, South
the Law and Practice, published in 2010.                Jamie “the DWI Dude” balagia of Austin & San           instrument and has completed NHTSA’s SFST                Carolina, Arkansas and Florida. One of Ohio’s first
                                                        Antonio TX is a former patrol and VICE officer who     course. Shawn is a member of NCDD, the NACDL             certified NHTSA SFST instructors, he has testified
kirby riffel, of Pocahontas, AR., is the Dean of        graduated from the UT School of Law in 1992. His       and the OACDL.                                           as an SFST expert numerous times and is a
DUI Defense in Arkansas. He teaches DUI defense         six lawyer firm concentrates on alcohol, drug and                                                               popular lecturer at OACDL DUI Seminars.
                                  THE OACDL DUI SEMInAr
                     THE PrEMIEr OHIO ADvAnCED DUI DEFEnSE SEMInAr
                                                         March 8-9, 2012

                                 Combined with the Totally Unique – One of a kind

                          THE FIrST EvEr OHIO TrIAL SkILLS WOrkSHOP
                                                          March 10, 2012

                                           mp e!
                                      a te   ar
                                 C ave r Bew
                                  Bu ye

  Justin McShane, Pennsylvania   Pat barone, Michigan             bruce kapsack, California         Mike nichols, Michigan
  Jamie balagia, Texas           Alan Trapp, Georgia              Deandra Grant, Texas              kirby riffel, Arkansas
  ryan russman, New Hampshire    Charlie Sifers, Oklahoma         Josh Lee, Oklahoma                John Webb, Maine
  William Maze, Michigan         Harley Wagner, West Virginia     Steven W. rickard, Pennsylvania   Stephen Daniels, Florida
  Dr. bob belloto, Ohio          Dr. Al Staubus, Ohio             Mike Streng, Ohio                 Tim Huey, Ohio
  Mike Lear, Ohio                Dennis Evans, Ohio               Jon Saia, Ohio                    Shawn Dominy, Ohio
  Cleve Johnson, Ohio            ken bossin, Ohio                 Mike Lear, Jeff Meadows, Ohio     Larry Denny, Ohio
  Mark Gardner, Ohio             rob Calesaric, Ohio              Jessica Fallon, Ohio              Dr. Lance Platt, Texas

The national
College for
 DUI Defense
has approved this
seminar for members’
mandatory CLE requirements

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