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									Most of the website owners are making use of tools that help in measurement of all the traffic that is
coming to their website. Web analytic tools are used for measurement, analysis and monitoring of all
the online data with the aim of website optimization. To become successful it is necessary that you
know what type of people are visiting your website, what things are helping you drive them and addition
of which functionalities can get you gain more exposure. Not only do these tools help you know about
these details but also automate the whole process for you telling which area is lacked by your website.
Compete.com and ClickTale.com are two of these web analytic tools which provide solution to all
problems of different website owners.


Compete.com has been developed to help website owners know where they stand. It helps them to
understand the key factors which can turn their gradual benefits into a faster growing business. With
the increase in the number of people using internet for various reasons, personal as well as professional,
it becomes necessary to understand what should be the content and design of the website.
Compete.com provides efficient monetizing tools which give you a detailed report about the visitors to
your website, which set of keywords would drive more visitors and who are the competitors that have
the same concept as you have.


       Demographic Data: By making use of the demographic tool of compete.com, you can determine
        visitors that are attracted by your competitor’s which is clearly specified by mentioning the age,
        income level and gender of those visitors. Based on these factors you can understand the
        correct marketing strategy to use.
       Traffic Metrics: Traffic metrics allows to identify the ways used by your competitor’s to get
        traffic and which sites similar to your website’s concept are most productive thus helping to
        implement better methods.
       Keyword Metrics: Keywords are the most important thing when it comes to your ranking in the
        search engines. Search engines are the primary source of getting organic traffic to your website,
        thus building a website which is keyword friendly will get better ranking. This tool helps you to
        understand which keywords would match best with the content of your website and which
        places should be used for inserting these keywords.
       Benchmarking: This helps in understanding where you stand in the market by tracking online
        market share of the industry which is related to your website.

Plan & Pricing: Compete.com provides 4 plans for its customers: Intro, Standard, Advanced and
Enterprise. Each one offers some specific functionality based on their prices. Intro plan is priced at $199
per month, Standard is at $299 per month and Advanced is offered for $499 monthly and the price of
Enterprise plan is kept variable and is calculated on the basis of the requirements of customers.

Clicktale.com maximizes conversions and improves your website’s usability by mapping changes based
on interactions with the customers. It offers similar to compete.com helping website owners and large
online businesses to succeed. It tracks each mouse move, click and scroll and creates playable videos of
customer’s entire browsing sessions. Based on this data it then generates behavioral reports of
customer activities helping you to know your customers better. Setting up clicktale requires a couple of
minutes after which it starts acquiring visitor’s data instantly. It supports almost every type of website
developed using PHP, Java, Asp, Word Press, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, Cold Fusion and many more. By
making use of ClickTaleUploadPage API, web developers can test their website in an offline
development environment also.


           Click & Mouse Over Heatmaps: Heatmaps helps you determine the exact locations of your
            web page where a user clicks or takes his/her mouse, be it a link, an image or some text.
           Form Analytics: In case you have a form which requires visitors to your site to fill in some
            details then you can use the form analytics tool to monitor which fields in the form take long
            to fill and which are left blank.
           Attention Heatmaps: This tool helps you get details about which section of the page gets more
            attention of your visitors.
           Improve User Experience: Tools of clicktale.com help you design web pages in a way which a
            visitor to your website wants it to be by making sure that the link placement and other images
            grab their attention.
           30 Day Money Back Guarantee: A 30 day money back guarantee is offered which allows
            customer to request for refund in the subscription if they are unsatisfied with the results.

Plan & Pricing: It offers three plans to its customers: Bronze (Basic Plan), Silver (Most Popular) and Gold
(Higher Pageviews) priced at $99, $290 and $990 per month.

Heatmaps functionality of ClickTale.com helps in providing better analysis of the visitors coming to a
website. Compared to this, compete.com has a better rank than clicktale.com but the features available
there are less beneficial. The prices of the plans provided are also less at clicktale.com compared to
compete.com. The user reviews for compete.com are less satisfactory as people are claiming it to be a
waste of money as well as time. Problem mainly reported about compete.com is that the results it
shows about different websites are not accurate. Comparatively clicktale.com however has got a higher
number of satisfied customers. However, there is a big difference between the number of users who use
Google Analytics compared to Compete.com which requires addition of new functionalities by

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