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									GPS-Photo Asset Management
Strong Team: GPS-Compass-Camera G700SE and alta4 Software-Solutions

Perfect Teamwork: the latest GPS-Compass-Camera                       asset management tasks. The complete solution covers
G700SE together with Software-Solutions from alta4                    workflows throughout the entire enterprise – starting
Geoinformatik AG. Profit from smart solutions to speed                from capturing geo-coded photos to the implementati-
up administration and documentation tasks of your                     on in mapping services and databases.

12,1 Megapixel, 28-140mm Zoom                 GPS + Compass                                  WiFi + Bluetooth®
12.1 Mega-Pixel resolution combined the       With its effective and sleek design, the       WiFi and Bluetooth® 2.1 enable the GPS-
powerful CCD 1/2,3" image sensor enables      GPS+Compass unit is a seamless fit to the      Compass-Camera G700SE to do high
the RICOH GPS-Compass-Camera G700SE           cameras body. First tests results of alta4     -speed data communication in order to
to capture high resolution images at any      showed highest accuracy in terms of            meet highest connectivity standards. The
weather conditions. With its aperture         position-fixing. Due to the integrated         ability to transmit image data to personal
range of f3.5-5.0 and possible ISO-Speed      digital compass function, the image            computers and smartphones completes a
settings    from      ISO64-3200,    the      direction will be captured together with its   smooth data workflow in any network
GPS-Compass-Camera G700SE allows to           GPS-coordinates.         In       addition     environment. The GPS-Compass-Camera
capture images even at difficult light        geo-referenced images can be displayed         G700SE can also transmit images via
conditions.                                   and organized on digital maps.                 wireless LAN while receiving GPS data.

Roughness                                     Text-Attributes                                Safety Features
Through an elegant and compact design         The Memo-function of the GPS-Compass-          In order to proof who took which
combined with a net weight of 286g,           Camera G700SE extends the image infor-         photo where and when, the new RICOH
RICOH enabled its GPS-Compass-Camera          mation through the additional option of        GPS-Compass-Camera G700SE comes with
G700SE to resist the impact of water, dust    name-tags. 99 pre-defined text-attributes      brand new safety features. Through a pass-
and a drop from 5ft. It even resists the      in 10 categories can be linked to the taken    word protection, several camera functions
removal of stains with ethanol- and           images in order to pre-sort and organize       can be protected, what grants only permit-
chlorine-acids. Additionally the waterproof   images in relation to the captured objects.    ted users access to these functions. The
body prevents the camera from water and       This brings great facilitation to every        option to use SD-WORM memory-cards
moisture infiltration.                        Photo-Management workflow.                     (write once read many), protects images
                                                                                             from being edited or deleted.
Asset Management
GPS photo documentation facilitates work

                                                GIS-Desktop integration
                                                The photos will be placed on the maps of
                                                ArcGIS automatically. The direction in
                                                which the image was taken will be indica-
                                                ted with an “arrow-symbol”. All available
                                                EXIF-data will be imported and be
                                                available for further use.

                                                                                                  With just a few clicks, well structured
                                                                                                  PDF-reports can be created to give an
                                                                                                  overview of the captured images and
                                                                                                  maps. This function unfolds its full usabili-
Capturing the Image                                                                               ty when reporting to external interest
While capturing the scene, the camera                                                             groups
automatically gathers the GPS-data and
the direction through the compass
function and writes this information into       GIS-Server integration
the EXIF-header of the stored image-file        An intuitive interface enables direct
automatically.                                  upload functionality, text-tagging, adding
Compatible to:                                  of comments, editing and organizing of
Profi-GPS              Laser Range Finder
                                                your photos. All photos can instantly be
like:                  like:                    displayed through available map services.

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                                                                                                                                       al -So
                                                                                                                                     w. mera

                      ExifExtractor offers                        GPS PhotoMapper offers                        PhotoMapper          Server
                      the      ability    to                      broad based functionali-     PM               efficiently       increases
                      read-out         EXIF-                      ty to comfort and increa-         Se
                                                                                                    Server ArcGIS Server advantages

information’s and implement these gathe-                          se the Photomanage-                           with an improved photo-
red information’s for an efficient photo       ment process within ArcGIS applications.       management. The fully automated process
management. This is an efficient stand-        Drag&Drop interfaces allow a comfortable       of transfer, storage, distribution to the
alone tool for all users without ArcGIS        use in ArcMap. An automated position is        person or department in charge, up to
applications. It offers a broad range of       ensured through the available GPS data         storing the captured images in photo
export formats like csv, xml, kml to enable    captured in the EXIF-header of the chosen      collections improves the overall workflow.
the integration in Google Earth, CAD-file      images. In case of missing GPS-coordinates,    Especially large scale organizations and
systems and GIS applications. An additional    these can be added manually through the        complex enterprises gain great profit from
feature is the PDF-export function, which      Drag&Drop functionality. For different         an increased workflow efficiency through
delivers clear and compact information’s       purposes, PDF files can easily be created in   PhotoMapper Server, which enables an
about chosen photo-collections in a well       order to give an overview of the chosen        easy-to-handle file structure, that increases
structured PDF-report.                         photos and their relevant EXIF-data.           the ease of access throughout the whole

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