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									                                          CV of UMA C

Email:                                       Contact No: 9833052978

                                   EXPERIENCE SUMMARY
Over 12 years of experience in the software field with strong technical and management
background. Functional experience includes application software in embedded and banking
domain. Have excellent communication skills, leadership abilities and analytical abilities, apart
from being team player. Result oriented and go getter, one who believes in efficiency. Experience
in dealing with client interaction at onsite UK and Russia as well as from offshore. I am looking for
a career at senior management level in a prestigious top CMM-5 company in Mumbai, India.

                                          KEY SKILLS
       Project Management       Estimation               Resource planning          Scheduling
       Project Planning High level plan and detailed project plan                   Tracking
       Risk identifying and risk mitigation              Client interaction         decision making
       Issue resolutions as per SLA                      project team inter group communication
       Delivered 3 complete full development cycle projects on time with quality.
       Technical and conceptual understanding of the issues       People management

   Diploma in Business Management (DBM) from ICFAI University, India, 2007
   Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Science & Technology, Andhra University,
    India, 1999
   Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science & Engineering, Mysore University, India,


   Gold Medalist in M.Tech in Computer Science & Technology from Andhra University.
   All the projects delivered well within the deadlines with quality.
                                     WORK HISTORY

Duration                            Organization                        Role
January 2008 – Till date            ACE Software Solutions Inc.,        Project Manager/Delivery Manager
April 2006 - September 2007         Tech Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai          Project Manager
August 2003 - March 2006            Tech Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai          Software Design Engineer
September 2002 - July 2003          Paragon Solutions India Pvt Ltd.,   Software Engineer
December 2001 – May 2002            Mistral Solutions , Bangalore       Software Trainee
August 1999 – September 2001        Essemm Info Systems Ltd., Vizag     Software Engineer
October 1995- June 1998             Gayatri Vidya Parishad., Vizag      Lecturer
October 1994- May 1995              Vidyaranya Academy of               Trainer
                                    Computers Mysore

                                 TECHNICAL SUMMARY

SKILLS                     TOOLS                                    EXPERIENCE LEVEL
LANGUAGE                   C, C++, VC++                             4
                           Java, XML, Microsoft Project             3
Operating System           Unix / Linux Windows XP, VISTA           4
Database                   Oracle 9i, MS Access                     2
RTOS                       Vxworks 5.4, Tornado II, 8051            3
                           Microcontrôleur (usé KEIL as cross
Methodologies              SSAD and OOAD, SDLC                      4
Protocols                  Serial, TCP/IP                           4
Standards                  SWIFT                                    3

        1 connotes experience ranging between one month to three months
        2 connotes experience ranging between three to six months
        3 connotes experience ranging to six months to two years
        4 connotes experience ranging to two years and higher
                                      WORK EXPERIENCE

ACE Software Solutions Inc, India
ACE Software Solutions is a product development company which provides intelligent payment
gateways via STP(straight through processing) products and solutions for the financial sectors.
OFAC filtering solution which identifies/scans the transactions analyzes and reports the
blacklisted entities during the transactions. Solutions are certified by SWIFT alliance. The solution
can scan financal transactions in any form like SWIFT, XML, free format etc.

January 2008 – till date
Development / Maintenance of Banking Solutions for Europe and US region clients
ACE Software Solutions provides solutions in financial sectors. The solutions on products like
STP (Straight through processing), AML (Anti Money Laundry) , OFAC etc.

Achievements and Demonstrated Abilities (Project Manager/Delivery Manager):
Independently handled medium sized project (around 250 man day’s effort) delivered on-time
with quality. The entire development, packaging and QA team together on achieving the target
results with better efficiency. Effective inter/intra group communication and timely escalation to
higher management. Knowledge sharing within the team and requirement clarification from the
client as required. Issues resolved on time. Mentor/guide team members on their routine work.
Timely escalation to higher management Vice President and Delivery head. Identified many
improvement areas and implementing the solutions successfully.


As a project Manager/delivery Manager, managed development team of around 15-20 people
which includes some resources at onsite as well. Successfully manage more than six projects in
Client support till the client goes live as per their schedule.
Responsible for projects planning, scheduling, tracking of development work of various groups
like business development, GUI development, software packaging and QA testing phase.
Regular client interaction with US and UK clients, on the ongoing work updates, any requirement
clarification/resolution. Various developments inter group communication and tracking of work so
as to ensure the timely delivery of solutions with quality.
Customization of STP, OFAC financial transaction filtering solutions to various banks like Royal
Bank of Canada, First Rand Bank, CommerzBank etc. as per the client needs.
Tech Mahindra Ltd (Mahindra British Telecom Ltd.,) India (CMM Level 5)
August 2003 – September 2007 (4 years)                        website:

Achievements and Demonstrated Abilities (Project Manager):
Medium sized project (around 200 man day’s effort) delivered on-time with quality. Review of all
deliverables, monitoring the progress, testing and coding/code reviews. Compliance with the
quality processes within the team. Audit of deliverables which are peer reviewed. Mentor/guide
team members on their routine work. Management reports preparation.

Achievements and Demonstrated Abilities (Team Leader):
Successfully executed the knowledge transfer and offshore the project from Russia to India,
Mumbai office. Ensured regular updates to project manager and delivery head on the progress
while at onsite. Documented the software modules of the project and trained team members on
the various software modules. Effort estimation, coding & debug, issue resolution, testing,
requirement specification for the various enhancements that were requested by client. Already
existing algorithms were re-written to improve/optimize the time/flow of the logic behind it.


Development / Maintenance of Willett/Videojet Industrial Barcoding machines
The embedded application is designed to print barcode and text on the moving products on the
conveyor belt. The user will select the message to be printed on the products with several
variables, text and company logos and the number of prints/products to be printed. The selected
message is then compiled into bitmap and these bitmap values are passed as charge values to
EHT plate which is required for the variation in the height of the message as the nozzle sprays ink
on the products.

Roles and Responsibilities:
As a Project Manager successfully delivered new protocol development and maintenance of
various application software on different products of the industrial automotive bar coding
       Responsible for new work estimation, planning, scheduling and tracking of the
        development work.
       UK and US client interaction in order to ensure quality work delivery to clients.
       Timely issue escalation to higher management and knowledge building within the team.
       Handled new protocol development and maintenance of multiple products which are used
        in the manufacturing industry for printing barcodes, text and logos on different materials
        like glass, plastic, paper etc.. This includes four embedded application software and two
        desktop applications which communicates to the embedded software.
       Embedded applications on these industrial barcoding machines software’s are running on
        various RTOS like nucleus, Vxworks and WinCE.
       Successfully implemented and delivered new serial protocol (Royal mail protocol) within a
        month’s time.
      New serial and Ethernet client specific protocol specifications proposed for new products.
      Analysed and designed various performance related algorithms related to bar-coding
       machine operation for the client at onsite.

Roles and Responsibilities:
As a Team Leader,
      Successful in off shoring Sysmodix product software from Russia. The software was
       understood, setup at offshore and successfully maintained and developed new serial and
       Ethernet protocols on this product.
      Responsible for the protocol implementation right from the effort estimation, initial
       analysis and throughout the complete development cycle until the software was accepted
       by the customer.
      Coding, debugging, reviewing, configuration management on Visual Source Safe (VSS
      Handled the client requests on these multiple softwares, issue resolution and
       clarifications. Review/verification of the major artefacts before sending to the client.
      Overall responsibility of the project with regular client interactions for the various issue
      Update of the Project Management details like Quality records, resource management
       and billing details.
      Team training on the quality standards and update of the quality standard templates as
       per the requirements of the applications.
Paragon Solutions India Pvt Ltd.
September 2002 - July 2003                (11 months)
Development and Customization of SASIxp product - NCS Pearson, US
SASIxp product deals with overall student administrative activities. It’s used by more than 50,000
schools in US since last 15 years. Customization of SASIxp according to state-wide

As a Team Leader (with a team size of 6) responsible for the follows -
 Clarification of technical issues and resolution concerned to the project.
 Helping the team members to get the work to meet the project deadlines and ensure the
    project relevant documents written by team members are up to the standards.
 Analysis, Estimation, Coding, Unit Testing and Release to onsite.
 Interaction with onshore team, interaction with random testers, system testers and tech

Environment: Windows NT, VC++ for debugging and build, coding in C /C++.

Mistral Solutions, India
December 2001 - May 2002                  (6 months)
Development of RTOS applications on Vxworks and 8051 Microcontrollers

a. Implementation of OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocol (Ipv4)

        My role: Design and development of Hello message packet across the Local Area
        Description: This is the first packet that is sent across the network to discover or maintain
        the neighbors on the network at frequent intervals of time. Once the neighbors are found
        then it is written /updated to the routing table. In our case it was written to the text file.

Environment: Vxworks 5.4(RTOS), Tornado II used for development (target Intel PC) and Coding
in C++

b. Implementation of doubly linked list as a Shared Data Structure

        My role: Design and development of the various operations on the doubly linked list as a
        part of Shared Data Structure.
        Description: The doubly linked list was maintained as shared data structure in the
        operating system. Hence the access to such structure has to be mutually exclusive for
        each of the tasks that access it. Each of the operations on this like addition, deletion and
        modification to the nodes of the doubly linked list were made mutually exclusive to the
        tasks that access it.

Environment: Vxworks 5.4(RTOS), Tornado II used for development (target Intel PC) and Coding
in C++

c. Implementation of Round Robin scheduling algorithm

        My role: Design and development of the Round Robin Scheduling algorithm for 4 tasks.
        Description: Scheduling the tasks as per Round Robin Scheduling algorithm. Timer was
        maintained to switch between the various tasks and once the task is completed the task
        was ended. 4 tasks were scheduled using the 4 register banks of 8051 microcontroller.

Environment: 8-bit 8051 Microcontroller, KEIL was used for development (Cross Compiler) and
Coding in assembly

d. Implementation of Data Transfer using CAN

        My role: Development of the data sends and receive across the network using CAN.
        Description: CAN - Controller Area Network is a high-speed data transfer serial device.
        Initialization of the device and the various registers of CAN and Sample data transfer
        both send and receive was done on the network.

Environment: 8-bit 8051 Microcontroller, KEIL was used for development (Cross Compiler) and
Coding in assembly

Essemm Information Systems, India

August 1999 - September 2001                      (26 months)

As a Software Engineer was involved in the following
 All stages of the SDLC in the development of application as well as system software.
 Written Process Design Language for some of the projects.

a. Implementation of Proxy Server

        My role: Coding for both client and server processes.
        Description: Proxy server is used by all the clients connected to a subnet. A client even
        without a DNS can use the web. It acts as both a client and server which gives access to
        the Internet from within a firewall.

Environment: Intel PC, Linux and Coding in C.

b. Implementation of Multi Utility Software

        My role: Coding for IDE Window and the file related services.
        Description: This package provides utilities in the form of an IDE Window which has pull
        down menus for File related services like file compression/decompression,
        encryption/decryption, getting /setting file attributes , Directory related services and some
        miscellaneous services like System Information, ASCII table etc. Used various ROM
        BIOS services of DOS for resizing the Cursor size, position and various user screen
        images which are directly dumped onto the VDU memory.

Environment: Intel PC, DOS and Coding in C.

c. Implementation of Banking System Software

       My role: Coding for bank transactions.
       Description: This involves modules for various Bank transactions, opening of new
    accounts, deletion of account, queries on details of a particular account(s), Daily/Monthly
    summary report on the transactions.

Environment: RS6000 IBM Server, UNIX and Coding in C++.
d. Implementation of Sorting Master Software

         My role: Coding for various sorting algorithms.
         Description: Implementation of the various sorting algorithms like Bubble sort, Insertion
sort, Selection sort, Heap sort, Quick sort and Merge sort.

Environment: RS6000 IBM Server, UNIX and Coding in C++.

Gayathri Vidya Parishad, India

October 1995- June 1998                 (33 months)

As a Lecturer taught subjects like C, C++, and Data Structures to MCA, B.Sc., and BBM students.
External examiner for Andhra University to conduct lab exams.
Guided projects for the students.

   BMS training: Tech Mahindra Ltd. ( formerly called Mahindra British Telecom) internal training
    Duration: 1 day

   Vxworks Training: Mahindra British Telecom internal training Duration: 2 days

   CMM training : Paragon Solutions internal training, Duration : 2 days : May 2003

   Unit testing and Requirement Traceability Matrix( Part of MSD) training : Paragon Solutions
    internal training, Duration : 2 days : December 2002

Personal Details:

Name: Uma ChikkaJadeSwamy

Marital status: Married

Nahar Amrit Shakti,
Andheri East, Mumbai - 72.

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