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					            ACRIN ACCRUAL

   Washington University,
   PIs: Pamela Woodard, M.D. Tammie Benzinger, M.D.

• Hypothesis: Availability of a coordinator and
  technologist after normal working hours and on
  weekends will provide an increase in patient
  recruitment/dollar spent by comparison with the current
  recruitment strategy for such trials.

• Specific Aim: To determine whether “off hour” late-
   day/evening and on-call weekend coordinator and
   technologist services improves accrual to trials requiring
   more acute coordinator/ technologist involvement, and in
   completion of data collection.
2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting
     After Hours Weekday Coordinator
            and CT Technologist

 • CT technologist from 4-6 PM
 • Coordinator from 4-6 PM
    – ROMICAT Trial (NIH Trial) and ACRIN-funded
      Biomarker Substudy
       • Acute chest pain trial based out of ED, patients
         randomized to CCTA vs. SOC.
       • Hs troponin biomarker component requires 3 blood
         draws, with last 6 hrs after patient entered into study.
       • Chronic angina trial with patients randomized to CCTA
         vs. SPECT/ICA as means of directing patients to
         revascularization or optimal medical therapy.

2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting
                  ROMICAT II

 • ACRIN Accrual Project started 2/2011
 • 81 patients enrolled into ROMICAT at WU site
   since February 2011 (7 months). Total: 150 since
   4/2010, 16 months).
              6 patients recruited after 3 PM
              8 patients CT scanned after 4 PM
 • 39 patients enrolled into ACRIN Biomarker Substudy at
   WU site since February 2011 (7 months) Total 71: since
   4/2010, 16 months).
              15/39 after hours blood draw since 2/2011

2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting
•   WU recruitment began 6/8/11.
•   9 patients recruited to date, 4 randomized to CCTA.
•   None after hours.
•   However, since these patients are often recruited from
    the clinic setting, sometimes in the afternoon, we are
    now asking the following question if they are
    randomized to CCTA:
There is an after hrs (4-6PM) technologist available, so
   that your CCTA can be done today.
Would you like to take advantage of the opportunity to
   have your study done today? Y      N
If no, please state why?
2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting
    Weekend Coordinator
 ACRIN 6684 GBM Study, PI –Tammie Benzinger, M.D.
 • NEW RN is available by phone 24/7, responds to email daily,
   even on weekends. Comes in on weekends to discuss the
   study with patients if they are scheduled for a Monday surgery.

 • Increased queries about the study. Questions from the surgeons re
   "possible advanced imaging" come in at least once a week.

 • “Unfortunately, despite this energy, we still have not found anyone
   eligible for the particular study due to patient issues. The ones with
   subtotal resection are too sick to agree to extra imaging. We had
   one agree verbally before his surgery, did not sign the form, died
2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting

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