12-23-2009-Minutes-OHSU by xiagong0815


									                           OPEN HIGH SCHOOL
                       BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING
                                          Conference Call Meeting

                                            December 23, 2009
                                            5:00 pm – 5:30 pm

In Attendance: Robyn Bagley, Bart Barker, John Dougall

Others In Attendance: DeLaina Tonks, OHSU Director

5:05pm meeting called to order.

 Fee Proposal. Three IT bids were submitted to OHSU. David Schultz with Dynabyte is the Director's
preferred option. He has the most experience, and will handle all the IT himself, an important feature.
The Content Watch contract is with OHSU, so David Schultz would be added as an administrator,
allowing him the access that he needs to the school's computers. The Board discussed some of the
changes that will need to be made to the computers before next year and the need to back-up files, and
possible ways of doing that. The Director will present to the Board in January options and costs for
purchasing a server to back up materials or contracting with a vendor to perform that task. She will also
have the final contract with David Schultz ready to be approved by the Board. Bart Barker made a
motion to approve moving forward with a contract with David Shultz; John Dougall seconded the
motion. Voting was unanimous.

Raptivity. This product will allow the teachers to turn curriculum content into interactive tools that the
teachers can use inside Brain Honey to make the content dynamic and engaging. Purchasing by the end
of the year saves a considerable amount, and the Director has applied for a grant to cover the cost.
John Dougall made a motion to approve the purchase of Raptivity; Bart Barker seconded the motion.
Voting was unanimous.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:30pm.

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