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					Hip No.                  Consigned by JEH Stallion Station                          Hip No.
  118             BR Corona Sensation                                                  118
                         February 22, 2006 Brown Filly
                                                        { Holland Chick SI 109

                                    Corona Cartel SI 97
              Corona For Me SI 99                         Corona        SI 113

BR Corona Sensation
                                          JD Me Too SI 90          { On ASeis SI 113

                                                                   { *Beduino TB SI 95
                                          Tolltac SI 113
              BR Sweet Sensation SI 103                              Little Smoothie
                                          BR Dash Of Fantasy SI 82 { First Down Dash SI 105
                                                                     BR Sweet Fantasies SI 98
By CORONA FOR ME SI 99 (2001). Stakes-placed winner of 4 races,
 $375,718, 2nd Los Alamitos Million Fut. [G1], 3rd Sgt Pepper Feature H.
 [G3]; finalist Golden State Fut. [G1], Los Alamitos Super Derby [G1],
 Golden State Derby [G1]. Half brother to CAME UPON ME SI 97, ET O
 TOOLE SI 106. His first foals are yearlings of 2007. Son of stakes winner
 CORONA CARTEL SI 97, sire of 86 stakes winners, 2 champions.
1st dam
BR Sweet Sensation SI 103, by Tolltac. 3 wins to 3, $6,206, 3rd Ameri-
   can-Canadian Futurity [G3]. Dam of 4 foals of racing age, including an
   unstarted 2-year-old of 2007, two to race, both winners–
 BR Special Fantasy SI 94 (c. by Special Effort). 2 wins to 3, $4,048,
    2nd Elko Intermountain Futurity.
 I Opening Sensation SI 97 (f. by Eyesa Special). 3 wins to 4, 2007,
    $21,594, finalist Oklahoma Challenge S. [G3], Texas Distaff Chlg. [G3].
2nd dam
BR DASH OF FANTASY SI 82, by First Down Dash. Unplaced in 2 starts.
  Sister to Josephine 2001 SI 95, BR Simply Dashing SI 101. Dam of
  6 foals to race, all winners, including–
 Chicks First Fantasy SI 90 (f. by Chicks Beduino). 2 wins at 2,
   $22,420, 3rd Newport Beach Overnight H. [R], finalist in the Gover-
   nor’s Cup Futurity [R] [G1].
 BR Sweet Sensation SI 103 (Tolltac). Stakes placed winner, above.
 Fantasies Royal SI 97 (g. by This Snow Is Royal). 2 wins at 3, 2007,
   $122,999, finalist in the Texas Classic Futurity [G1], Heritage Place
   Futurity [G1], Dash for Cash Futurity [G1].
 BR First Sign SI 86 (c. by The Signature). Winner at 3, $10,957.
3rd dam
BR SWEET FANTASIES SI 98, by Pie In The Sky. 4 wins at 3, $4,349.
   Half sister to Designer Genes 1984 SI 94 (dam of Original Genes SI
   103, $53,142 [G3]; granddam of BR PROUDEST VICTORY SI 102,
   $116,435 [G1]; Christie Jo Dash SI 95, $71,058 [G2]). Dam of 10
   foals to race, all ROM, including–
 BR FANTASY SI 110 (Proudest Effort). 6 wins at 2 and 3, $106,173, Sil-
    ver Dollar Futurity [R] [G1], Silver Dollar Derby [R] [G3], 3rd Diamond
    Classic Futurity [R] [G1], Dashing Folly H. Dam of–
  The Dove SI 108. 3 wins at 3, $37,186, finalist [G3].
  Fantasize This SI 88. Winner at 3, $26,664, finalist [G3].
 Josephine 2001 SI 95 (First Down Dash). Winner at 2, $25,584, 2nd
    Mile High Futurity [G2].
 BR Simply Dashing SI 101 (First Down Dash). 3 wins at 2 and 3,
    $24,890, 2nd Vandy’s Flash H. [G3], Independence Day H. [R].
 BR Quick Fantasy SI 91 (Royal Quick Dash). 2 wins at 2, $20,735, 2nd
    Garden Grove H., finalist [G3].
 BR Jess Fantasies SI 92 (Mr Jess Perry). 2 wins at 3, 2007, $16,815,
    2nd Bonnett-Brodon Futurity, finalist [G3].
ENGAGEMENTS: AQHA Racing Challenge                                                      RGP 7/07

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