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									Staff Newsletter                                                                                           May 1st , 2006
                                                                                                           Volume IX

                                 Cassellholme, East Nipissing District Home for the Aged
                                 OVERVIEW OF COMPLIANCE PROCESS
                            The government's guiding principle with respect to long-term care in the province states that all
                           homes must meet the needs of its residents. A home that fails to uphold standards or comply with
                            regulations or policies is referred to as being "non-compliant”. Non-compliance may or may not
                           put residents at risk, and usually indicates that a home is not meeting its residents' needs in some
                            The ministry may learn of a home's non-compliance because a staff member, resident, family
  “ADMINISTRATIVE          member or member of the public has made a complaint, or through the ministry's regular reviews
   PROFESSIONALS                                                  and inspections.
 DAY” (was April 26,          Once the ministry has received a complaint or been alerted to a problem, a process is set in
        2006)                motion. This process gives the home an opportunity to address the problem, depending on its
                          nature, within a certain period of time. It also allows the government to take steps to enforce the
 “CLINICAL SERVICES            standards and policies, should the home not act soon enough or take adequate measures.
   Monday, May 8,           The MOHLTC’s primary issues of concern at Cassellholme have been communicated with the Board
        2006                    of Management and reviewed at staff meetings. The “Theme of the Week” initiative was
                               implemented to remind and educate all staff on MOHLTC standards that all Home’s must be
                               compliant with. Cassellholme has also undertaken a building condition assessment, a design
                           standards review, an operational review and a management structure review, to identify structural
    STAFF DAY”                            and operational requirements that must be considered for the future.
  Monday, May 15,
        2006                A detailed compliance plan has been submitted to the Ministry to address the outstanding issues.
     “RSS & CSS                                                     Encouraging news!
    STAFF DAY”               Results from the most recent inspection by the MOHLTC on Wednesday, April 26th and Thursday,
 Tuesday, May 23,              April 27th, indicated that steady progress is evident in the area of "least restraint” use. The
       2006                 Compliance Officer from the MOHLTC also observed some very positive interactions between staff
                           and residents. Cassellholme staff also received praise for the success of the new dining experience.
North          American      The temporary re-assignment of Cheryl Sheppard, Nurse Manager to focus on quality-monitoring
                                    was also noted as a positive step towards a coordinated risk management system.
Occupational Safety and
Health (or NAOSH)          While this inspection was positive, the MOHLTC was quick to point out that we still have a long way
Week will be celebrated                           to go and must work to sustain our accomplishments.
from April 30 - May 6 in
2006, with the slogan
Review.         Refresh.
                                             IMPORTANT NOTICE
Cassellholme’s    Social
Club is contributing to           Please be advised that effective May 1, 2006,
Health & Safety Week              Cassellholme can no longer provide staff with
by hosting a BBQ for all          meals when working a double shift due to the
staff on Friday, May 5,           associated    costs    and     administrative
                                                                                                     Garden Bros.Circus
2006.                             processing. In cases where a staff member
                                  has been asked to work overtime at the last
                                  minute, they will have to make alternate
                                                                                             If anyone is interested in an “Admit
   “Keeping Fit for               meal arrangements.                                         One Child Absolutely” FREE pass to
       Work”                                                                                 the Garden Bros. Circus on May 20,
  Tuesday, May 2,                 We regret that this action is necessary, however, due to   2006, please contact Shani @ Ext.
                                  the financial costs, we can no longer support this meal    295. Show times are 3:30 pm and
       2006                       allowance program.
Apple St. Dining Room                                                                        7:00 pm.
Speaker - Lise Paxton
                                        HEALTH & SAFETY !                              :) Labour Update
     WELCOME!!                          Cassellholme will be celebrating the
                                        North American Occupational Safety &              Negotiation dates have been set with CUPE Local 146 for
                                        Health (NAOSH) Week. The theme this
  Angel Burney, PSW                                                                       the collective agreement that expired on December 31, 2006.
                                        year is Review, Refresh and Revitalize.
  Kathy Morin, Housekeeper              Cassellholme will be reviewing existing
                                                                                          These dates are June 28th, 29th and August 15th, 16th.
  Laura Hamilton, FSW                   policies, practices, and procedures               ONA and Cassellholme are set to meet on June 14th to
  Sharon Kuehni, FSW                    throughout        the  year,      refreshing      commence negotiations for the renewal of the collective
  Jennifer Etmanskie, FSW               documents         and   revitalizing    and       agreement.
  Marcia Sandy, PSW                     encouraging staff to recognize that safety
                                        is a way of life.                                 SEIU Local 146 has served notice to commence
  Jennifer Devoe, PSW
                                                                                          negotiations as their collective agreement is set to expire on
  Gerry Gagnon, Maintenance                Posters will be placed throughout             June 30, 2006. No dates have been set as of yet.
  Keira Lindquist, PSW                      the Home to remind staff of Safety &
  Kristal McKinlay, PSW                     Health Week
  Caroline            Beaudoin,            A display will be setup in the Main                              SAFETY NOTICE
  Housekeeper                               Hall                                             To ensure the health and safety of our staff,
  Jennifer Adduono, PSW                    Information on in-services will be               plastic lawn furniture is not permitted in the area
  Candyce Marchant, Activity                sent out the week of April 24th.                 immediately behind the “Smoke Shack” due to
  Maike      Kurtze,    Activity                                                             the rutted ground condition. Picnic tables will be
                                          Prizes will be given out during                    re-located to the side of the wall adjacent to the
                                                    the week!!                               laundry for the comfort and safety of staff.
                                                                                             SAFETY of staff.

     Friendly Reminders…
Have you moved? Does payroll              Due    to   the  onset   of                  T-shirts and golf shirts may also be
have your most current address? If        unseasonably warm weather,                   worn. Halter-taps or mid-riff revealing
                                          the summer dress code will                   tops may not.
not, please provide Lynn Demers
                                          take                 effect
with your correct address to ensure
our records are up-to-date.               immediately       and will
                                                                                        Open toe shoes are permitted
                                                                                       however, they must have a closed
                                          conclude on September 15,
                                                                                       back or strap.     Please note staff
                                       2006.
                                                                                       required to wear specific shoes for
                                                                                       safety purposes, must continue to do
                                          As a reminder, the following
Due to privacy legislation,                                                            so. Flip-flops or clog style shoes are
                                          attire is acceptable; capri                  not permitted.
Cassellholme will not release             style pants, knee length
salary information over the               skirts, knee length shorts.                                                         Welcome to our
telephone to a Third Party unless         Staff required to wear                                                               Summer PSW
we have a signed consent form. If         uniforms have the option of                                                           Students!!
you need your salary confirmed,           wearing uniform shorts or
you will have to provide Payroll with     blue, tan or black knee length                                                             Apple/Maple
a written request in advance or ask       shorts.
                                                                                                                                   Rebecca Furnell
for a “Consent to Release
Information” form available from the                                                                                                  Angela Sijm
                                          Results of               Pay       Equity          Review        (CUPE                   Elizabeth Walker
Payroll department.
                                                                                                                                Second Floor
                                          The Cassellholme Joint Pay Equity Committee met with Steve Lillico,
                                                                                                                                  Amanda Eagles
                                          a CUPE Job Evaluation Representative on March 23, 2006, to review
                                                                                                                                   Jennifer Pratt
                                          the results of the job evaluations process. All job values (points)
                                                                                                                              Welcome Back! - Jaymie
                                          increased proportionately over the job values from 1990. This means
                                          that no new wage gaps have been created between male and female                           Lynn Mariott
                                          job classifications between 1990 and 2006. A computerized program
            472-6515                      was used to test the results to verify the data. The software                             Third Floor
                                          confirmed that no new wage gaps have been created.                                       Laura Wheeler
    Employee Family and                                                                                                            Linda Michaud
     Assistance Program                   Both Cassellholme and CUPE are pleased to advise that the parties                   Welcome Back! - Melissa
                                          have been successful at maintaining pay equity.                                             Terpstra

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