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Bradenton, Florida, Tel: 503-840-0514 cellular and 941-729-1652 h/b
Web sites: www.Braziltrans.com, http://sarasotafilmnetwork.ning.com , http://tampafilmnetwork.ning.com,
http://www.arigothemovie.com, http://www.helenagallagher.com, www.bes.bz
E-mail: Helenagallagher@comcast.net or Lourdes_gallagher@yahoo.com

Highlights of qualifications/kewywords:
                                                                                                                                 ls, and
knowledge of French, Italian and Dutch.
                                                            , Oregon; TransPerfect Inc. NY, Kaiser Permanente, Health Media,
Ford, GM, Siemens, Chrysler, Health Media Inc., CMS Energy, Banks, Social Security Administration, etc.


B.E.S., Inc.                                       Bloomfield Hills, Michigan                         From: 03/95 to present
Current Position: Writer, translator, Web designer, project manager for films. Former positions held at the same corporation: Treasurer,
Project Manager (Translation Dept.); Videographer; script writer for corporate voice-over, comedies, plays, short- movies; script writer
for marketing ads on Brazilian International Network TV Globo. You may find samples of Instructional bilingual comedies at
www.Braziltrans.com. Team leader developed Foreign Language Learning Methodology; Web site Writer and Developer of E-
marketing strategies programmer designed and maintained BES Inc’s website, Translator.
Current duties: I am working on Internal Audit delivering the best service possible managing complex audits as an audit team leader. I
was working independently, planning audits, overseeing teamwork activities. Preparing audit reports detailing issues and
recommendations for improvement etc, etc. Duties from 6/2007 to 6/2008: Developed financial strategies for the company. Duties from
6/2002 to 5/2007: developed high tech educational CDs, E-Books, Printed books. Created effective language-learning programs and
Methodology; developed MP3 Audio books. ESL Instructor working with International College level students located overseas using
Cisco System Webex. From 3/98 to 5/2002 duties: Project Manager Coordinate large translations projects in Spanish, Portuguese, and
Italian for the “Big 3” Auto Industries, Insurance Companies and Health Related Programs

Language Line Services, LLC - Coto Languages/Former TeleInterpreter
Monterrey, California          (part-time position)                                 From October 2006 to 5/27/09
Position: Currently as a Log-in employee, telephone interpreter & Portuguese & Spanish Interpreter (on site as needed) assisting clients
located all over the US, Canada, England & Brazil with consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.
Duties: Interpreter for various clients, attorneys, private investigators, Insurance Companies, Social security Administration, Hospitals,
Cisco Systems, etc

Lion Bridge Inc. – Boston, MA, U.S.A. & Ireland division–
Position: Test Engineer contractor for Microsoft Corporation -                             From February to 2008 to present as needed.

TransPerfect Translations, Inc.                                                               From: 11/2005 to present (as needed)
Three Park Avenue, 39th Floor - New York, NY 10016
Position: Portuguese & Spanish Interpreter (travel interpreter & translator)
Duties: Free Lancer Interpreter for various clients, Nike Inc., various industries, attorneys, private investigators, etc.

Certified Languages International (Portland - Oregon) (weekend part time contractor) From: September 2005 Present
Position: telephone interpreter contractor; Highest Score (99%) on September 2006 Tele-language evaluation of all medical Interpreters.
Clients include hospitals, insurance companies, Social Security Administration, 911, utility companies, telecommunication companies,
Workers’ Compensation, WIC North and South Caroline, University Hospital (UMD-New Jersey), OHSU (Oregon State University
Hospital), private individuals & small business.

UTS – University Translators Services                        Ann Arbor, Michigan                      From: 9/1997 – 08/26/2006
Position: Portuguese & Spanish Interpreter, Translator, Test engineer and Q & A Web Tester.
Duties: Free Lancer Interpreter for various Judicial Courts throughout Michigan. Spanish Interpreter at St. Joseph Hospital
in Ann Arbor, working in the Rehabilitation Unit with patients with severe brain injuries. Translated various Manuals and
technical texts from English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English; voice over talent. Subcontracted at Health Media
Inc since 2001 (www.healthmedia.com) Test Engineer QA Web Development Dept., Medical & technical writer and
translator of Spanish and Italian languages.

University of Detroit Mercy                                  Detroit, Michigan                        From: 09/1997 – 8/26/06
Position: Part-time Portuguese & Spanish Language Teacher (Weekend College, offered on Saturdays)
Conducted college-level courses in the field of foreign languages; areas of instruction include pronunciation, meaning, translation,
linguistic history of foreign languages, Created effective language-learning programs and Methodology and Tests. Responsible for
preparing and delivering lectures and leading classroom discussions; instructed students in various subject matters, utilizing various
methods of lecture and demonstration. Administered and graded examinations; Conducted research and case studies in field of foreign
languages, published findings in trade journals and textbooks. Responsible for Brazilian cultural programs, used audiovisual aids and
other materials to supplement presentations. Used Blackboard software for testing; for homework assignments and grading students.
MiTiN – Treasurer & Board Member of Michigan Interpreters & Translators Network.                      From: 09/1994 to 08/08/06
AWA – Automotive Women Alliance: former Cultural Events Coordinator

Northwest Airlines Inc. Livonia, Michigan                                                        From: 02/1991 –12/03/2003
Position: Part-time International Sales Agent and Spanish & Portuguese Interpreter
Duties: Responsible for International Tickets Sales; Domestic and Frequent Flyer Reservations. WorldSpam, Amadeus, Corda computer
system proficient. Back up for the KLM office reservations in Mexico over the weekends. Assisted with the cargo department as a
translator; developed C.B.T. (Computer based training) courses for new hires.

Global IT, former Langua Tutor, Inc.                                                                          From: 9/1993 – 8/25/06
Free Lancer Teacher, Portuguese and Spanish, Translator, Interpreter & Provided Voice Recording.

PALS (PAN AMERICAN LANGUAGE & SERVICES)                                                                       From: 6/1988 – 9/1998
Position: Portuguese Language Instructor and, Cultural Programs Presenter.

MULTIMEDIA INC. (DETROIT TRANSLATION BUREAU)                                                                  From: 6/1995 - present
Free-Lancer Translator; Interpreter & Voice Recording in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Former Dean Witter & Reynolds, currently JP Morgan Chase              Position: Sales Assistant                From: 03/1988- 08/1990
Assist brokers with marketing letters; follow up letters, answered phone calls. Securities Training
Stock Market General Studies; at Longman Financial Institute - New York, New York.

Sparton Eng.    Jackson, Michigan                                                               From: 01/87 – 02/88
Marketing Representative for importation of auto parts products; worked in the ABC area of Sao Paulo, and South of

CBT – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,                                                     From:October 1981 - December 1983
Project Design Engineer – Responsibilities included refinery floor plan layout, tool/equipment detailing, designed tanks,
pipes and tools for Petroleum Refineries. Responsibilities include measurement of old oil and sugar refineries tanks and
tools on site to utilize as base constructions of new refineries.

Multiservice Company - Rio de Janeiro –RJ,                                         From: March 1980 – September 1981
Designer of oil refinery equipment, valves, gauges, buoys, reservoirs, pipe-lines, “tubos Venture”, and in-plant safety
shower/eye washer for tool and die manufacturer.

Transmatic, Inc. - Rio de Janeiro –RJ                                         From: April 1979 – November 1979
Performed Design Revisions on electrical equipment; revisions included changes to circuit board, AC Adapters and power

SENAI - Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Industrial Design Learning Institute)
Industrial Design University Located in Rio, Brazil. Site: www.senai.com.br

University of Phoenix - Michigan Campus - Livonia Learning Center
Major Bachelor of Business Leadership - Currently taking e-business degree courses - Florida campus

MSU – Michigan State University – Lansing Michigan
Center for Language Education and Research, C.L.E.A.R. - Developed online courses using Adobe
Premier, HTML, QuickTime, AVI Video Clips, Sound Recorder, RealAudio, Flash Movie, Grinder web tester, Dream
Weaver, FrontPage 2000; FlashMovie; MP3, Java Script, Game-O-Matic, Java Script & Blackboard
templates, Real Audio Clips, Photo Graphics Editing with Photoshop, using Macintosh and Windows Versions Programs.

UERJ – University of Rio de Janeiro – English Literature course.

New Horizons Computer Center – Livonia, Michigan
HTML 4.0 for Windows 95; Adobe Photoshop, Front Page 98 and 2000 & Java Script Programming.

S.U.SE. Sociedade Universitária Santa Edwiges - (St. Edwiges University)
Associate Degree - Designer of Electrical Installations Minor: Electronics
Tlahuica Spanish Learning Center of Cuernavaca, Mexico – Spanish
TV 12 – SWOCC - Oakland Community Television – Video Production & Editing
U OF M – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus
Mini Medical School – Sponsored by Women Health Center & University of Michigan Hospital
U.S. History and Government Structure

Special Studies:
Basic Computer Programming, Cobol, MS Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint, knowledge of all MS Office 2007
applications, CU SEE ME Internet Telecommunications System. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Knowledge of
French (I can read & understand the French language I used to speak fluently before).

Professional Societies:
ATA -Active Member of American Translators Association with voting power.
Former Board Member and Treasurer of Michigan Interpreters & Translators Network (MiTiN)
MiTiN is a chapter of ATA, Board Member since 1993, resigned on 8/26/2006, due to relocation to Oregon.
MCWT -Michigan Council for Women in Technology, Active Membership.

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