North Carolina as a Royal Colony by v61ZE4


									North Carolina as a
Royal Colony

        Chapter 7
First Royal Governors

• George Burrington: the most
  controversial of the governors;
  the 1st governor
• Gabriel Johnston: served the
  longest term; the 2nd governor
Disagreements over $

• Commodities such as:
  - whale oil    +

  - tobacco
  - corn
  - wheat
  were used as     . The crown
  would not accept these items
  as payments for taxes owed.
 Power of the Purse
• Stated that the Assembly had the
  right to decide how taxes were
  raised and spent
Land Policies

• Lord Granville refused to sell his
  share of the colony back to the
• Quitrent: an annual land tax
  that settlers had to pay
Granville District

• Land owned by Lord Granville
  (Carteret) which included most
  of northern North Carolina
Royal Land Grants

• Settlers could get land grants in
  the kings portion of the colony
  by purchase or headright
A New Royal Governor

• Arthur Dobbs: the royal governor of
  North Carolina during the French and
  Indian War
• Through the 1700’s, the European
  Nations (Britain, Spain and France)
  struggled for power and control of N.
French and Indian War

• Began in 1754; also known as
  the Seven Years War
• Was fought between Great
  Britain and France; both
  countries wanted control over
  the Ohio and Mississippi River
• Hugh Waddell: played a key role
  in the British capture of Fort
• Attakullakulla (Little Carpenter):
  one of the most respected
  Cherokee leaders
The Congress of
• Treaty of Augusta ended the
  conflict between the Indians
  and southern colonies
• Treaty of Paris, signed in 1763,
  by the European powers ended
  the French and Indian War
Results of the War

• Spain gave up Florida
• France gave up all of their
  territory in North America
• Britain gained control of all land
  east of the Mississippi River

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