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									 Helene Finizio presents…QUEST FOR AUTHENTICTY
                                                    Are you authentically
                                                    leading your life?
                                                    To effectively lead & influence others, we must
                                                    first be in command & control of our own actions
                                                    & behaviour. Those who invest in developing this
                                                    capacity for high emotional intelligence enjoy a
                                                    genuinely higher quality of life & are usually more
                                                    successful in all life arenas.

                                                    If you were living authentically, how would life be
                                                    different? How would your words & actions better
                                                    reflect who you really are? Would you be
                                                    happier? Smarter? More ”in the moment”…?

                                                    This knowledge is the basis for the
                                                    Quest for Authenticity Program.

An Introduction with D Scott Pierce
Leadership Strategist

Join Helene Finizio for an informational evening with leadership strategist D Scott Pierce who will
deliver an insightful presentation on the science & survival dynamics behind living authentically.
As a leadership strategist, Scott has worked with top executives, business professionals &
individuals looking to become life leaders. Scott will introduce you to the seven leadership
strategies or “universal truths” for everyday challenges with family, friends and work colleagues.

This powerful presentation will introduce the Odyssey — Quest for Authenticity life leadership
program certified as “overwhelmingly positive” by Cascade Strategic Research. The highly
insightful session will help you reduce stress & anxiety and in the spirit of authenticity inspire &
motivate you to live “in tune” to your deepest values & beliefs with knowledge you can apply

Sponsored by Helene Finizio & Odyssey Leadership, this is a no-cost, no-obligation informational
presentation designed to be interesting, informative, enjoyable…and well worth your time!

Date: Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Time: 7:00 for a 7:30PM sharp start
Where: 22 East 30th Street, New York City
RSVP & Info: Scott@odysseyleadership.net
or text name & # in party to 646 320 9175
Seating is limited so book early.
                                                                            Strategy for Leadership & Life

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