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									                     EdCAP Application Process Checklist
  Students must personally turn in all forms and application materials to the Dev Ed Div
  Office, Mukilteo Hall, Room 403. We do not accept mailed applications, partial
  applications, or those turned in by others than the prospective student. Applications are
  accepted on a first come, first serve basis. To apply, carefully follow the directions:
Take the following to Enrollment Services and complete Assessment Tests:
   (Pink) Edmonds Community College EdCAP Admissions Form.
   ±$35.00 Admissions/Test Fee, subject to change.
      (NOTE: Some scholarships for this fee are available.)
   Photo ID is required.
  If under the age of 18, you must provide Enrollment Services with:
       (Yellow) SPI/P-35 “Request for Approval to Test for Certificate of Educational
        Competence” form from the Edmonds School District. Form must be signed by
        student, student’s parent(s), and an ESD official. The P-35 form is available at the
        Edmonds School District Office from Linda Ellis (phone: 425-431-7086 and address:
        20420 68th Ave West, Lynnwood, WA 98036).
       Students with a GED may provide a copy to the Edmonds School District in lieu of a
        P-35 release. If you have a GED, please provide a copy to EdCAP as well.
Application Packet items to bring back to Mukilteo 403:
     Required Assessment Test scores.
     (Yellow) EdCAP Student Policies, signed and dated.
     EdCAP Application form, every question/space should be filled in.
     Immunization Records, transfer to the Washington State Health form provided.
     (Green) Edmonds School District (ESD) Secondary Student Registration P-134 Form.
Students bring the following high school records:
   Provide OFFICIAL high school transcripts from out-of-district high schools attended, if
    any. Official transcripts must be signed and dated by the school registrar or counselor
    and sealed in an envelope. (At student’s request, out-of-state/out-of-district records can be ordered
      for students having a difficult time obtaining records.)
   If the last school attended is in the Edmonds School District, an unofficial transcript will
    be accepted.
   A copy of 10th grade HSPE/WASL/End of Course Math scores from the last high school
    attended. (HSPE/WASL/End of Course Math scores do not influence acceptance into EdCAP.)
   Immunization records (EdCAP applicant is required to transfer Immunization Records to the
      Washington State Health form provided.)

Out-of-District Student Packet
A student who lives outside of the Edmonds School District boundaries is required to complete
and submit the following additional forms from the Out-of District Student Packet:
    A signed release form or a signed out-of-district variance form from the school district in
     which student is currently living.
    (Letterhead) IEP/Behavioral Standards Information form.
    (White) Edmonds School District Registration Attachment (Health Information).

                                      NEXT STEPS
When a student turns in his/her application, high school records, and any additional required
paperwork to the front desk in Mukilteo Hall, Room 403, she/he will be asked to do the

     Complete an Information Release and a Photo Release at the front desk.
     Sign up for the REQUIRED 3-hour Pre-Admission Student Seminar (PASS).
     Write a short ESSAY: When students sign up for PASS, they will receive a required
       homework assignment. Students MUST follow the specific directions and write a two
       to three page EdCAP essay which MUST be brought to their PASS session.
     Students who arrive late to PASS or do not bring completed essay will be given
       information as to whether they can reschedule for a later PASS.
     Make an appointment at PASS to meet with an EdCAP advisor; at this meeting a student
       will be enrolled into EdCAP classes or referred to another program which will better
       meet his/her needs.
            o If a student has an IEP or 504 plan, they may be required to review EdCC
                services available with a representative from the Edmonds School District
                before enrolling in EdCAP.

            All students must attend the mandatory
            held prior to the first day of the quarter.

      **** Students who do not complete PASS, advising, and
           Orientation Day will not be admitted into EdCAP. ****


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