High School Survival Guide for Freshmen by WWUJ6TB


									  High School Survival Guide
        for Freshmen
        Rough Draft Due on ______ Final Draft Due on _______


Ms. Vallenari and the typical high school freshman at Kingsburg High School.


Write an essay that serves as a survival guide for a high school freshman.

Your essay may address things like:

                What you wish you knew as a 9th grader
                Pitfalls to avoid
                Tips and Strategies for classes, teachers, rallies
                What and where to eat
                What to wear
                Fun things to do

Your essay should include personal stories and examples to illustrate/back up/explain
your advice.

You can be creative, funny, serious, or sarcastic…but you must be RESPECTFUL,
THOUGHTFUL and HONEST. This is not a place to bash teachers, classes, or other
students. It is not the place to teach students how to cheat or do anything illegal or
immoral. Have fun with this assignment, but don’t cross that line!


TYPED…and make sure you save it!
Minimum 5 paragraph essay
Minimum 1500 words
Double Spaced
12 Point Font - Times New Roman
One Inch Margins
Clever/Creative Title
Name, Date, Period, Title on Title Page ONLY

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