Men Simply Irresistible by bapaksumanto


									Know What Makes Men Simply Irresistible

There are boys and then there are men and then there are the alpha male that women just can’t
get enough of. If you want to be in that category of simply irresistible men then take note of what
I am about to tell you. Here are the most guarded secrets why some men are simply irresistible.

First of all they have cool confidence. When I say cool confidence, they have this certain
calmness and composure in them which give out a secure feeling to whoever they are with. Their
aura radiates and encapsulates you with comfort and safety. What makes this character simply
irresistible is because when you start to irk about a lot of things their mere presence eases you up
and implies that everything will fall into place in the end.

You just can’t explain it but whenever you are with this kind of person you feel like you are in
the safest place on earth. Another secret why some guys are simply irresistible is because they
have a befitting sense of humor; a sense of humor that is not stained with meanness or insecurity.

Life can be tough at times. And what makes these guys simply irresistible is their positive
outlook. They don’t take life too seriously. They laugh and learn from their mistakes. They are
competitive but they play fair and they don’t take defeat intensely. They don’t mock or celebrate
other people’s deficiency.

Another appealing character that makes a man simply irresistible is his courage to be
affectionate. Other guys think that being too touchy and cheesy are wimpy attitudes and it would
make them a less of a man. But take heed my chauvinistic friend, showing your affection is one
of the most tenacious act that you can do.

It takes a lot of heart to be vulnerable and show what you really feel. Women cannot resist a man
who takes time and effort not just to say “I love you” or “I care about you” but inculcates
affection in the most mundane activity. Like reaching out to softly touch your face while taking a
cruise drive or putting his arm around your shoulder when walking in the mall.

If you want to be included in the group of simply irresistible men, conquer your fear of
articulating your affection. Another character is that he knows how to take care of himself. It’s
not easy being healthy. There is discipline and a lot of effort involved. Eating right and taking an
active time in the gym is not easy.
It takes a lot of self- control. The bottom line is that a man who knows how to take care of
himself, knows how to take care of others. It is also, without a doubt very much appealing of a
man who knows how to keep his word. A man is simply irresistible when he lives by “my word
is my bond” mantra.

It is difficult to find men like that these days. A responsible man is and always will be a rare find.
If you have these characteristic you don’t need to learn the tricks on how to be irresistible to
women because they will be the one making an effort to catch your attention.

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