Unit 1: Animals, Tame and Wild by 6wh5qW


									Unit 1: Animals, Tame and Wild

Sam, Come Back (Fiction)
Spelling – can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, ran, sack (at, mad, way, on)
Phonics – short a and final –ck
Vocabulary – in, on, way, that, come, is, my, see
Reading – Character and Parts of a Book
Grammar - Sentences

Pig in a Wig (Fantasy)
Spelling – did, sit, six, fix, lip, mix, pin, wig (in, it, and, take)
Phonics – short i and final -x
Vocabulary – and, play, take, up, what, she, three, you
Reading – Realism and Fantasy and Media Center
Grammar – Naming Parts of Sentences

The Big Blue Ox (Animal Fantasy)
Spelling – mom, hot, hop, pot, pop, ox, lock, mop (got, rock, help, use)
Phonics – short o and -s plurals
Vocabulary- get, help, mud, town, use, blue, from, go, he
Reading – Character and Setting and Picture Dictionary
Grammar – Action Parts of Sentences

A Fox with a Kit (Narrative Nonfiction)
Spelling – nap, naps, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit (sit, hits, her, too)
Phonics – adding –s and -ing
Vocabulary – eat, her, this, too, dinner, animals, she, up, we, watch
Reading – Main Idea and Signs
Grammar – Word Order

Get the Egg! (Realistic Fiction)
Spelling - bed, men, red, step, net, leg, jet, sled (ten, wet, saw, your)
Phonics – short e and initial blends (CCVC)
Vocabulary – nest, saw, small, tree, your, bird, said, look, where
Reading – Realism and Fantasy and Color and Number Words
Grammar – Telling Sentences

Animal Park (Photo Essay)
Spelling – run, cut, must, sun, up, bump, bus, rug (jump, nut, many, into)
Phonics – Short u and final blends (nd, mp, nt, st) (CVCC)
Vocabulary – home, many, park, into, elephants, them, sea, they, zebras, hippos
Reading – Cause and Effect and Calendar
Grammar – Questions

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