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                       OFFICE BEARERS


Mark Maxwell                        295 Greenwood Drive
                                    Watsonia 3087


Michael Atkins                      2 Bower St
                                    Kinglake 3763

Marlwood Ryder                      jecdvca@cricketvictoria.com.au


John Volders                        30 LindonStrike Court
                                    Research 3195


lan Bensted                         22 Allison Crescent
                                    North Eltham 3095


Kevin Marshall           Matthew Fleming        Peter Leslie

Neal Bowden       Marlwood Ryder


Dick Norman       Ian Davidson             Chris Doupe


Philip J Money                           65 Main Street
Partner, Branigan & Associates      Greensborough 3088

                   PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2010/11
The season just completed has been one of great challenges. The season started with a large
reduction in participation numbers at both senior and junior levels. This is a trend that needs to be
halted and, with some very hard work from all involved, turned around to reinvigorate the interest
needed to attract players back to the game of cricket.

We also saw one of the worst bad weather seasons in a long time with a number of rounds disrupted
due to extremely wet weather. It is a credit to all clubs, players and officials that we were able to
complete as many games as we did.

Congratulations to all clubs who celebrated both senior and junior Premierships. A number of clubs
enjoyed multiple premierships which is vindication for all the hard work put in throughout the season.
Congratulations to Ray Christesen medal winner, Paul Baker and John Gleeson medal winner Ray
Kelsey. Both players are huge assets to both their clubs and the DVCA and are looked upon as role
models by so many young players.

Once again I am indebted to both Michael Atkins and Marlwood Ryder for the amount of work they
put in to ensure the DVCA runs as smoothly as possible. The demands on their roles is ever
increasing and they are constantly faced with challenges. They always rise to the occasion and find
solutions for all problems.

It would be remiss of me not to mention members of the Executives for their hard work in making the
DVCA the strong association that it is. A number of Executive members are moving on so we are on
the lookout for new people to join the DVCA Executives for the upcoming season and beyond.

Season 2011/12 brings with it new challenges and hurdles. We need to put in a huge effort to stop
the exodus from the game of cricket. This needs to be driven by the DVCA Executive but supported
by all DVCA clubs. New ideas are a key to attracting new players and maintaining the interest of
existing players.

The development around the Plenty corridor that includes areas such as Doreen, Yan Yean, Mernda,
Laurimar, and all the way to Whittlesea will produce many future opportunities and DVCA needs to be
ready with a product that is attractive to any future clubs that may arise. Existing clubs in that area
also need to be on the lookout for chances to form partnerships with those developing junior or senior
clubs .

Mark Maxwell
July 2011.

                       ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT

The end of March 2011 saw the end of my second season as DVCA Senior Administrator. Another
challenging season with many highlights.

Firstly congratulations to Plenty CC and North Eltham Wanderers CC for their Premiership wins in
Barclay Shield and Money Shield respectively. Also congratulations to Paul Baker for winning another
Ray Christesen Medal and to Ray Kelsey for his success in the John Gleeson Medal. Both players
demonstrated outstanding performances throughout the season.

Mention needs to be made of the success of the DVCA U21 squad in this season’s Neil Wright
Shield. Under the guidance of David Moore, the squad made the semi-finals only to be beaten by
eventual Premiers Dandenong Districts.
David Moore has decided to step down as U21 coach for this upcoming season and I would like to
take this opportunity to thank him, on behalf of the Executive, for his magnificent work in developing
these young cricketers over the past few years.

The introduction of a T20 competition in conjunction with NMCA and HDCA was a huge success and
well supported by 19 DVCA clubs. The eventual winners were Rivergum CC who narrowly beat an
enthusiastic young Diamond Creek team in the Grand Final. A thank you to Camrea Taipans for their
hospitality for the finals games.

The day to day running of a cricket Association continues to throw up new challenges and this
season, next season and future seasons are no different. We are faced with trying to offer a total
product package that will entice new players to the game at both junior and senior levels as well as
maintaining the enthusiasm of our existing players. The DVCA Executive will continue to try to be
innovative. We need to have the confidence, and support from clubs, to veer from the traditional
approaches to the game and inject variety in the types of structures and playing days we offer.
Cricket at all levels is facing similar challenges and I would like to believe that the DVCA could be a

No club or association can function without the tireless, and often thankless, work provided by
volunteers. On behalf of the Executive I would like to extend a vote of thanks to all club volunteers for
the hard yards you put in year after year.

The Executives of the DVCA also run on the backs of volunteers and I take this opportunity to thank
Mark Maxwell, John Volders, Matthew Fleming, Peter Leslie, Neal Bowden, Ian Benstead, Kevin
Marshall and Marlwood Ryder (and his JEC).
This brings about another challenge facing the DVCA in the coming season. A number of senior and
junior Executive members will not be seeking re-election so we will need clubs to step forward to fill
these very large gaps. It is estimated that up to ten positions may become vacant at the AGM. It will
make it very, very difficult to administer the association if these positions are not filled.

Michael Atkins


Another season has rolled by and the Junior Executive (JEC) can again look back on a time of
reasonable overall stability of the DVCA junior program set against the ongoing need for change, by
bringing on initiatives to try and strengthen and stimulate junior cricket. But this has to be considered
in a climate of a continuing decline in the number of young players taking up our sport at the lower
ages and the potential and real impact of this in years to come. In fact, we played out season 2010-11
with at least 10 less junior teams than the season before.

Junior cricket management in the DVCA both at the general administration, operational and club
levels is strong, but there remain weaknesses and dangers to the long-term future and strength of the
competition. This means that we need to be receptive to new ideas, and look for successful
enterprises elsewhere as well as ensure we are offering the ‘product’ wanted by the local cricket

Last season saw the successful move to Friday night cricket of an U14 grade and the introduction of
U10 as a non-competitive level to better bridge the gap between in-2-Cricket (MILO) and our lower
level Under 12 program (Modified, Development and so on).

The desire to have Friday night cricket played ‘under the same conditions’ as home and away
provided the season’s quirk; in that owing to declining light so late in the season, we had junior finals
played under floodlights; a fascinating experience. Also the initiative to play an extra round of
matches on a Friday night, doing away with semi-finals and having the top two sides from throughout
the season moving straight into the Grand Final bought mixed responses from around the clubs.
While the JEC saw it as a significant advantage that over 70 teams representing approximately 700
players all got to play an extra game of cricket, others bemoaned the loss of the traditional semi-final
buildup in the 12-1 and 12-2 grades.

As always, there were many outstanding individual performances across the age groups but it is
unfair to try and identify one more than any other. However, it is worth noting that these all got a
mention at the Junior Presentation held at Riverside CC (a very big thank you to that club for an
excellent night) which was very well attended by players, parents, families and friends.

At the next level up from club cricket – rep cricket – we continued to post good numbers (comprising
overall some 150 players) into Cricket Victoria Pathways teams (U14, U16, U18), U15 Hatch teams
and of course our own DVCA teams in the VMCU January carnival (U16 Beitzel, U16 Mackay, U14
Allen, U14 Nolan, U12 Mitchell, U12 Browne).

Junior team highlights of the season were the DVCA rep team tying for the Mitchell Cup (VMCU
Under 12) and a side made up of entirely DVCA young boys (representing Plenty Valley) to win the
inaugural U11 VSDCA Weetbix Cup run against other teams representing sub-district clubs. All this
bodes well for the future but we cannot be complacent and must look at all opportunities to grow and
deepen the pool of our participant numbers; put simply, there is greater access to talent if the playing
groups are large.

Unfortunately, the Junior Executive (JEC) membership continues to shrink yet there is an expectation
that it continue to provide substantial support and service. This is not sustainable and given that a
junior parent has a ‘shelf-life’ of about 6-8 years we need new blood coming on board consistently.

The work done by the dedicated core JEC membership must be acknowledged:

- Danny Fitzpatrick who tirelessly develops our growing junior umpiring program
- Craig Sandford, Stephen Stanley and Richard Leatham who managed our DVCA junior rep
cricket program
- Mark McNeil who co-ordinated DVCA rep apparel and assisted in all areas of junior cricket.

The JEC also thanks Neal Bowden who once again did a great job of junior fixturing and to all other
members of the senior executive for their support and advice.

The delivery of any strong and successful junior cricket program hinges on the work done by club
volunteers. We all recognise and applaud the work that keeps junior teams on the park “week in,
week out” by the decreasing band of loyal people. Therefore, the challenge is to seek out ways to
assist each other better, simplify our systems and methods as well as spread workloads. Our goal
must remain to enhance and enrich the experience for any young boy or girl who is fortunate to play
in the DVCA.

DVCA Junior Co-ordinator

       Neil Wright Under 21 Competition Report 2010/11
Trials for this year’s competition commenced back in October with 17 member clubs nominating 57
players. This number was finally reduced to a squad of 14 players with Michael Rogneda (DC) being
named Captain and Travis Baker (RV) being named Vice Captain.

Our first game was against the Eastern Cricket Association at Camberwell. Batting first our boys got
off to a slow start before recovering to post a modest score of 8/121cc from 40 overs. Daniel Taylor
top scored with 28 while Michael Rogneda made a solid 23. In reply the Eastern CA team batted
very well passing our score in the 28th over for the loss of only 4 wickets. Steven Patrick 2/28 was
our best bowler on the day.

Our second game was against Moreland Moonee Valley Cricket Association. Batting first again on a
damp track the boys posted a very competitive score of 6/129 from 40 overs with Michael Rogneda
making 33, Tom McLean 25no and Travis Baker hitting a quick 17. After the break our boys bowled
very well restricting MMVCA to just 87 runs from 38 overs. Sean Solar 3/9 and Michael Rogneda 2/8
were our best bowlers. Unfortunately our next game was completely washed out however, our
percentage was good enough to get us into the Quarter Finals in January.

Our knockout Quarter Final match was against the Victoria Turf Cricket Association South played at
Sunshine on a very wet and overcast day. Winning the toss and bowling first the game was
interrupted by several rain delays before being reduced to 27 just overs. VTCA South were in trouble
throughout their innings by some tight bowling from Michael Rogneda 4/9, Jack Reid 1/5, Sean Solar
1/6 and Andrew Chesterton 1/9 in restricting them to 7/60 from their allotted overs. Batting second
Matt Tucker 28 and Callum Dean 13 got us off to a flyer before Tom McLean 12no hit the winning
runs in the 20thover.

Semi Final day was against the very strong Dandenong District Cricket Association who had won the
previous two finals in 2009 & 2010. Winning the toss and batting first on a slow Oakleigh track the
boys posted a modest score of 9/118 from 40 overs with Tom McLean top scoring with 23, Mitchell
Smith 21no, Daniel Taylor 20 and Steven Patrick 19. In reply DDCA were always in control passing
our score in the 38th over losing just 3 wickets. Steven Patrick 2/25 and Travis Baker were our best
bowlers on the day.
On a side note Dandenong District CA went on to record their 3rd straight premiership defeating VTCA
North by 1 run off the last ball of the day in a terrific game played at Windy Hill.

I would like to thank all of the boys who represented the DVCA this year. Their dedication and
commitment during this competition was a credit to themselves and their individual clubs.

 I would also like to thank Ivan Jones, Mick Sheahan, Peter Leslie, Sharon Leslie and Michael
Slattery for their time and commitment again to this year’s representative team.
In closing, I would like thank the DVCA executive for giving me the opportunity to coach Under 21
representative team over the past three seasons however, I have informed the executive that I will not
be reapplying for the coaching position this year due to other commitments.

David Moore
DVCA Coach

Under 21 – DVCA ‘Neil Wright’ Team 2010/11
Captain: Michael Rogneda (DC) , Vice Captain Travis Baker (RV), Tom McLean (DC), Steven
Patrick Jr (DC), Daniel Taylor (DC), Andrew Chesterton (ME), Callum Dean (ME), Jonathan Short
(LE), Matt Tucker (LE), Jack Reid (NE), Sean Solar (UB), Nathan Gardiner (PY), Mitchell Smith (CT),
Josh Henkel (GB)

                     INDEPENDENT AUDIT REPORT
   To the members of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association
We have audited the attached special purpose Statement of Receipts and Expenditure of
the Diamond Valley Cricket Association for the year ended 31st May 2011. The Diamond
Valley Cricket Association Committee of Management is responsible for the financial
report and has determined that the accounting policies used are consistent with the
financial reporting requirements of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association’s constitution
and are appropriate to meet the needs of the members. We have conducted an
independent audit of the financial report in order to express an opinion on it to the
members of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association. No opinion is expressed as to
whether the accounting policies used are appropriate to the needs of the members.

The financial report has been prepared for distribution to members for the purpose of
fulfilling the Committee of Management’s financial reporting requirements under the
Diamond Valley Cricket Association’s constitution. We disclaim any assumption of
responsibility for any reliance on this report or on the financial report to which it relates
to any person other than the members or for any purpose other than that for which it
was prepared.

Our audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. Our
procedures included examination, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the amounts
and other disclosures in the financial report. These procedures have been undertaken to
form an opinion whether, in all material respects, the financial report is presented fairly
in accordance with the cash basis of accounting whereby revenue is recorded when it is
received, expenses are recorded when they are paid, and no assets or liabilities, other
than cash and bank balances are recorded.             Accounting Standards and other
professional reporting requirements (UIG Consensus Views) are not applicable to the
cash basis of accounting adopted by the Diamond Valley Cricket Association.

The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

As is common for organisations of this type, it is not practicable for the Diamond Valley
Cricket Association to maintain an effective system of internal control over cash receipts
and payments until their initial entry in the accounting records. Accordingly, our audit in
relation to cash receipts and payments was limited to amounts recorded.

Qualified Audit Opinion
In our opinion, except for the effects of such adjustments, if any, as might have been
determined to be necessary had the limitation discussed in the qualification paragraph
not existed, the financial report presents fairly in accordance with the cash basis of
accounting, as described above, the payments and receipts of the Diamond Valley
Cricket Association for the year ended 31st May 2011 and its cash and bank balances as
at that date.

Date:     15 June 2011                                 Firm: Branagan & Associates
Address: 65 Main St, Greensborough 3088                Partner: Philip J Money (signed)


                         AS AT 31ST MAY 2011


Balance b/forward                               $10,441.33

Add Receipts                       $68,721.00
Interest                                 8.69   $68,729.69


Less Payments                      $69,299.21
      Charges                           44.00   $69,343.21

Balance as per Credit Union Statement           $14,221.81
Less Unpresented Cheques             $4394.00



Opening Balance                                 $30,422.57

Add Interest
                Aug 10               $345.07
                Nov 10               $348.98
                Feb 11               $430.56
                May 11               $415.39      $1540.00
Plus Transfer                                     3,037.43

Closing Balance                                 $35,000.00

Balance as per Statement                        $35,000.00


                               1 June 2010 to 31 May 2011

RECEIPTS                     2010/11      2009/10 EXPENDITURE                           2010/11    2009/10

Affiliation Fees             37600.00     39200.00 Postage & Telephone                   2809.73    1021.00
T20 Registration              4600.00              Printing & Stationery                 2909.96    2860.00
Sponsorships:                                      PV Radio: Subs & Outside B’cast        430.00     160.00
* Plenty Credit Union             0.00        0.00 Donation                                 0.00     817.00
* Kookaburra                  7830.00         0.00 Scorebooks - Purchase                 4037.00    3803.80
* Platypus Sporting Goods        0.00     12501.00 Trophies, Pennants, Awards, etc       2675.00    2737.00
* Triumph Trophies             445.00         0.00 Computer Equipment                       0.00    2776.00
* Neon Press                     0.00         0.00 Inter Association Matches            14938.75   12356.39
                                                   Presentation Functions: Seniors &
Scorebooks - Sales             990.00      1120.00 Juniors                               5141.54    6470.49
Teamsheet Books - Sales       1696.00      3235.00 DVCA Umpires Association              6255.00    1076.19
Pres Nite Raffle                  0.00      817.00 Administrative Payments              19000.00   20000.00
                                                   Audit Report Business Affairs
VMCU - Umpire Payments        1830.00       940.00 VMCU Subs                              655.00     495.00
Presentation Functions:
Seniors & Juniors             6150.00      8200.00 T20 Comp                              6394.00       0.00
Fines                         7830.00     12630.00 Bond & Appeal Refund                   750.00     900.00
Clubs: Bonds, Appeals,
Grants                           0.00      1150.00 Refreshments                           515.80     440.00
Transfer                      3037.43     15000.00 Transfer                              3037.43   15000.00

                            $72,008.43   94,793.00                                     69,549.21   70,912.87

Credit Union Interest            8.69        14.08 Credit Union Charges                    44.00        9.00
Term Deposit Interest         1540.00       382.30

Deficit for Year                  0.00        0.00 Surplus for Year                      3963.91 24268.15

                            73,557.12    95,190.38                                     73,557.12 95,190.38

              PREMIERS 2010/11


Barclay Shield      Plenty
Money Shield        North Eltham Wanderers
B Grade             Riverside
C Grade             Bundoora United
D Grade             Riverside
E Grade             Riverside
F Grade             Riverside
G Grade             Thomastown United
H Grade             North Eltham Wanderers
I Grade             Lower Plenty


Blue                Plenty
Teal                Camrea Taipans
White               Yarrambat


U16 (1)             St. Francis/Thomastown United
U16 (2) Blue        Epping
U16 (2) Teal        Whittlesea

U14 (1) Blue        North Eltham Wanderers
U14 (1) Teal        Lalor Stars
U14 White           Hurstbridge
U14 (2) Blue        Mill Park
U14(2) Teal         St. Francis

U12   (1)   Blue    Plenty
U12   (1)   Teal    Diamond Creek
U12   (1)   White   Lower Eltham
U12   (2)   Blue    North Eltham Wanderers
U12   (2)   Teal    North Eltham Wanderers

                 INDIVIDUAL TROPHY WINNERS 2010/11



Grade                 Player’s Full Name
                 PLAYER          CLUB       Club
                                                  Innings     Runs    Ave
Barclay Shield   Stefan Berak                CT         10      337    48.14
Money Shield     Ray Kelsey                  GB         10      518    57.56
B Grade          Simon Weightman             RV           7     311    51.83
C Grade          Darren Pendelbury           BU           9     273    45.50
D Grade          Arron Davies                WH           9     400    66.67
E Grade          Darin Compt                 SM           9     333    55.50
F Grade          Warren Richards             LE           9     250    31.25
G Grade          Nathan Maley                RV           6     214   107.00
H Grade          Rob Love **                 LP           5     282    70.50
I Grade          Ian Chesser                 LP           7     268    53.60


Grade                 Player’s Full Name
                 PLAYER           CLUB      Club
                                                  Matches     Runs    Ave
U16 (1)          Dean Crockett               TU           8     309    61.80
U16 (2) Blue     Leigh Judd                  EP           9     294   147.00
U16 (2) Teal     Bradley Whyte              NEW           9     207    51.75
U14 (1) Blue     Mackenzie Stanley          NEW           9     248   124.00
U14 (1) Teal     Cameron Wright              MY           7     225    75.00
U14 (2) Blue     Dean Bubis                  CT           8     161    32.20
U14 (2) Teal     Cooper Perrin               ME           7     151    50.33
U14 (2) White    Only 1 match played
U14 White        Cameron Simpson             RV           8     205   102.50
U12 (1) Blue     Josh Scott                  LP           9     127    63.50
U12 (1) Teal     Daniel Kotroczo             MC          10     235   117.50
U12 (1) White    Bailey Eustance             PH           8     460   460.00
U12 (1) Zinc     Only 1 or 2 games played
U12 (2) Blue     Connor Ballerini           NEW          10     252    84.00
U12 (2) Teal     Joshua Merrett              DC           8     136   136.00

             INDIVIDUAL TROPHY WINNERS 2010/11



Grade                  CLUB              Club
                   Player’s Full Name AVERAGE   Overs    Wkts   Ave
Barclay Shield   Paul Baker               ME     154.5     35     9.43
Money Shield     Leigh Donaldson          MY     122.2     34     9.79
B Grade          Benjamin Oliver          DC      80.4     20     6.55
C Grade          Matthew Crawford         GB      80.5     15     8.33
D Grade          Jason Barnes             DC      82.1     20     8.80
E Grade          Trevor McColl            SF       116     31     6.81
F Grade          Adrian Totino            EP        90     25     7.96
G Grade          Marcus Dean              RH     111.2     26     8.31
H Grade          John Jackson             RH        71     18     7.22
I Grade          John Drakopoulos         GB        71     17    10.88


Grade                  CLUB              Club
                    Player’s Full NameAVERAGE   Overs    Wkts   Ave
U16 (1)          Harley Smith             DC      33.2     17     5.71
U16 (2) Blue     Jaedyn Kearney           EP      44.4     15     7.93
U16 (2) Teal     Jarmyn Marshall          ME        41     17     6.18
U14 (1) Blue     Liam Ingram              PL        36     13     5.38
U14 (1) Teal     Jordan Steele            LS        30     11     4.91
U14 (2) Blue     No qualifier
U14 (2) Teal     Ryan Matlioski          NEW        29     16     4.44
U14 (2) White    Only 1 match played
U14 White        Tom Simpson              HB        51     22     3.18
U12 (1) Blue     Lachlan Burge            PL        31      8     8.13
U12 (1) Teal     Lachlan Murphy           DC        42     16     3.63
U12 (1) White    Louis Macciocca          LE        21      9     7.33
U12 (1) Zinc     Only 2 matches played
U12 (2) Blue     Paul Antoniou            SM        25     10     6.40
U12 (2) Teal     Nicholas Farren-Price    LP        23      8     5.13



         Trophy and Medallion Specialists

                 Shane Board
                   9435 5011

     Shop 2, Lambourne Road, Watsonia 3087

ATTENDANCE: As per attendance book.
MINUTES of 2009 AGM CONFIRMATION: Lower Plenty/Bundoora United
As issued.
President:          Mark Maxwell
Administrator:      Michael Atkins
Ass. Administrator: Ian Bensted
Vice Presidents:    Peter Leslie, Kevin Marshall, Matthew Fleming, Neal Bowden
Treasurer:          John Volders

      The elected President thanked the clubs for the election.
      Seek approval of DVCA Financial statement.
      Called for the appointment of an auditor.
      Fix Affiliation and Umpires fees and honoraria and remuneration for administrator, JEC Secretary, G &
       F Manager and Junior fixturing Manager.

      Annual report (electronic distribution)
      Two appeals on provisional Senior Gradings
      Club Officials Forms due tonight.
      Clearances and permits open 4 August

      Balance of cheque account $7200.
      Investment Account Balance: $30,423.
      Unfinancial clubs - nil.
      Invoice for fees to be sent out at the end of August - no changes to fees.

      Advertisements in local newspapers and at Latrobe Uni
      Fees as announced.
      Ring Ian Davidson if interested in umpiring. Lost 5 umpires as this stage.

      Fixture issued for Senior Grades by Friday 6 August.

      nil.

      Strategic plan for DVCA/all.
      Vote taken re brand of ball to be used.
      One day comp. Lower Plenty - 12 voted YES.
      Executive will sort teams into Grades

Next Meeting
30 August, Bundoora 7pm.


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