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									Referral or request for evaluation
A school professional may ask that your child be
evaluated to see if he or she has a disability.

Parents may request to the child’s teacher or
other school professional , verbally or in writing,
that their child be evaluated.

Parental consent is needed before any child
may be evaluated.
         The evaluation needs to be
         completed within a reasonable
         time after the parent gives
         The Evaluation
Must assess the child in all areas
related to the child’s suspected
Results will be used to decide
the child’s eligibility for special
education and related services
Used to make decisions about
an appropriate educational
program for the child
       Evaluation Team
The team consists of many individuals
 which may include some or all of the
            special services director
         speech/language pathologist
           special education teacher
 any other qualified staff that has assessed an
          area of suspected disability
     The Team
  will review the
  evaluation data
 and determine if
a disability exists.
If your child is determined
 to have a disability, they
  are eligible for special
 education and/or related
  services in the area of
            An (IEP)
   specific to your child will be
written by the team within 30 days
  of determination of eligibility.
   The IEP will be
reviewed on an annual
basis or more often if
  requested by the
  parents or school.
          IEP Meeting
E   The school contacts the parents to
    set up the meeting, tell purpose,
    attendees, time, and location of
    the meeting.

E   Parents may invite others who have
    special knowledge of the child.
The Team will meet to talk
 about your child’s needs
    and write the IEP.
Services will begin as soon
  as possible after the
Parental consent must
 be given before your
   child can receive
   special education
    and/or related
services for the first
If the parents disagree with
the IEP and placement they
may follow these steps:
1. They may discuss their concerns with the
members of the IEP team and try to work out an

2. If they still disagree, parents can ask for
mediation, or the school may offer mediation.

3. Parents may file a complaint with the state
education agency and may request a due process
hearing, at which time mediation must be
   Access to Records
 Parents are given a copy of
the IEP. Your child’s teacher
 and service providers have
 access to the IEP and know
their responsibilities specific
         to the IEP.
 Progress is measured as
   directed by the IEP.
 Progress is reported to
parents, at least as often
 as they are informed of
 their nondisabled child’s
  At least every three years your
    child must be reevaluated to
 determine if they are still in need
of special education and/or related
   services and their educational
      needs. Your child may be
  reevaluated sooner if conditions
   warrant or if requested by the
         parent or teacher.
This gives you some basics on IDEA law.
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