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					                    VISION 2008

Improvement of S & T Infrastructure for
       Teaching & Research in
      Pharmaceutical Sciences

  Dr. R. Mahesh
  Group Leader (Head)
 Pharmacy Group
 Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Dear Viewers,
This power point presentation VISION 2008 highlights the salient
features of the Pharmacy Group, BITS-Pilani ( Pilani Campus ).
 It is an attempt to share the current activities of the Group
 ( Department ) and the facilities available. Future plan and
selected research areas are also included to indicate the need
and execution. The group will be completing 60 years by 2010
and it is proposed to refurbish and equip the Pharmacy Group
with latest technical infrastructure in order to excel in teaching
and research.
 Any suggestions / comments are welcome. Kindly inform the
                                           - THANK YOU !
R.Mahesh             e-mail:
Group Leader, Pharmacy Group
BITS-PILANI ( Pilani Campus )
                                               About the Group
• One of the earliest schools of Pharmacy
  Education and Research (1950)
• Mission: Producing self-motivated and self reliant
  young pharmacists catering to the needs of Industry,
  Academia and Research
• Programmes Offered:
   – Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.)
       • Duration: 4 years
       • Intake:40
   – Master of Pharmacy:
      • Duration: 2 years ( 4 semesters )
      • 12-15 every semester (37 on rolls)
   – Doctor of Philosophy:
      • Duration: Minimum 3 years (40 units)
      • Full time research scholars- 12
      • Faculty - 6
           Special features of the Programmes
– Strong exposure to basic science, humanities, management and
  engineering related subjects
– Exhaustive exposure to various practical aspects of the research
  methodologies, instrumental techniques and industrial operations

– Option for doing projects (Study/ Laboratory/ Computer oriented)from
  third year onwards along with regular courses, seminars,
  assignments etc.
– Unique option for choosing elective towards a specific career path
– Eight months Practice School (PS-I of 2 months and PS-II of 6
  months)/ Thesis option under University – Industry linkage programs

– Designed with the view of over all development rather than single area

– Clinical, Industrial, Research, Regulatory Affairs, Management
  oriented syllabi

– Courses to develop communication skills and personality
                                University-Industry Linkages
• Pioneers in Practice School concept (1973); PS-I and PS-II
• Functional at several National and International Industries and
  Research Organizations
       •   Concept Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aurangabad.
       •   Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad
       •   Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad
       •   Novartis Enterprises Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
       •   Dr. Reddy’s Lab., Hyderabad
       •   Dr. Morepan Labs, Chandigarh
       •   IPCA Labs, Mumbai
       •   Merind, Mumbai
       •   Srides Arcolabs, Bangalore
  Governmental and Other Agencies:
       •   CDRI and ITRC, Lucknow
       •   Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu
       •   ICVD, Chennai
       •   B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad
  International Practice School Stations:
       • Ohm Laboratories, New Jersey, USA
       • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) , Bethesda, USA
• Strength [19]
   •   Professor-           02
   •   Associate Professor- 01
   •   Assistant Professor- 02
   •   Lecturer-            10
   •   Assistant Lecturer- 02
   •   Project Assistants- 02
   •   Faculty drawn from various disciplines across the Institute for basic courses
   •   Research Fellows     Fulltime (12) Part time (06)

• Faculty Development Programmes
   • Options for doing Higher degree or Doctoral degree for junior teachers
   • Intensive teaching workshops
   • Subject workshops and hands-on training programmes

• Faculty/Students Exchange and Training Collaborations
   •   USUHS, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
   •   CDRI and ITRC, Lucknow
   •   B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad
   •   Kathmandu University, Kathmandu, Nepal
   •   Hetero Drugs, Hyderabad

• Special Assistance Programme (SAP)
   • Pharmacy group has got financial assistance under special assistance
     programme (SAP) of UGC at the level of Department Research Support (DRS)

   • Financial assistance of Rs 32,60,000 for three years period

• National Awards
   • Prof. M. L. Khorana Memorial Gold Medal for meritorious performance in
     B. Pharm. examination (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002)
   • G. P. Nair IDMA award for meritorious performance in
     B. Pharm. examination (1996-2002,2004)

   • Prof. B. M. Mithal memorial Gold medal for meritorious performance in
     B. Pharm. examination (2001, 2002, 2003)

   • Shri CNVHB Gupta memorial Gold medal for meritorious performance
     in M. Pharm. examination (2001, 2002,2003)
Extramural Research Grants                     ( Received in last 5 years)

Funding agency                   Topic of the project                   Amount     Status
                                                                        (Lakhs)   (Output)
DRS-SAP UGC,       Department research support for upgradation of        38.00    Ongoing
New Delhi          facility
UGC, New Delhi     Therapeutic targets to treat alcohol withdrawal       2.64     Ongoing
UGC, New Delhi     Studies on design and evaluation of ocular            5.85     Ongoing
                   controlled release drug delivery systems
UGC, New Delhi     Role of liquid membrane phenomenon in                 1.44     Ongoing
                   mechanism of actions of drugs.
UGC, New Delhi     Synthesis of new class of 5-HT receptor               3.17     Completed
                   antagonists for the treatment of cancer
                   chemotherapy induced emesis
UGC, New Delhi     Synthesis and evaluation of artemisinin based         5.50     Completed
AICTE, New Delhi   Computer aided drug design                            5.00     Completed

AICTE, New Delhi   Studies on targeted drug delivery systems             7.00     Completed

CSIR, New Delhi    Therapeutic potential of novel aryl-piperazines as    5.00     Completed
                   serotonergic receptor modulators
Extramural Research Grants                              ( Received in last 5 years)                (Contd…)

Client                  Consultancy Project                                              Status
IPCA Lab, Mumbai        Design of once-daily oral controlled release formulation for a   Ongoing
                        candidate drug

Bombay Natural          Analysis of diclofenac sodium levels in tissue samples
Historical Society-     obtained from vulture carcass                                    Ongoing
Mumbai (NGO), Pinjore
Shashi Phytochemical    TQM and GMP system implementation for enabling the host          Completed;
Industries, Alwar       organization for second and third party quality auditing
IPCA Labs, Mumbai       Design and development of once daily formulations of             Technology transfer
                        candidate drug                                                   completed

Shashi Phytochemical    Stability studies of calcium sennoside products as per ICH
Industries, Alwar       guidelines                                                       Completed

Shashi Phytochemical    Analysis of calcium sennoside production samples as United
Industries, Alwar       States Pharmacopoeial procedure                                  Routine
NATCO Pharma,           Optimization of extraction process of volatile medicinal oils    Technology transfer
Hyderabad                                                                                completed
IPCA Lab, Mumbai        Design of once-daily oral controlled release formulation for     Completed

SPCI, Alwar             Stability studies of calcium sennoside products as per ICH       Completed
                        guidelines for Shashi Phytochemical Industries, Alwar

SPCI, Alwar             GMP system implementation in production facility at Shashi       Completed
                        Phytochemical Industries, Alwar
• Human Resource Development for other Organisations`
   •   Dr. Reddy’s Lab., Hyderabad; M.Sc.(Tech.) in Pharm. Chem., M.S. (Pharm. Opn. Mgt.)
   •   L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad; B.S., M.S. and M. Phil. in Optometry
   •   Shankara Nethralaya, Chennai; B.S. and M. Phil. in Optometry, M.S. Medical Lab. Tech.
   •   Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Chennai; B.S. and M. Phil. in Physician Assistant
   •   Pharmacy Dept., Kathmandu University; Instrumentals Methods of Analysis
   •   Hetero Drugs, Hyderabad
   •   Srides Arcolabs, Bangalore
   •   Shashi Phytochemical industries, Alwar; TQM, Validation and Documentation

• Science Exhibition
   •   Yearly all India exhibition and professional oriented gathering organized by the students of
       the Institute for the last 20 years (APOGEE)
        • Poster/ paper presentation; Invited lectures
        • Working/ non-working models and Theme related exhibits

• National Pharmacy Week Celebrations (Yearly)
        • Exhibition, Lectures/ Seminars, Health awareness camps
                                                              Activities (Contd…)
• Symposiums/ Workshops Organized
   – International Symposium on “Emerging Trends in Proteomics and Genomics Education
     and Research” with Bio-Sciences Group (January 2003)
   – 42nd IANCAS National Workshop on “Radio Chemistry & Applications of Radioisotopes”
     in collaboration with BARC, Mumbai & Bio-Sciences Group (December 2000)
   – National seminar on “Direction of Pharmacy Education in the New Millennium” as part of
     the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Group (November 2000)
   – Indo-US Symposium & workshop on “Recombinant DNA Technology and its applications
     in Drug discoveries and Biotechnology” with Bio-Sciences Group. (February 1999)
• Late Prof. B. M. Mithal Memorial Lecture (Since 2001)
• Invited Lectures
   – By eminent persons from Academic / Industry in the campus (at least 4 per
   – Invited lectures delivered by faculty in conferences/ other institutions- 9
• Conference papers        (Last 2 years)
   – International- =15; National- =22
• Journal papers      (Last 2 years)
   – International- >25; National- 10
• Books published :
    - Textbooks- 05 ,
    - Laboratory manual- 01
                            Laboratory and other facilities
• Central Analytical Laboratory
   – Houses sophisticated analytical instruments- NMR, HPLC (2), GC, IR
     spectrophotometer, UV-visible Spectrophotometer (3), Spectrofluorimeter (2), Atomic
     absorption Spectrophotometer, High Voltage Electrophoresis, Gel Electrophoresis,
     Gel Drier, High Vacuum Lyophilizer, High efficiency ultra Centrifuges for gradient
     separation (2), and several other instruments

• Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory
   – Facilities for pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing (tablets, capsules, ointments,
     liquid orals, parenterals) and in-process quality control procedures

• Formulation Development and Pharmacokinetics laboratory
   – Facility for design and development of Novel and Controlled drug delivery systems

• Pharmacology and Physiology Laboratory
   – Facility for screening and evaluation of NCE’s

• Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
   – Facility for design, synthesis and process optimisation of potential anti-psychotic, anti-
     microbial, anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agents
                 Laboratory and other facilities (Contd..)
Radio-Isotope Laboratory
   – Facility for gamma scintigraphy, gamma spectrophotometry, Beta counter study of
     reaction kinetics using radio labelled probes and estimation of radio probes by atomic
     absorption spectrophotometer

• Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
   – Facility for nucleic acid and protein isolation and purification, rDNA manipulations,
     Cloning experiments, DNA sequencing, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis and Gel
     Documentation System

• Community and Hospital Pharmacy Practice
   (Services provided by the department at Medical Centre, BITS and
     Birla Sarvajanik Hospital, Pilani)
   –   Patient counselling
   –   Rational drug prescription monitoring and Evidence Based Practice
   –   Adverse drug effect/ reaction monitoring and reporting
   –   Therapeutic drug monitoring
   –   Patient clinics/ health awareness camps for Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma
       and TB
                                                                        Other Facilities

•   Computational Facility
     –   PARAM 10000 super computer- Drug design and Bio-informatics
     –   WinNonlin- Pharmacokinetic modelling
     –   Alchemy- Molecular modelling and design
     –   ChemDraw- Synthetic medicinal chemistry

• Library Facility
     – Caters to fast changing developments and academics or research needs of various
       programmes in the field of pharmaceutical sciences
     – Caters to several national and internationally published journals/ scientific publications
       in the area of pharmaceutical sciences (International – 09 and National- 05)
     – Online e-Journal facility (J-portal and Science direct)

• Miscellaneous facilities
     – Besides these, the Institute also has exceptional strength in the fields of
       microelectronics, digital systems, software development, flexible manufacturing
       systems, fiber optics, robotics, super-conductivity, solar energy, process control,
       power electronics etc.

                                  ADVANTAGE “
                        Focus of future research

 Design and development of new bioactive
  molecules : (anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive,
  anti-convulsant, anti-psychotic, anti-bacterial, anti-
  viral,anti-AIDS and 5-HT, Dopamine receptor
 Screening and evaluation of NCE’s, Receptor
  pharmacology and mechanism of action of drugs
 Development of pharmaceutical formulations and
  novel drug delivery systems
 Phamacokinetic studies
 Phytochemical investigations on selected natural
 Pharmaceutical Analysis
           Proposed Budget outlay (Amount in Lakhs)
       S.No./ Item      1st yr   2nd yr   3rd yr   4th yr   5th yr   Total
    A. Equipments       152.0     42.0    42.0     32.0      32.0    300.0
    B. Infrastructure    20.0     6.0      6.0     4..0      4.0     40.0
    C. Computational     8.0      2.4      2.4      1.6      1.6     16.0
      Software etc.
    D. Maintenance       18.0     5.4      5.4      3.6      3.6     36.0
      of Equipment
          Total         198      55.8     55.8     41.2     41.2     392.0

    Creation of additional infra structural facility and modern
    sophisticated instruments / equipment for the development
    of the Pharmacy Group into “ A Centre of Excellence in
    Teaching, Research and Innovation in Pharmaceutical
    Sciences”, requires aforementioned funds. Efforts are
    going on to meet the target and inputs are welcome in
    this regard.
                              Justification for the Need
 To create additional facilities for:
   – Training of students as well as research needs at the first
     degree (B. Pharm.) as well as higher degree levels (M. Pharm.
     and Ph.D.)
   – Modern industrial manufacturing equipments as per latest
     GMP and ICH guidelines for training of students (UG & PG)
     and fetching Industry sponsored projects in area of
     production process optimisation
   – Providing extra thrust for research activities
   – Development of pilot plant facility for optimisation of
     commercially viable synthetic process for NCE’s
   – Development of Biotech. based pharmaceuticals and over
     coming their stability problems
   – Computational facilities for computer aided drug design and
     related activities
   – Training of manpower in industry and academia
                      Current Research Activities

 Drug Design and Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
 QSAR studies on metaloprotinase Inhibitors
 Application of QSAR and QSPKR concepts in design of
  NCE’s with better biopharmaceutical profile
 Synthesis of pharmacological evaluation of novel 5-HT
  Modulators for cancer chemotherapy induced emesis
 Design and synthesis of novel semi-carbazone derivatives
  as potential anti-convulsants
 Design and synthesis of novel non-nucleoside reverse
  trascriptase inhibitors for the treatment of AIDS
 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of Indan
  derivatives as possible anti-inflammatory agents
                      Current Research Activities

 Formulation Development and Phamacokinetics
 Studies on design of novel ocular drug delivery systems for
  NSAIDs and antibiotics
 Enhancement of bioavailability of various drugs through
  phamacokinetics and formulation approaches
 Studies on design and development of controlled release
  combined dose formulations of anti-tubercular drugs
 Studies on design and evaluation of gastro-retentive
  formulation of selected drugs
 Studies on design and development of buccal drug delivery
 Design and development of nano-technology based
  formulation for anticancer drugs

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