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Islamic Empire Textiles

The textile industry was very important in relation to the strength and stability of the Islamic
Empire in the 11th and 12th centuries. You will be learning about its significance and will have
the opportunity to create a drawing of an Islamic textile piece and museum description of your


Video Note Guide for Islam: Empire of Faith: fill this out while you watch the video segment

   1. How could textiles be considered the economic backbone of Islam’s expanding wealth?

   2. What did the craftsmen use for their dyes?

   3. How and why was the making and transporting of textiles important to the economy?

   4. In what ways were the Islamic garments different from those worn in Medieval Europe at
      the time?

   5. List any other information that you feel may be valuable for your museum exhibition

In the computer lab, research Islamic textile designs. Look for information on designs and their
meaning, materials used, dye colors available, textile creation dates, places of origin, and the
importance of textiles to the Islamic Empire. Take notes on these characteristics as you do your
research! Use the following websites as guides: - see “carpet-weaving” link

You will design a textile piece (clothing, blanket, rug) on white paper and color it according to
dye colors available in the time of the Empire. Synthesize research information into a detailed
museum description to be glued under the textile drawing. Your description should include:
 Materials used
 Date of origin
 Place of origin
 Meaning of design
 Importance to Islamic Empire

You will present your textile piece and description to the class. Grade will be based on historical
accuracy, effort, presentation and neatness.

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