Below please find our chapter's comments on the Ad Hoc Report by 6wh5qW


									Below please find our chapter's comments on the Ad Hoc Report.

We were encouraged by the statement under Collaboration and Partnership - "Strengthening the Audubon
Grassroots Network is our goal. We want to have a strong community-based presence as the foundation
for state-wide protection of birds and wildlife." We heartily agree.

II. A. Financial Support

We wonder what the reasons are for the "overwhelming consensus of the Committee" that the $5.50
system does not achieve the goals of Audubon. No rationale is given here. It is simply put forth as a fact.

We are encouraged by the statement that financial support needs to continue, but are concerned about what
the desired accountability will mean, how much additional work it will involve, and what the
accountability will be for the decisions as to how the money will be dispersed. How much money will
each state get for distribution? Will every state get the same amount?

C. Audubon Membership - Recommendations

We have already changed our by-laws to use the term Chapter Supporter.

For the three choices of membership structure offered:

We feel the second option - Optional Shared Membership - would be the best.

Appendix II

The sample for Annual Fund Letter development states it will need to be paid back from funds raised. That
is not a grant, that is a loan, and should not be part of this model. Loans may also be available, and perhaps
are a good idea, but those funds should not be considered as support grants for chapters.

We would also like to comment on the Current Safety Net Payments to States.

All this fuss and agony is over less than $1 million? That seems an extremely small price to pay for the
network of "community-based, grassroots presence" stated as the foundation of Audubon.
One other concern about the "grant" system of financial support:

Once again, as in so many other areas, the small, volunteer-run chapters will be at a huge disadvantage
compared to the larger chapters with paid staff. Writing up justifications and "selling" the work of chapters
will take time away from doing the actual work, time which already overworked volunteers can oftentimes
ill afford. The larger chapters will be much more likely to increase their financial base through the grant
system (although it will not mean as much to them) than a smaller chapter struggling for every dollar for
which it may mean the difference between surviving and not. Perhaps the money should be distributed in
an equitable fashion that specifically includes smaller chapters getting a proportion, to ensure all the funds
do not go to the larger chapters who can afford to assign paid staff to go after the funds.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this report.

Christy Anderson
East Lake Washington Audubon Society
P.O. Box 3115
Kirkland, WA 98083-3115
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