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					Some Swim Stuff for 2009...
      if you’re a girl
                                     2009 Aliso Niguel Girls Swimming
     Welcome to the Aliso Niguel Swim Team. We expect great things for the team this season, and to approach these
 expectations we need your cooperation and agreement on basic philosophy and methodology. Please read the following
  longwinded guidelines for swimming on the team, sign the contract at the bottom, have your parents read and sign at the
                           bottom, and return the bottom portion only (you keep this top portion).

1. Be prepared. You will need the following equipment: suits, goggles (that work), a water bottle. A small pull buoy and
hand paddles (Strokemaker brand, yellow, green, or red size) are recommended—we have some, but you may want your own.
Have several spare pairs of goggles, a pair of board shorts (for drag), and at least one spare suit. A non-suit, for any reason
other than doctor’s excuse (NOT a parental note) or the coach’s discretion is considered a “present-absence/non-suit,” meaning
your grade and participation points will drop for each instance. Additionally, be on time, as tardies will be counted, just as in
regular class, and will warrant grade drops, etc…. Lastly, our practices are pre-written: getting changed and into the water on
time will determine whether we get out of the water on time, regardless of your after-practice plans.

2. Attendance is mandatory. If you think that you may have a problem in this area, please do the coaches and team a favor:
save us the hassle of dealing with attendance problems that will eventually result in us dropping you from the team—drop now.
Being on this team is a privilege, not a right. Any unexcused absence may result in being dropped from the team at any time
(this includes an unexcused non-suit). Additionally, attendance at school, no matter how sick, necessitates attendance at
practice, no matter how sick. If you are sick enough to stay out of the water, you are sick enough to stay home from class and
rest completely, and vice a versa. Swimming is a class, just like your other courses; please treat it as such. Unless discussed
with you &/or your parent, an excess of excused absences (exceeding 10) will also result in your involuntarily dropping the
class. Of course, early communication with the coaches about a pre-known or pre-arranged absence is the best route for
congenially getting it excused, and immediate communication with the coaches during or after an absence is required.

3. We are a team. The trite cliché “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” holds true on our team. Negative talk, to the
face or behind the back, is forbidden, as it only erodes our chain: companionship, camaraderie, self-esteem, morale, and
performance are the casualties of negative talk. Evidence of this may result in being dropped from the team. Contrastingly,
encouragement and edification are much better motivators and team-builders – use them liberally. Additionally, although
swimming is a seemingly individual sport, we will function as a team. This means we ALL watch and encourage each other at
ALL levels. We get in the water together, and we leave meets together (on the bus – together). Please keep individual “special”
requests to a minimum.

4. Attitude is everything. While ability is a natural talent and often a reward for previous hard work, a good, positive attitude
and impeccable work ethic will reap much greater rewards in and out of the pool, and especially later in life. When this seems
impossible, fake it; it’s amazing how much better a situation can become with a different perspective, especially one that stares
adversity down and overcomes it despite overwhelming odds. Ideal conditions never come. The most successful people are
those who press on toward their goal through seemingly impossible obstacles. Similarly, excuses are the fathers of failure –
purge them from your mind and mouth. An explicitly and blatantly poor attitude will result in being dropped from the team, as
this type of a cancer can become quite contagious.
I have read, understand, and agree to the above-mentioned guidelines to be on the Aliso Niguel Swim Team.

Athlete:         (Signed)__________________________________
Parent:          (Signed)__________________________________
                                                                       Miscellaneous Policies (clarified):

1. Training with swim clubs in place of high school team criteria is twofold:
       a) must be a true, multi-year, year-round swimmer on a club, having a consistent, long term
          history with that club &…
       b) must have automatic CIF qualifying times.

2. Everyone rides the bus together to and from meets. Do not ask to go home with your parents.

3. All morning practices are mandatory for varsity & JV swimmers; unexcused absences from
       any practice (morning or afternoon) will result in being dropped to lower levels, grade
       drops, &/or being dropped from the team. However, morning practices are available &
       encouraged for anyone else who wishes to improve his/her stroke techniques &

4. If you know you will be absent (sick) the day of a meet, PLEASE communicate this to your
       coach (e-mail, phone, or teammates) As Soon As Possible: creating meet lineups is dif- ficult, and
       last minute changes are VERY difficult, stressful, & frustrating for the coaches.

5. Attendance at practice the day before & morning of (varsity) a meet is necessary to
       participate in the meet, unless prearranged with a coach.

6. Attendance at a minimum of 5 (8 JV & Varsity) spring break practices (April 4-April 12) is
       required to compete in the last league meet and league championships, as this untimely “break” is
       near the very end of our season. Consistency in training leading into a taper is crucial to a successful
       championship meet and a successful season.

7. Spirit Packs are due no late than Feb 9. . If you drop the class AFTER Spirit Pack orders
      have been placed, you will receive the items ordered for you, not a monetary refund.

8. Physicals are required to try out. Failure to practice due to no physical is unexcused (see
      above for unexcused consequences).

9. You will have to miss all of or parts of 5th & 6th period classes for some meets. It is your
      responsibility to keep your grades up and teachers informed of your upcoming absences.

                             2009 Aliso Niguel GIrls Swimming
                                          Spirit Pack
Welcome Back! We’re excited about getting the new spring season underway. Two major components of
being a successful team are a) acting like a team, and b) looking like a team. To foster this appearance and
attitude, we want to order our basic Spirit Pack well before our meets begin.
The cost of the Spirit Pack is $163, which will cover the following items and their approximate costs:
       -1 Competition Speedo Aqua Blade Swimsuit w/ Aliso Logo:             $75.00
       -2 Swim Caps w/ Aliso Logo:                                          $7.00
       -1 T-Shirt w/ Aliso Logo:                                            $13.00
       -1 Hooded/Pocketed Sweatshirt w/ Aliso Logo:                         $30.00
       -Meet management, awards, repairs, & miscellaneous needs:            $38.00
       -OPTIONAL: Speedo Backpack with team & name:                         $75.00

Please make your check out to “ANHS Swimming” and turn it in with this size sheet.

Thank you for helping develop and support our student-athletes, our program, and our school.
Please write your name & circle your sizes for all of the following:___________


Swimsuit:           22      24     26     28      30     32     34      36    38

T-Shirt:            Small        Medium          Large        X-Large        XX-Large

Sweatshirt:         Small        Medium          Large        X-Large        XX-Large

(OPTIONAL) Backback: write only 1 of your names (space issues) as it will appear:
**EXTRAS: If you would like to order EXTRAS of any of these clothing items (at above price),
please indicate this in the area below and add this cost to your Spirit Pack check.___________
(# of items):
_________ Swim Suit:           22     24    26      28     30     32 34       36     38
_________ T-Shirt(s):         Small      Medium          Large       X-Large       XX-Large
_________ Sweatshirt(s): Small            Medium          Large      X-Large       XX-Large
_________ Backpack: (name to be embroidered?):____________________
        $ 163.00 (Spirit Pack)
      + $________ (Any Extras)
      = $________ (TOTAL COST)
       2009 Aliso Niguel Boys & Girls’ Swim Schedule
Day             Date           Time          Level                  Opponent                       Site
*Thurs.         Feb. 19        3 pm          ALL                    Aliso Niguel Intersquad        Aliso Niguel
Thurs.          March 12       3 pm          Girls F/S, Vars.       Capo Valley Relays             Capo Valley
Fri.            March 13       3 pm          Boys F/S, Vars.        Capo Valley Relays             Capo Valley
Sat.            March 14       10 am         F/S, Vars.             Capo Valley Relays             Capo Valley
Tues.           March 17        3 pm         Boys F/S, Vars.        Millikan Relays: Prelims       Belmont Plaza
Thurs. (pref.) March 19        3 pm          Boys F/S, Vars.        Millikan Relays: Prelims       Belmont Plaza
Sat.            March 21       6 pm          Boys F/S, Vars.        Millikan Relays: Finals        Belmont Plaza
Tues.           March 24       3 pm          ALL                    Capistrano Valley              Capo Valley
Tues. (conflict)March 24        3 pm         Girls F/S, Vars.       Millikan Relays: Prelims       Belmont Plaza
Thurs. (pref.) April 26         3 pm         Girls F/S, Vars.       Millikan Relays: Prelims       Belmont Plaza
Sat.            March 28       6 pm          Girls F/S, Vars.       Millikan Relays: Finals        Belmont Plaza
Tues.           March 31       3 pm          ALL                    Mission Viejo                  Aliso
Thurs.          April 2        3 pm          ALL                    Laguna Hills                   Laguna Hills
Tues.           April 14       3 pm          ALL                    Dana Hills                     Dana Hills
Tues.           April 21       3 pm          ALL                    Tesoro                         Tesoro
???Thurs.       April 16       3:15          Girls F/S              El Toro F/S Invite Prelims     El Toro
???Fri.         April 17       3:15          Boys F/S               El Toro F/S Invite Prelims     El Toro
???Sat.         April 18       9 am          Boys F/S               El Toro F/S Invite Finals      El Toro
Tues.           April 28       3 pm          ALL                    San Clemente                   Aliso Niguel???
Tues.           May 5          1 pm          ALL                    League Prelims                 Capo Valley
Thurs.          May 7          TBA           ALL                    League Finals DIVING           Nadadore Complex
Fri.            May 8          1 pm          ALL                    League Finals                  Capo Valley
Wed.            May 13         12 pm         VARSITY                CIF Prelims                    Belmont Plaza
Fri.            May 15         6 pm          VARSITY                CIF Finals                     Belmont Plaza
???Tues.        May 19         12 noon       VARSITY                CIF Master’s Meet              Belmont Plaza
*        = pre-season, unofficial meet
(pref.) = preferred date for Millikan Relay Prelims; the Tuesday Prelims are the 2nd alternative
bold     = League Competition
                                2009 Girls’ swimminG:
                                   Practice Times
PM Practices:
-Mondays: 1:50-4:00 pm
-Tues/Thurs: 1:00-3:30 pm
-Wed/Fri:    2:55-5:30 pm
-Saturdays: Anytime from 6-11 am (TBA)

AM Practices (mandatory for JV & Varsity; encouraged for others):
-Monday:   6:00-7:30 am (dryland & swim)
-Tuesday:  6:00-7:30 am (dryland & swim)
-Thursday: 6:00-7:30 am (dryland & swim)
-Friday:   6:00-7:30 am (dryland & swim)

2009 Spring Break Swim Practices:
Saturday, April 4 – Saturday, April 11 (no Sundays):
DOUBLES TBA (start time is IN the water, not arrival time )
* reminder: per contract, all swimmers are expected to be at all of these practices during spring break if you’re
staying in town; a minimum of 5 (F/S/Open), 8 (Vars./JV) practices are required if you’re leaving town.

2009 CAHSEE Minimum Day Schedule (tentative):
Tuesday, March 17 & Wednesday 18, 2009
       Period                                     Time
       0                                          7:00 – 7:50
       1,2                                        8:00- 9:20
       3,4                                        9:30 – 10:50
       5,6                                        11:00 – 12:20
CAHSEE Practice times:                       Tuesday: 11:00-1:30 pm
(Minimum) Day: PM practice 12:10-2:15 pm (teacher collab. Day)
Monday, February 23
Monday, March 9
Monday, March 23
Monday, April 13
Monday, April 27

AP Testing: Monday, May 4-Friday, May 15
*It is your responsibility to triple-check your AP Exam dates regarding League & CIF
Championships. If there is a conflict, you’ll need to sign up for the alternate test date.
                 Aliso Niguel Swimming:
                    2009 Swim-A-Thon
On Saturday, February 21, we will have our 2009 Swim-A-Thon. It will consist of swimming as far
as possible in a 2 hour time limit.

Sponsorships can be made either by pledging a certain amount of money per length (e.g. 10 cents a
length @ 200 lengths=$20) or by pledging a flat amount for the whole swim.

Each swimmer is asked to raise a minimum of $50, which will be due Friday, February 20, 1 week
after the date of our Swim-A-Thon. Please have your Sponsors provide the information asked for on
the back of this page, which will serve as a document and tally sheet for your pledges. Turn in the
cash or checks (made payable to “ANHS Girls Swimming”) in a sealed envelop WITH THIS
PLEDGE SHEET enclosed, and with YOUR name on the front of the envelop.

Please avoid asking your parents to sponsor you—they do enough already! Ask Friends,
Grandparents, Uncles/Aunts, other Relatives, Teachers, BUSINESSES, etc… to support the Aliso
Niguel Swim Team by helping us purchase much needed equipment (a team room roof, pace clocks,
shade covers, backstroke flags, stopwatches, starting blocks, paddles, fins) and repair damaged or
worn out equipment (weight room machines, lane lines, pool covers, exercise mats). Even if it’s a
pledge of only $2, every little bit counts and adds up quickly.

*Also, please remind Sponsors that these pledges are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
      Name   Address   Phone #   $ Amount
                       Order of Events in dual meets:
-200 Medley Relay
-200 Freestyle
-200 I.M.
-50 Freestyle
-100 Butterfly
-100 Freestyle
-500 Freestyle (need lap counters)
-200 Freestyle Relay
-100 Backstroke
-100 Breastroke
-400 Freestyle Relay

*The order of swims within each event is the following:
     -(Open girls)
     -(Open boys)
     -JV girls
     -JV boys
     -Varsity girls
     -Varsity boys
     *note: there will no official entries in the Open category, but there may be
     “exhibition” heats at the JV level.

Please know this order to avoid confusion, stress, and missed swims in our meets.
*A swimmer may be entered in a maximum of 4 events, of which only 2 may
     be individual (i.e. 3 relays + 1 individual; 2 relays + 2 individuals; but NOT 1
     relay + 3 individuals).
                                 2008/2009 - Cocurricular Transportation Service Fee

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Capistrano Unified School District is pleased to provide transportation services for cocurricular activities. To
reduce the financial encroachment on the District’s instructional program, our District has established a three-tier
transportation fee of $65, $85, and $100 (listed below) that partially offsets the cost of cocurricular transportation
costs. The fee structure is based upon the number of trips taken by different groups. Under this fee structure,
transportation is not provided for trips in excess of a 50-mile radius or for events on Sundays or holidays.
                Group I                        Group II                        Group III
                $65                            $85                             $100
                Boys Cross Country             Baseball                    Boys Basketball
                Girls Cross Country            Boys Soccer                 Girls Basketball
                Football                       Girls Soccer                Cheer/Song
                Boys Swimming                  Softball                     Band
                Girls Swimming                 Boys Tennis                  Drill Team
                Boys Track                     Girls Tennis                 Color Guard
                Girls Track                    Boys Volleyball
                Choral                         Girls Volleyball
                Dance                          Boys Water Polo
                                               Girls Water Polo

*No student will pay more than $185.00 per year and no family will pay more that $250.00 for transportation during the
2008-2009 school year.

At the beginning of each season or sport, parents of participating students will be responsible for paying the transportation
service fee indicated above to the Activities Office at their school.

To apply for a waiver of the cocurricular transportation fee, please complete the fee waiver application (available at the
school Activities Office) and return it prior to the beginning of the activity. The application must be complete and will be
handled in strictest confidence.

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