A roadmap to J2EE Application porting on SAP NetWeaver by 6wh5qW


									      A roadmap to
J2EE Application porting on
     SAP NetWeaver

 Benefits of porting

 Application details

 CyberHELP Application Architecture

 SAP NetWeaver based application architecture.

 Roadmap for porting
Benefits of Porting
 Already using or planning to buy SAP 4.7? License for SAP WebAS
  server is included.
 Applications hosted on other servers can be ported to SAP WebAS
  server with great savings:
     Saving on License cost (Appx. $1500 PA)
     Maintenance Manpower (Appx. 80K~100K PA)
     Additional Box & communications cost
 SAP Web AS is a powerful Web+application server, which provides
     Support for Web Services
     User friendly development interface.
     Java Development Infrastructure.
     Interface to SAP R/3, eXchange Infrastructure & SAP Enterprise portal
Application details…
CyberHELP: the application selected for porting
   CyberHELP is a Web-based call center management application with in-
    built work flows to operate a global support and maintenance service.

Environment/ tools
   Weblogic Server 8.1
   Oracle 9i
   JBuilder Enterprise Edition
   ER Win
   Uses 71 JSPs, 17 Servlets, 17 stateless session beans and 22 BMP
    entity beans
   Proprietary Databeans used for performing lookup for session beans
   EJBs used for implementing business logic
   Back end connectivity to Oracle 9i database using JDBC driver
CyberHELP Application Architecture
SAP NetWeaver based Architecture

 SAP Web Application Server (Web AS) is the application platform for SAP NetWeaver
 Provides complete infrastructure to develop, deploy and run all SAP NetWeaver applications.
 Provides full support for both ABAP technology and technologies like Java, J2EE and Web Services.
 Available on a broad range of OS and Databases to suit users choice of platforms.
 Provides multiple abstraction layers shielding application components from IT infrastructure
 Allows development of applications regardless of the underlying OS.
 Allows use of OpenSQL for application development compatible with various databases.
 Enables use of Web Dynpro for developing user interfaces compatible with various web browsers.
 Prepare Migration Plan
 • Review application                                      1
 • Carry out SAP NetWeaver installation

 Adjust the J2EE Application
 • Change context factory & URL for performing lookup
 • Provide complete lookup path for the session beans          2
 • Configure data sources for application using SAP J2EE
   Engine Administrator tool of SAP Web AS

 Create Deployment Project with SAP Web AS as deployment tool      3
 • Create new project with extension .dlp
    Creation of EAR File
    • Add application’s JAR (Java Archive) & WAR (Web archive) to .dlp project   4
      & then create EAR file

      Reference any required preconfigured global libraries that already
      exist on the target system                                                 5

         Deploy any custom built global libraries that do not exist on the
         target system                                                           6

            Deploy the EAR file                                                  7

               Verify & test deployment thru SAP J2EE visual administrator       8

  For SAP 4.7 users, porting their applications hosted on other

   web application servers can save them time & money.

  SAP Web AS is a versatile, J2EE compatible Web application +

   hosting server with user friendly interface.

  Can Scale the application to interface with other applications

   including SAP R3 using SAP XI interface.

  Using Cybertech methodology, Application porting on SAP

   Web AS can be successfully done in 8 steps.

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