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					By McCanna Sanders
   The Himalaya are a mountain range that forms
    a border between Indian subcontinent and the
    rest of Asia.
   The Himalayas are the tallest mountain range
    in the world.
   The word Himalaya means “home of snow”
    because the tops of the mountain is always
    capped with snow.
1.   Mount Everest
2.   K2 peak is locally known as "Chogo Ri" which
     means "The Great Mountain“.
3.   Kangchenjunga
4.   Lhotse
5.   Makalu
   Elevation 29,053 feet tall
   Everest was formed about 60 million years ago.
   Everest is named after sir George Everest
   28,169 feet tall
   The word Kangchenjunga means ‘the five
    treasures of the snow’.
   The mountain was first claimed in 1955.
•   K2 is known as the most dangerous mountain in the
•   6000 meters up the mountain is rocky after that it is
    known as an ‘ocean of snow’.
•   K2 is 28,251 feet tall.
   Lhotse is 27,940 feet tall
   Lhotse was first climed in 1956 as an
    alternative route to mt.everest.
   A lot of the time Lhotse is mistakenly identified
    as the south peak of Everest.
   Makalu is 27,765 feet tall
   First climbed in 1955
   Only 5 of the 16 attempts to clime this
    mountain have succeeded.
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