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                                               Nanomaterials: enabling innovations to
                                                         plug into the Sun
                                                  Professor Max Lu, FTSE Federation Fellow
Guest Speakers:                                       ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials
                                                                      University of Queensland
                                               Nanotechnology has come of age and rapidly moves into a development
                                               stage with exciting impacts on many industries. Nanotechnology is the
                                               logical convergence of basic sciences and engineering at the molecular
                                               scale, and is about the exploitation of the understanding of how nature
                                               works at the nanoscale level in building useful materials. Nanomaterials
                                               constructed from nanoscale building blocks often possess unique and
                                               much improved properties varying with their size. Such materials are
                                               promising in enabling innovative technologies for conversion and storage
                                               of clean and renewable energies for the future. With current challenges in
                                               climate change and sustainable development, nanotechnology is
                                               especially exciting because it provides great opportunities for
                                               technological advances in areas of solar power, solar hydrogen
                                               production and storage, and fuel cell-based sustainable transportation.

Details:                                       This talk highlights the latest developments in functional nanomaterials
When:                                          for clean energy applications. Such materials as titania and associated
Monday 20th October 2008                       semiconducting materials are photoactive and photocatalytic materials
5pm for 5.30pm start. Conclude by 7.30pm
                                               promising for cheap and efficient solar cells, hydrogen production from
Venue                                          water splitting and solar detoxification of water and air. Latest advances
Davies Collison Cave                           in hybrid hydrogen storage materials and ionic conductive membranes
Level 15, 1 Nicholson Street                   would also enable the rapid commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell
Melbourne                                      vehicles.

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Tuesday 16 October, 2008
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