Introductions Should Capture The Reader�s Attention And Build by HC120218023948


									Introductions Should Capture The Reader’s
Attention And Build Interest In The Subject

   An Interesting Detail Or Fact      A Definition
   A Biography                        A Surprising or Shocking
   A Quotation or Quotations           Statement
   A Startling Statistic              Referring To Something
   A Question or Sequence of           You’ve Read
    Questions                          All Of These Introductory
   Narration                           Methods Hook The Reader
                                        To Continue With The Essay
   Description
                                       See The Writers Response
       Thesis Statements Can Be
       Implied or Specific:

 Implied (This kind of thesis statement is general in
  nature, specifics are given)
  Langston Hughes’ short story, Salvation is a very good
  piece of writing.
 There are many parts of Langston Hughes’ short story,
  Salvation worth remembering.
 Specific (This kind of thesis statement reveals
  everything to follow in the body paragraphs.)
  Langston Hughes’ brilliant use of description and his
  ability to be childlike in telling the story really bring it to
Conclusions Bring The Paper To
An End By:

   Looking back over the points       Looking forward to the future
    mentioned in the body              Poising a question for the
    paragraphs                          reader to consider
   Emphasizing important points       Giving advice
    you don’t want the reader to       Suggesting a call to action
    forget                              based on a position put forth
   Referring to something in the       in the essay
    introduction                       See The Writer’s Response,
   Explain how a problem was           88-90.

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