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					                                  BOOKING BLITZ SCRIPT

Hi Nicole, it’s Elizabeth from PartyLite – do you have just one minute? (if live – skip if

Great! The reason for my call tonight is that I am in a Region-Wide challenge right now with all
my PartyLite peers and our SRVP has challenged us to book 10 new parties in the next hour.

I have 30 seconds of discounts for both Guests and Hosts I’d love to share with you, and just for
listening you’ll be in a drawing for a bundle of wax – may I run them past you quickly? Thanks!

PartyLite has a Summer Savings Combo for all Guests in July and it’s our biggest discount
package ever!
    - There is a sale flier with items for only $3, $5 and $8.
    - For every $25 purchase, a dozen tealights is only $2.
    - AND when you spend $40 – and you can do that using all the discounts I just noted – you
       can pick any item in the whole catalog for ½-price!
So Guests get crazy amounts of value this month!

Here’s the kicker – when YOU offer these deals to your friends and family, YOU get to dive into
a savings spree where, on average, you can receive $250 to $350 in your choice of candles,
products, food and gifts for only $15 plus tax!

Your friends will love the fun and the discounts, and you get to enjoy a refreshing time with your
favorite people AND shop on a dime, to boot!

One last special – for setting a quick and simple July show date tonight, you’re automatically in a
free product certificate drawing we’ll do tomorrow morning, too!

Are you interested in getting in on my challenge and being one of my 10?

Add your own deal for saying yes, if you like – and/ or an incentive to call you back before
the end of the night or at least by noon tomorrow.

If no to having a show right now, ask if they would be at a later time – like in August, with
the new Holiday line, for example.

If no to that, ask if interested in at least getting in on the Guest deals and either placing an
order online here in July, or referring a friend to be the host instead – for which you’ll
offer a gift – and ordering through them.

Always thank them for their time and business and remember your website is open 24/7 so
they can always see the deals!

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