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									                             HROM, EEO Office              Frequently Asked Questions:

                           Building 2004, Room 132         Q: Do I have to use the ADR
                             Quantico, VA 22134
                                                           A: Mediation (ADR) is a voluntary
                             POC: Paula Bedford
                                                           Q: If I try ADR, do I lose my rights
                        Email:          under the Negotiated Agreement
                                                               or the EEO complaint process?
                           Phone: (703) 784-2946           A: No. Parties may stop the ADR
                                                               process at any time and return to
                                                              the appropriate traditional method
                                                              of dispute resolution.
                                                           Q: How can I find out more about
                                                           A: Contact your local Equal

                                                              Employment Opportunity Office.
                                                           Q: Who can initiate an ADR process?
                                                           A: Employees, managers, unions.

Alternative Dispute
     Resolution                                           Workplace issues slowing your
                                                          productivity…try ADR for win/win
                       AWARDED TO DEPARTMENT
                            OF THE NAVY
 “Positive Solutions                                      Want to Learn More About
                        The    HRSC     East   Conflict   ADR?
      for You”          Resolution Center provides our
                        mediators. They are a two time    Visit the following web sites:
                        winner of the Mediator of the
                        Year Award and they have one
                        of the highest success rates in
                        the Navy.
                                         Benefits of Using ADR
What is ADR? (Alternative                                                        ADR is Appropriate For:
Dispute Resolution)                      •Confidential
                                                                                 •Workplace disputes
It is an alternate method for            •Maintains Work Relationships
                                                                                 •Administrative Grievances
resolving disputes and problems          •It’s not about fault or blame, it’s
outside of the traditional process of                                            •EEO Complaints
                                          about results
grievances, EEO complaints, and                                                  •Discipline issues
litigation. Mediation is the ADR         •Improves communications
process most commonly used by Navy                                               •Union Issues (IAW Collective
                                         •Provides “Real Time” response to the
and Marine Corps.                                                                 Bargaining Agreement)
                                          issues involved
                                                                                 •Reaching consensus in a working
                                         •Promotes creative solutions
                                         •Less expensive

What is Mediation?                                                               ADR Program Guidelines
A voluntary ADR process in which a
trained, certified neutral person                                                Administrative   Dispute Resolution
                                                                                  Act of 1996
facilitates discussions between two or
more parties to help them arrive at a                 ADR                        SECNAVINST 5800.13A
mutually agreeable resolution of a                                                “Alternative Dispute Resolution”
dispute.                                                                         DoD Directive 5145.5 “Alternative
                                         When to Use Mediation                    Dispute Resolution”
                                                                                 29 Code of Federal Regulations 1614
                                         •When parties want to restore or
Goal of ADR                               maintain an effective working          Getting Started
•Resolve disputes and conflicts at        relationship.
 earliest stage feasible                 •When there is a desire to retain       Contact Paula Bedford, Headquarters
                                          decision-making authority over the     Marine Corps Dispute Resolution
•Resolve disputes quickly                 outcome of the situation rather than   Manager, to discuss using the ADR
•Resolve disputes inexpensively           give it to a third party.              process.     You may also go to
                                         •A commitment to move from a fixed to obtain additional
                                          position and generate solutions has    information.
                                          been demonstrated by the parties.

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