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									                                                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                                        CONTACTS: Sharon Zachary-Heyliger, ED, ACAM,
                                                                 cell: 281-881-2258, office: 713-341-5335
 alliance of community                           Mike Shirl, ED, Wesley Community Center, 713-223-8131
alliance of community                                              Martha Macris, ED, MAM, 713-574-7543
  assistance ministries
 assistance ministries                                              Carole Little, CEO, NAM, 281-885-4555
   of greater houston
   of greater houston                   ,,,
    Executive Committee                                                         
    Executive Committee
        Sandy Faucett
       Sandy Faucett              Collaborations Among Houston Community Assistance Ministries
            CEO                   Awarded $4 Million For Homeless Prevention.
   Katy Christian Ministries
   Katy Christian Ministries

       Ronnie Hagerty
       Ronnie Hagerty                Houston’s Alliance for Community Assistance Ministries (ACAM), Wesley
 AVP Community Relations
  AVP             Relations           Community Center, Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) and Northwest
              Greater Houston
United Way of Greater Houston         Assistance Ministries (NAM) have been awarded $1 million each in federal
         Linda May
           Linda May                  stimulus funding to provide homeless prevention services through unique
 President, Executive Director
 President, Executive Director        collaborative models. The ACAM and Wesley models include seven member
  The Simmons Foundation
   The Simmons Foundation             agencies serving four counties in the Greater Houston area: Katy Christian
         Mike Shirl
                                      Ministries, Humble Area Assistance Ministries, Emergency Aid Coalition,
         Mike Shirl
     Executive Director               Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS), My Brother’s
     Executive Director
  Wesley Community Center
  Wesley Community Center             Keeper Outreach Center, Interfaith Caring Ministries and Wesley Community
                                      Center. Funding is for a two-year period.
   Carolyn Watson (Chair)
      Terry Bell (Chair)
      Program Officer                On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and
     Rockwell Fund, Inc.              Reinvestment Act of 2009, which provides for $1.5 billion for the
     Rockwell Fund, Inc.
                                      Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP).
  Sharon Zachary-Heyliger            Unlike programs that only address the needs of those who are already
     Executive Director
      Catholic Charities              homeless, this critical funding will allow agencies to serve those who are
                                      most at risk of becoming homeless; the goal of the program is to achieve
        East Fort Bend
            Needs Ministry            permanent sustainable housing for families through assistance of up to 18
       Catholic Charities             months while agencies work with those families to create a plan to avoid
  Emergency Aid Coalition
        East Fort Bend                becoming homeless.
    Epiphany Community
    Human Needs Ministry             ACAM is a member services organization that provides funding, training and
  Health Outreach Services
  Emergency Aid Coalition             networking opportunities to faith-based nonprofits that serve Greater
  Humble Area Assistance
     Epiphany Community
                                      Houston through meeting basic community needs such as food, clothing
  Health Outreach Services            and rent and utility assistance. ACAM is a unique donor-ministry partnership
       Interfaith Caring              and now, through this governmental funding, a true public-private
   Humble Area Assistance
           Ministries                 partnership. Rockwell Fund, Inc. is the lead agent on this grant, and ACAM
  Katy Christian Ministries           is a program of the Greater Houston Community Foundation. ACAM’s
       Interfaith Caring
Memorial Assistance Ministries        member community assistance ministries served more than 390,000 people
    My Brother’s Keeper               in 2008.
       Outreach Ministries
   Katy ChristianCenter              ACAM member Wesley Community Center has dedicated its time and effort
Memorial Assistance Ministries
   St. Vincent’s House                to improving the integrity of the Northside Village community of Houston
  WesleyBrother’s Keeper
     My Community Center              while providing opportunities for personal growth to its residents. This
      Outreach Center                 funding will allow Wesley to oversee comprehensive service delivery for
  West Houston Assistance
Northwest Ministries Ministries
                                      homeless prevention in four areas of Houston (Southwest, Alief, Near
                                      Northside, Downtown).
      St. Vincent’s House
   770 south post oak lane           The mission of ACAM member Memorial Assistance Ministries is to assure
  Wesley Community Center
            suite 525                 families that they will have the means to meet their basic needs.
    houston, texas 77056
  West Houston Assistance            ACAM member Northwest Assistance Ministries is a nonprofit, community-
       713.629.9022 tel
       713.629.7702 fax
                                      based, multi-program social service agency that strives to supply basic                  human needs through neighbors helping neighbors.
 770 s. post oak lane, ste. 525
    houston, texas 77056
       713.629.9022 tel

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