SW Ch12 CT worksheet by 52S4R6


									        CRITICAL THINKING                        (SOFTWARE CHAPTER 12)

1. You are trying to connect to the Internet using a Windows XP dial-up connection.
   You installed a modem card and tested it, so you know it works. Next you create a
   dial-up connection icon in the Network Connections window. Then you double-
   click the icon and the Connect dialog box opens. You click Dial to make the
   connection. An error message displays saying, “There was no dial tone.” What is
   the first thing you do?

       a. Check Device Manager for errors with the modem.

       b. Check with the ISP to verify that you have the correct phone number,
          username, and password.

       c. Check the phone line to see if it’s connected.

       d. Check the properties of the dial-up connection icon for errors.

2. You connect to the Internet using a cable modem. When you open your browser
   and try to access a Web site, you get the error, “The Web page you requested is
   not available offline. To view this page, click Connect”. What might be the
   problem(s) and what do you do? (Choose all that apply.)

       a. The browser has been set to work offline. On the File menu, verify that
          Work Offline is not checked.

       b. The cable modem service is down. In the Network Connections window,
          right-click the LAN connection and select Repair from the shortcut menu.

       c.   Internet Connection Firewall is enabled on your PC. Disable it.

       d. The cable modem is down. Go to Device Manager and check for errors
          with the cable modem.
3. This question combines skills learned in this and previous chapters. You have set
   up a small LAN in your home with two Windows XP PCs connected to the
   Internet using a DSL connection. You have a DSL router box connected to the
   DSL line and to a small hub. Your two PCs connect to the hub. You have enabled
   Internet Connection Firewall on the LAN connection on both PCs, and you can
   browse the Internet from either PC. However, you discover that each PC cannot
   use the resources on the other PC. What is the problem and what do you do?

       a. The network hub is not working. Try replacing the hub.

       b. The NICs in each PC are not working. Try replacing one NIC and then the

       c. The LAN connections in the Network Connections window are not
          working. Delete the connections and recreate them. Internet Connection
          Firewall on each PC is preventing the PC from providing resources to
          others on the LAN. Disable Internet Connection Firewall.

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