Millennium Cup Invitation 2012 by xiagong0815




STAVANGER 10-12th of FEBRUARY 2012
                STAVANGER 10-12th of FEBRUARY 2012

Viking Hockey, Siddis Hockey and Stavanger Oilers would like to invite you to
Norway’s largest tournament for the Millennium kids (2000/U12).

Last years tournament was a good experience for the participating teams, and this
year we will have one additional ice-rink available, so we welcome last years
participants as well as new teams. Beside stimulating hockey experience on ice, you
will meet teams from all over Norway and hopefully also some other foreign teams,
it is always fun to expand the “hockey family”.

This year the tournament will take place on three rinks, all within the same complex,
next year we will have four rinks, including the final in the brand new Oilers arena.
For the 2012 tournament we would have to limit number of teams to 20, so flag your
interest as soon as possible.

We welcome you all to Stavanger, and we will do
   our outmost to make Millennium Cup a
         tournament to remember.

               Hope to see you all in Stavanger
             at Oilers Millennium cup in February!

                       With best regards
                Viking Hockey, Siddis Hockey &
                        Stavanger Oilers
Age Group: U12 / Born 2000                                Participation fee:
                                                          NOK 2500,- per team. Includes
Game days:                                                participation for 3 coaches.
From Friday evening to Sunday. We
will adjust start point for teams dependent
upon arrival with bus, train, plain or ferry.   Participation fee each player:
                                                NOK 600,- lodging, food and hockey-party
Number of matches: Minimum 6                    NOK 400,- food and hockey-party

Length of matches:                              Registration date:
2 x 15 min, max 50 min pr. match                As soon as possible. If oversubscribed we will
                                                prioritize the teams in the order they signed up.
Ice rinks:
Siddishallen Main Arena (Hall 1, also home      Send registration to:
of the Stavanger Oilers) & new youth            Petter Nystrøm:
arenaes 1 and 2.
                                                Please fill out attached registration sheet, with
Prizes:                                         club name, number of teams, lodging. An
All players will receive a small cup,           estimate on number of people in your group.
tournament diploma and tournament shirt.
Plus some additional surprises. Prize for       Payment terms:
team no 1, 2 and 3.                             Team fee NOK 2500,- to account:

Lodging: Lodging will be offered in a           - IBAN NO:          62321014657834
school nearby the arena.                        - SWIFT:            SPRON 022

Alternative lodging:                            Participation fee NOK 600,-. Number of
- Rica Forum Hotel -                participants can be adjusted towards the
- First Hotel Alstor -      tournament.

Both hotels are within walking distance.        Questions:
                                                Petter Nystrøm:
Transportation: If you arrive with plane,        +4792030154 -
ferry or train, we will offer transportation    Peder E. Farmen:
to/from the airport with bus.                    +4790171903 -

Meals: All meals will take place in the
cafeteria/VIP area in Siddishallen.

Meals included: Dinner/hot meal on Friday,
breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and
breakfast and lunch on Sunday.                              Please check out
Sosial event Saturday: There will                           for information, photos etc. from
be arranged a hockey-party or other                         last years tournament.
activites in the evening.

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