Microtia Ear Reconstruction Surgeons in Texas

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					       Microtia Ear Reconstruction Surgeons in Texas
Microtia ear reconstruction surgeons in Texas use their skill and experience to create
a more complete and normal looking ear for the child affected by microtia. They also
help restore self-confidence and esteem for the child. If you’re running on a low
budget and wondering if you would be able to do the procedure for your child, don’t
worry. There would surely be a plastic surgeon willing to help.

Microtia Reconstruction to Restore Normalcy to an Incomplete Ear

Surgeons who do microtia repair can fix the following ear conditions:

   •   The outer ear has most of the normal elements and features; however, the
       ear is smaller sized and with or without the ear opening (auditory ear canal).

   •   The outer ear rim (helix) and ear lobe (lobule) are present but all other outer
       ear elements are absent.

   •   The auricle has only a narrow attachment of cartilage and skin and a small
       amount of distorted lobule tissue. External auditory elements will be absent.

   •   Anotia – The literal meaning of this term is “no ear.” Anotia is the most
       extreme form of microtia. The auricle will be absent and the auditory
       elements compromised or totally absent.

                      The general mode of approach of surgeons who perform this
                      surgery involves two procedures. The first will create a new
                      ear in the proper position. The second procedure will elevate
                      that ear off the side of the head.

                      Choose the Right Medical Professional

There are several plastic surgeons who perform ear reconstruction in Texas.
However, if you want to ensure that you don’t end up having to go for secondary
microtia surgery, make a wise choice of surgeon. Here are some pointers for you:

   •   Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues or even your family physician to
       suggest a name. You can also do your own research on Google.
   •   The plastic surgeon should be willing to give you information about this
       reconstructive plastic surgery procedure including possible risks and

   •   He should be able to provide you with before and after pictures of ear
       reconstruction performed by him.

   •   Go through reviews and testimonials posted about him online. Try to get in
       touch with any of the patients that have provided this input to get a first
       person account from them of the entire experience.

   •   He should be preferably working at an accredited plastic surgery facility. An
       example of an accreditation is that from the AAAASF (American Association
       for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities).

   •   He should have performed the procedure successfully many times in the past
       and also be continuing to perform the procedure with sufficient frequency.

Also Improve Hearing

The efforts of microtia ear reconstruction surgeons in Texas also improve hearing
though the patient may have to wear a hearing aid. Thus it can be said without
doubt that these medical professionals like other plastic surgeons do a great service
to society.


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Description: Microtia ear reconstruction surgeons in Texas can improve hearing and self-esteem in children. Choose the right plastic surgeon for microtia ear reconstruction.