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									Study Carre ls

• A limited amount of study carrels are available for rental.     Welcome
                                                                   to the
Students are charged a small fee to their student accounts
upon carrel key check out.
• Apply for a study carrel here:


L ibrary Se c urity and Fac ilitie s

• Security monitors are employed for safety in the law school
and library. Please cooperate with their requests for after
hours sign-in or other instructions.
• You can submit security questions or facilities requests to
library staff via an online form at:
• Please respect your fellow students. Cell phones and loud
talking are not allowed in the library. Maps of the library are
on the website or at the circ desk.

W e stlaw/L ex is and Printe rs

• Westlaw and Lexis training is often held in the computer
classroom, Room 153. Student representatives staff the
room according to the schedule on the white board in the
• Dedicated Westlaw and Lexis printers are available in
Rooms 146 and 140. Other printers are available in Rooms
144, 153, and on 4th floor.
• Contact the Reference Office or Laptop Center for
printing-related questions. The laptop center is available in
room 260 or or 612-624-8702. Scanning and
other technology-related questions are also handled by the        Student Guide, 2007-08
laptop center. Copiers are available on 1st and 2nd floors.
Copy cards must be purchased at the circ desk for $10 or
$40. You can also put money on your UCard on the 1st floor
and use it for copies.
          L ibrary Contac ts                                     Ac c e ssing Re se rves/E x ams
          • Circulation: 612-625-4300 or         • Reserves are kept behind the circ desk and available
          • Reference: 6120625-4309 or           upon request. Reserves are due two hours from check
                                                                 out or the next morning if you check out within two
          • ILL: 612-625-9520 or                  hours of library closing. *Please be prompt in
                                                                 returning reserve materials as these materials are in
          • General Library Questions: 612-625-4300 or
                                                                 high demand!

                                                                 • Past exams are housed in binders at the circ desk on
                                                                 the low shelves near the elevator. They are only put
                                                                 out a few weeks before finals. Professors need to grant
                                                                 permission for exams to be put out so if you don't find
                                                                 one, a professor probably didn't give permission.
                                                                 These binders are not able to be checked out, but you
                                                                 can make copies or use them in the library. Please be
                                                                 courteous and keep the binders near the circ area.

           Ac c e ssing the L ibrary                             Limit yourself to one binder at a time.

           • Hours are posted at the front entrance and online   • Most reserves and exams are also on the intranet
           at:       (you must log in with your x.500 Internet ID):
           #HOURS                                       ereserve.html

           • Law Students have 24/7 access to the law library.
           If you get a new UCard, stop by the circulation
           desk to update your access to the law library.        Re fe re nc e and Instruc tion
           • Your UCard will access the library doors on 1st     • Legal research workshops are offered through-out
           floor, as well as the inner stairwell door on 2nd     the semester and will be advertised widely.
           floor. The library elevator and Room 153 are not
           accessible after library business hours.              • Reference librarians save you time. Instead of
                                                                 spending extra time with a difficult question, ask!
           • Changes to library hours, staffing and other news
           is posted on the LexLibris Blog at                    • Many resources and research guides, as well as the
              hours for the reference office are on our website at:
           Contact to subscribe to a    
           notification service for the blog.

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