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					Interactive Mapping API’s
MDIT - Center for Shared Solutions
Why do you need mapping?
• I need to tell people where we are.
• I need to give people directions to a conference
  or meeting.
• I need to have an interactive map and show
  other services in the area.
• I need to display geographic data or
• I just need to see a map.
How can maps help
• Maps are a visual representation of geographic
• Maps show roads for traveling
• Maps can have data linked to them
• Maps can show geographic features like rivers,
  streams, trails
• Maps can be interactive.
How are maps delivered
• Maps can be printed on paper or be in a book
• Maps can be drawn electronically to illustrate a
  detour or provide directions
• Maps can be generated on the fly by online
  mapping services like Google and Mapquest
How to use maps
• Distribution of paper maps is great for the
• MDOT sends out free transportation maps
  every year on request.
• Interactive online maps are really great to find
  start to end directions or to view an overview of
  specific geographic area.
Major Map API’s
• Google Maps
• Virtual Earth
• Map Quest
• Yahoo Maps
How the API’s work
• JavaScript
  • Add a reference to the API in the HTML document
    via script tags
     • The actual client script block has a very small foot print of
       only a few lines of code
  • Used to create the interface and client interactions
  • Sends requests to mapping server and processes
    the responses
  • Can be disabled by the client which can cause
    mapping to fail or not function
Terms of Use
• “Read them” and ensure that your intended
  use is not in violation with the licensing
• Check for Government use exceptions
• Look for limitations on the number of
• Make sure that you can meet the rules for the
  API’s branding
API Restrictions for Governement
• Virtual Earth (Microsoft)
  • Must enter into a separate MWS/VE agreement
• Map Quest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps
  • No explicit statement prohibiting government use
    but suggest requesting written confirmation
  • Each of these sites reserved the right to charge
    fees and show advertising
Center for Shared Solutions
• Custom Mapping Applications
  • .Net, Java, JavaScript
• Spatial Data
  • Development, warehousing, analysis, conversion
CSS Map API Thoughts
• Evaluated Google Maps and Virtual Earth
  • Both are comparable for content an capability but
    there are differences
• Google Maps wasn’t always free
  • There are also limitations on geocodes (15,000)
    and requirements to notify if transactions will
    exceed 500,000 in a day
• Virtual Earth (Microsoft) enterprise license
  • All local jurisdictions would be able to use it
Mapping in the CMA
• Choose one API for mapping
  • This will provide users with the same map
    experience wherever they go in the CMA
• Make sure this API adheres to the policies of
• Use the API developer site to build the map
  scripting for your specific task
• CSS could help provide support with complex
  JavaScript or map data integration from the
  Spatial Warehouse
Samples and Tools
• Convert addresses to coordinates
  • GeoCoder Tool
  • CSS Services
• Examples of using Google Maps in the CMA
  • eMichigan Samples
Thank You
John S Clark

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