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					Improving Patient Experience
in Treatment Rooms

    Sushama Bhat          October 9, 2008
    Caroline Castellino
    Allyn Rippin
Problems associated with treatment rooms

   While waiting for medical care, test results, and discharge,
    patients may experience the following:
           Loss of control over body and immediate environment
           Disorientation within hospital
           Disconnection from outside
           Isolation
           Vulnerability
           Anxiety
           Boredom
           Agitation

10/9/2008                         Bhat, Castellino, Rippin         2
Problem Definition

   Acuity, room size and layout differ within the ED,
    but this sense of being “stranded” is almost always
    present. We wanted to account for all these
    differences, and reorient and reconnect the patient
    back to having a sense of control over their
    environment, and to the outside world.

10/9/2008              Bhat, Castellino, Rippin       3
Design Solution: Use Positive Engagement
Interactive Touch Screen at Bedside
   Light dimmer control
   TV control
   Soothing sounds
   Projector theme control
   Educational resources
   Hospital map

10/9/2008                 Bhat, Castellino, Rippin   4
Project Scenic Views onto Wall, Curtain or Ceiling

   Literature shows that views of
    nature can lower stress, reduce
    use of pain medication and
    improve overall patient
   Example: “Lightweeds”
     Connects patient to what is going
      on in the outside world
     Growth depends on sunshine,
      rainfall, and wind
     Human traffic affects pollination

10/9/2008                   Bhat, Castellino, Rippin   5
Lighting Controls

                                         Traditionally can only have
                                          overhead light On or Off
                                         Dimmer would allow for
                                          control over environment
                                         Observed a workaround
                                          where a patient used
                                          procedure lamp flipped
                                          towards the ceiling to
                                          create ambient lighting

10/9/2008      Bhat, Castellino, Rippin                          6
Interactive Hospital Map

   Shows patients where they are, where other units
    are, and what happens in different areas of the
   Color-coded

                                                  You are here

Waiting room

10/9/2008              Bhat, Castellino, Rippin                  7

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