tasks by xiagong0815


									PROJECT                        TASK_NAME                                          START_DATE
Maintain Support Systems       HR software upgrades                                   1-Jan-10
Maintain Support Systems       Apply Billing System updates                           1-Jan-10
Maintain Support Systems       Investigate new Virus Protection software             15-Feb-10
Maintain Support Systems       Arrange for holiday coverage                          10-Jan-10
Email Integration              Complete plan                                          8-Feb-10
Email Integration              Check software licenses                               12-Feb-10
Email Integration              Get RFPs for new server                               19-Feb-10
Email Integration              Purchase backup server                                12-May-10
Train Developers in APEX       Create training workspace                              1-Mar-09
Train Developers in APEX       Publish links to self-study courses                    1-Mar-09
Train Developers in APEX       Publish development standards                          1-Mar-09
Convert Excel Spreadsheet      Collect mission-critical spreadsheets                 15-Mar-09
Convert Excel Spreadsheet      Create APEX applications from spreadsheets            20-Mar-09
Convert Excel Spreadsheet      Send links to previous spreadsheet owners             25-Mar-09
Convert Excel Spreadsheet      Lock spreadsheets                                     25-Mar-09
Employee Satisfaction Survey   Complete questionaire                                 18-May-09
Employee Satisfaction Survey   Review with legal                                      2-Jun-09
Employee Satisfaction Survey   Plan rollout schedule                                  6-Jun-09
Discussion Forum               Identify owners                                       19-Jun-09
Discussion Forum               Install APEX application on internet server           23-Jun-09
Discussion Forum               Monitor participation                                   1-Jul-09
Softwatre Projects Tracking    Customize Software Projects software                   15-Jul-09
Softwatre Projects Tracking    Enter base data (Projects, Milestones, etc.)           23-Jul-09
Softwatre Projects Tracking    Load current tasks and enhancements                    25-Jul-09
Softwatre Projects Tracking    Conduct project kickoff meeting                        5-Aug-09
Public Website                 Determine host server                                  6-Aug-09
Public Website                 Check software licenses                                7-Aug-09
Public Website                 Purchase additional software licenses, if needed      10-Aug-09
Public Website                 Develop web pages                                     10-Aug-09
Public Website                 Plan rollout schedule                                 17-Sep-09
  27-Feb-10    Closed    Pam King           8000      7000
  28-Feb-10    closed    Russ Sanders       5000      7000
  23-Mar-10    Open      Pam King           1700      1500
  12-Jan-10    Closed    Al Bines             300      500
  14-Feb-10    Closed    Mark Nile            500      750
  13-Feb-10    Closed    Mark Nile            200      200
   3-May-10    Open      Mark Nile          4000      1000
    7-Jul-10   Pending   Al Bines           3200      3000
   1-Mar-09    Closed    James Cassidy        100      100
   1-Mar-09    Closed    John Watson          100      100
   1-May-09    On-Hold   John Watson        1000      2000
  15-Nov-09    Open      Pam King           2500      4000
  30-Nov-09    Open      James Cassidy      6000     10000
   5-Dec-09    Open      Mark Nile          1000      1500
   5-Dec-09    Open      Pam King           1000      1500
   1-Jun-09    On-Hold   Irene Jones        1200       800
   3-Jun-09    On-Hold   Irene Jones          200      400
   8-Jun-09    On-Hold   Irene Jones          200      200
  22-Jun-09    Closed    Hank Davis           200      300
  23-Jun-09    Closed    Hank Davis           100      100
  31-Oct-09    Closed    Hank Davis         3000      1500
   20-Jul-09   Closed    Tom Suess            600     1000
   24-Jul-09   Closed    Tom Suess            200      200
   2-Aug-09    Closed    Tom Suess            400      500
   5-Aug-09    Closed    Pam King             100      100
   7-Aug-09    Closed    Tiger Scott          200      200
   7-Aug-09    Closed    Tom Suess            100      100
   1-Sep-09    On-Hold   Al Bines             300     1000
  15-Sep-09    On-Hold   Tiger Scott          800     2000
  17-Sep-09    On-Hold   Tom Suess              0      100

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