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Do I Need to Stop My Acne Skin Care Regimen During Pregnancy?

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This article explains if you need to stop acne skin care during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy usually brings along with it a host of medical concerns which prompt behavioral and lifestyle
changes. It is common knowledge that pregnant women should avoid smoking and drinking, not to mention
some excessively physical activities. But there are also a host of other medicines and procedures which
should be avoided during pregnancy. So, the question is, how does pregnancy affect acne skin care

Many acne medicines are quite explicit about the fact that you should not use them during pregnancy.
Roaccutane and Accutane are certainly among these. For those of us that have used the products, the
medicine packaging picturing a pregnant woman with an ‘X’ over her sent a strong message that they should
not be used if you are, or might become pregnant. There are other medicines, such as Tetracycline tablets
and topical retinoids such as Tretinoin and Adapalene which can have detrimental effects on the bones and
teeth of developing fetuses. While these medicines should clearly be avoided because of the detrimental
effects they have on your baby, there are other medicines which should potentially be stopped simply
because they are no longer appropriate when pregnant.

Pregnancy is often associated with a period of drier than normal skin. As a result, a number of acne
medicines which are designed specifically to dry out the skin, namely benzoyl peroxide cream or gel may no
longer be appropriate.

But does this mean that there are no acne skin care regimens that can be followed? Absolutely not. There
are in fact a number of milder and often natural solutions which can contribute to healthier acne free skin
which either have no, or even positive effects on your child. To replace harsh creams or gels designed to
dry out the skin, an excellent alternative is tea tree oil. A milder facial wash can also provide the cleansing
effect of an acne wash without over-drying your skin, which is naturally drier due to pregnancy. But
because you may be giving up some of the acne fighting power by switching over to a milder wash, it is a
good idea to supplement your acne fighting regimen with some natural clay masks such as Kaolin and
Bentonite which will absorb oil and clear blocked pores naturally.

The second avenue through which pregnant women can clear up their skin while positively affecting the
health of the child, is through their diet. By consuming higher quantities of raw vegetables, whose
antioxidant properties serve to take free radicals (also referred to as bacteria) out of your system, you can cut
down on the amount of bacteria released through your pores. In addition, by cutting back on the quantity of
sugars and refined carbohydrates that you eat, you will naturally cut down on the amount of sebum or oil
that your body produces. This will keep your pores clearer and allow the bacteria which passes through
your pores to come out cleanly and without causing infection and acne. These approaches, in addition to
providing you with clearer skin, are a safe and healthy alternative to acne fighting while simultaneously
improving the health of your child.

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