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Lin's curriculum vitae


									                                   CURRICLUM VITAE
                                KUAN-HUNG ROBERT LIN
Correspondence Address : 55 Hwa-Kang Road, Yangminshan, Graduate Institute of Biotechnology,
                            Chinese Culture University, Taipei 111, Taiwan
Office : +886 2 28610511 ext. 31823 , +886 2 2861 8266 (Fax)
Home : +886 2 2837 8621
E-mail :

 Ph. D. in Plant Breeding. 1995. Soil and Crop Sciences Department, Texas A&M University, College
       Station, Texas 77843, U. S. A.
       Dissertation: Identification of enhanced protein bands in Quality Protein Maize (QPM) lines.
       Supervisor : Professor James D. Smith
 M.S. in Agronomy. 1989. Department of Agricultural Sciences, Sam Huston State University,
       Huntsville, Texas 77341, U.S.A.
       Thesis : Effect of clipping intervals on the yield of subterranean clover.
       Supervisor : Professor Robert A. Lane
 Diploma. 1985. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Ping-Tong Institute of Agriculture,
       Ping-Tong 901, Taiwan, R.O.C.

 Professor at Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, Chinese Culture University, Taipei 111, Taiwan. (2010
       ~ present)
 Associate Professor at Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, Chinese Culture University, Taipei 111,
       Taiwan. (2006 ~ 2010)
 Assistant Professor at Horticulture Department, Chinese Culture University, Taipei 111, Taiwan.
       (1999 ~ 2006)
 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Institute of BioAgricultural Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei 114,
       Taiwan. (1998 ~ 1999)
 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Plant and Soil Science Department, Oklahoma State University,
       Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078, U.S.A. (1996 ~ 1998)
 Postdoctoral Research Associate at Soil and Crop Sciences Department, Texas A&M University, (1995
       ~ 1996)

   Molecular breeding - marker assisted selection and QTL mapping
   Plant sciences - plant stress physiology
   Genetic engineering – transgenic technology

   International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)
   Taiwan Society for Horticultural Science (TSHS)

 K. H. Lin, C. M. Chiang, Y.C. Lai, S. H. You, and H.F. Lo*. 2011. Identification of chilling- inducible
     genes in sweet potato by suppression subtractive hybridization. Research Journal of BioTechnology
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 Meng-Yuan Huang, Kuan-Hung Lin, Man-Miao Yang, Hsueh-Mei Chou, Chi-Ming Yang, Yung-Ta
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Lin, K.H., W.L. Yeh, H.M. Chen, H.F. Lo*. 2010. Quantitative trait loci influencing fruit-related
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Kuan-Hung Lin, Chun-Heng Lin, Ming-Tsir Chan, and Hsiao-Feng Lo*. 2010. Identification of
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Kuang-Yi Chang, Hsiao-Feng Lo, Yung-Chang Lai, Po-Jen Yao, Kuan-Hung Lin*, and Shih-Ying
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Lin, K.H., Y.C. Lai, H.C. Li, S.F. Lo, L.F.O. Chen, and H. F. Lo*. 2009. Genetic variation and its
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T-H Hsu, K-H Lin and J-C Gwo*. 2008. Genetic integrity of black sea bream (A. schlegeli) sperm
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K-H Lin, H-Y Fu, C-H Chan, H-F Lo, M-C Shih, Y-M Chang, and L-F O Chen*. 2008. Generation and
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Kuan-Hung LIN, Chao-Chia TSOU, Shih-Ying HWANG, Long-Fang O. CHEN, and Hsiao-Feng LO*.
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 K.H. Lin, Y.K. Chiou, S.Y. Hwang, L.F.O. Chen, and H.F. Lo*. 2008. Calcium Chloride Enhances the
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 Jin-Chywan GWO*, Te-Hua HSU, Kuan-Hung LIN, and Yii-Cheng CHOU.2008. Genetic relationship
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Lin, Kuan-Hung, Yin-Kai Chiou, Hsiao-Feng Lo* and Tsan-Ru Chang. 2005. Antioxidative system
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       drought stress. Hwa Kang Journal of Agriculture 16: 85-108. (in English with Chinese abstract)
Lin, Kuan-Hung R., Chia-Cheng Weng, Hsiao-Feng Lo*, and Jen-Tzu Chen. 2004. Study of the root
       antioxidative system of tomatoes and eggplants under waterlogged conditions. Plant Science
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Chen, Tzy-Li, Venkatesh Prasad, Ching-Hua Lee, Kuang-Hung Lin, Lih-Ching Chiueh and Ming-Tsair
       Chan*. 2004. Extending the cDNA microarray detection system to evaluate genetically
       modifications in GM soybean and in soy traditional foods. J. of Food and Drug Analysis 12:
       259-265. (SCI)

Reviewers for Academic Journals
     Biologia Plantarum
     Plant Molecular Biology Reporter
     Scientia Horticulturae
     Taiwan Society for Horticultural Science, ROC
     Taiwan Agricultural Research, ROC

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