Bring Your Own Device by fbURf3j


									Bring Your Own Device

     Bring Your Own Device
This is a boring PowerPoint, but an exciting
              new opportunity!
      Why are we doing this?
• Start to use technology now in the ways you
  will when you leave Skyview for a job,
  college or life.
• Give you more choices in the way you use
  technology in the classroom
• Learn about how wifi access and use of
  personal devices can help you learn
• Because it’s AWESOME.
            Who gets what?
• Pilot at three schools (Skyview, River, Alki)
• District-filtered wi-fi access to the Internet
• There is no support for any apps or
  applications on your devices by teachers
  or the district.
 • If your app or device works, great!
 • If it doesn't, look it up on the Internets.
 • You can always ask Mr. Ray or Mrs.
   Miller…they might be able to help you.
               The choices
• Parent choices:
  • To allow you to bring or not to bring
• Student choices:
  • To bring or not to bring
• Teacher choices:
  • To allow use in class or not allow in class
• Teachers CANNOT require students to
  have or bring devices to class
         Who's responsible?
• Bring devices at your own risk
• This means that if you bring a device,
  you are responsible for keeping it safe and
• Do not leave your device in a classroom,
  even if the teacher allows it
• You are responsible for the appropriate use
  of your personal computing device
       Digital Social Contract
• Doesn’t take place of district policies or
  state laws concerning use of technology at
• “Rules of the Road” for using technology at
• Core statement: As a student, I am
  responsible for the choices I make when
  I use technology.
             The Contract
1. I am responsible for keeping my personal
    computer devices secure when I bring
    them to school.
  • On your body, in your backpack, in your
2. I am responsible for keeping my digital
    accounts secure.
  • Usernames and passwords are your
      property. Keep them safe and private.
              The Contract
3. I am responsible for what I do when using
   technology at school.
 • Don’t blame the iPod.
4. I am responsible for not hurting the ability
   of others to learn.
 • When you disrupt class, send nasty texts,
   surf inappropriate sites and show your
   friends, you are hurting others’ ability to
              The Contract
5. I am responsible for what I say and do
  • Be nice, fair and truthful about things you
    text, post, discuss or share online.
6. I am responsible for giving credit where
  credit is due and respecting the intellectual
  property of others.
  • Cite sources and give credit where
    credit is due.
               The Contract
7. I am responsible for making good choices
  about when and where I use personal
  devices at school. If I don’t...
 •   First offense: Put it away for the rest of the
 •   Second offense: Take it away for the rest of
     the day
 •   Additional offenses: Go away: progressive
     discipline…as in you could go away….
       Some basic questions
• Are parents or students expected to buy an
  iPad? Sorry, but NO
• Can I use my device anytime I want to?
  That would be a NO
• Can my teacher tell me when and where I
  can use devices in class? YES
• Can my teacher expect everyone to have a
  device in their class? Absolutely NO
    How do I get on?

• Select the “BYOD”
  network on your

• You won’t be able to
  connect to the
  up now.
     How do I get on?
• If you don’t see get this
  screen, open up a web
  browser on your
  device. (Safari, Firefox,
• That will prompt this
• Use same username
  and password you
  would use to connect
  with a POC at school
 (Plain Old Computer)
• Username = ID#
• Password = password
   How do I stay on?
• If you don’t use the network for a period
  of time, you will get timed out.

• But you can save your username and
  password so that you’re just ‘one click’
  from connecting again.

• Again, teachers and staff cannot support
  your device if it doesn’t work. Ask a
  fellow student!
Any questions?

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